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 [Closed] Something Missing, Something Found

[Closed] Something Missing, Something Found

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[Closed] Something Missing, Something Found

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Wed Sep 09, 2015 12:04 pm

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Uncommon Grounds | Light | 12pm

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Lenny is wearing his work uniform polo shirt, dark jeans and his usual boots.

For being away I felt oddly drained. I could barely remember which shifts I was meant to be doing the next few days. I'd managed to misplace my phone but found my uniform back at Avery's house. She seemed to be away - probably on some photo shoot somewhere - but I changed into my uniform when back at the house and went to work as normal. I figured it would be the best way to find out when I was supposed to be in and if they were short-staffed I might be able to get some extra hours in too.

I walked in through the door to a bustling Coffee Shop, Mary-Ann herself behind the counter. I grinned, seeing her talking to herself under her breath and stepped up. Extra shifts, here I come..

There was a smash as Mary-Ann dropped the cup she was holding.

Lenny! Lenny.. you're here!? Mary-Ann rushed round the counter and practically ran up to me, enveloping me in her arms.

I stayed a little stiff, frowning and trying to work out what the fuck was going on with Mary-Ann's weird perfume smell and soft body all up in my face. Was I dreaming? This seemed like a very dramatic welcome for the day. The place wasn't even that busy and I'd never seen Mary-Ann break anything before.

Uhh... I dunno if it's my shift or shit but I couldn't remember, so I thought I'd come in... I started, hoping I wasn't meant to do an early shift. Mary-Ann cut me off with an annoyingly tight hug and I wondered if this was some form of payback.

But instead of seeming angry, Mary-Ann seemed oddly upset when she let go of me. She took hold of my and held me at arms length, observing me carefully. She had tears in her eyes. Fuck - what the fuck was going on?!

Lenny, where have you been? Are you okay? She asked, ushering me over to a chair. I glanced behind us at the broken cup that seemed forgotten. The whole place seemed to have gone quiet and I was sure it wasn't me being paranoid - everyone was watching us. Even Cara, one of my co-workers, was looking on with a concerned expression from behind the counter.

What? I'm fine. But....uh... Has something happened? Look, I'm sorry if it was my shift this morning but shit..

Mary-Ann stopped me with a shake of her head as if there was something I wasn't quite understanding. I felt like I'd walked into some weird parallel universe.

Don't worry about today Lenny, goodness, none of us mind about that. But where were you all last week? What happened? I've been worried sick about you-

...I was here last week? I butted in, frowning harder.

Mary-Ann gave me an unusual look and took a deep breath.
Lenny, you were missing all last week. Not just from work, but from everywhere. You didn't go home! Your truck was in the drive all week! I tried to phone you but you left your phone behind too. I even went to the police! What happened? Where were you?

Gone for a week? I stared back at Mary-Ann, wide-eyed and confused. Hadn't I just been to see a friend for the weekend? Or, was it the week? No, maybe it was...Yes, yes, it had to be a week. I'd probably just drunk too much and forgotten half of it.

I was.. I was just seeing a friend. Shit, you called the cops?

Seeing a friend?! Mary-Ann seemed to realise her loudness and did a quick sweep of the coffee shop, as if just remembering where she was. Lenny..look, come with me, She stood up, pulling me so I got up with her, and led me out to a back room away from the stares of the entire coffee shop. As we walked I spotted a poster on the front counter - a missing persons poster with me on it.

It struck a nerve of reality in me and suddenly everything Mary-Ann was saying felt more real. What the fuck had been going on?

She closed the door behind us in the back room and turned to me, a pained expression on her face.

Lenny, if anything's happened you know you can tell me, okay hun? Whatever it is. She folded her arms and pursed her lips, but I could tell she wanted to give me another of her hugs. But rather than annoy me in a playful way, for once it just grated on my nerves instead. I didn't need any hugs. I was fine.

What? But.. seirously, I mean it - nothing's happened! Look, I don't know why you called the cops, I don't get why this has all got fucked up, but I'm fine! Fuck, I said, I was just visiting a friend.. My voice rose as I kept talking, frustration turning it into a shout. I didn't understand - what was the big deal? Why did it feel like such a big deal?

Lenny I spent so long looking for you, where you might have gone.. which friend was it? Mary-Ann asked, inching closer.

Huh? What? I... I tried to think but that pain just shot through my head again. Just a friend.. why does it matter? It's shit you were looking but, fuck... I rubbed at my head, wishing the pain would go away. It was starting to annoy me, and not just the pain itself, but the cause of the pain. Why did any of this matter? The worst was that Mary-Ann didn't at all look like she was going to drop it. She was gazing at me with scrutiny, an expression I'd never actually received from her before.

She let out a small sigh and folded her arms, again. Okay, Lenny, I understand if you don't want to tell me anything,- She began talking, that same, sympathetic voice, but I didn't let her continue. I couldn't.

There's nothing to tell you! Seriously Mary-Ann, I was with a friend! I shouted. She just shook her head in response, a mixture of disappointment, confusion and concern - all of which just made me even madder.

Lenny, hun. You don't need to shout. I was just worried about you you were gone for a whole week. You didn't tell anyone you were going, you didn't book the time off work, none of your belongings were taken and your truck was left at your house. You disappeared off the face of the earth! You won't even tell me who you were staying with! You really can't expect me to believe you just went to visit an unamed friend and forgot everything. Lenny. Whatever's happened, it's okay now. I'm just worried about you hun, I just want to help-

I threw my hands up in the air, gritting my teeth. Well you don't need to be worried! And I don't need any help! I'm fine. I'm sorry I didn't book shit off work, but I was just seeing a friend! How many times I gotta say it?! There's nothing more to it-

Lenny, it's okay - you can tell me-

There's nothing to tell!! I went to see a friend! Why won't you believe me? Why is this like a fucking interrogation? Why the fuck is this any of your business? I get it, I forgot to tell you I was going away and fuck I'm sorry, but that's all there is too it!! I shouted at Mary-Ann, her features more drained and more surprised the more I went on. As for me, I couldn't shake a horrible, stressed feeling. My head felt like it was on fire and I just felt like total shit. I couldn't understand anything. How had all of this even happened? None of it made sense but the more I tried to think about it, the more my head throbbed with pain. I couldn't think, didn't want to think about it any more, didn't want to do anything but get away from what felt like a weird police interrogation and questions I couldn't answer.

I stamped over to the door before Mary-Ann could say anything else, pulling the door open so forcefully it swung on its hinges. I went to see a friend! I stressed again, feeling guilty at the hurt in Mary-Ann's eyes, and hurt at the concern also in them. I didn't understand why. I wasn't a child. That's all!

I slammed the door behind me and charged out of the store, not giving it a second glance.

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