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 [Closed] Morality

[Closed] Morality

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[Closed] Morality

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Wed Sep 09, 2015 6:57 am

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Police Department | Storming | After Dark

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Thread takes place on 20th August 2015

When I moved to Index, I'd had no idea of the repercussions of my personal quest. How could I? How could I have even begun to guess that I'd be sitting in front of a missing persons report that I could have prevented?

The wind was roaring outside the office, whistling through a crack in one of the windows. A light flickered off and then back on and the windows rattled loudly with the next especially strong gust of wind. I hunched a little more over my desk, my slender fingers tightening around my pen when the wind roared again. Is this what it sounded like to his victims? Was this the last thing they heard before he...

I looked down at the report on the table below me, in a daze at first. And then I sat forward more and grabbed the paper, searching and taking in the print, greedily reading every word as if it was the first time I'd come across them when in fact I'd written that very report myself.

Leonardo Tronconi

D.O.B 07/07/1989

Reported missing on 17th August 2015

Mr Tronconi did not show up for work on Monday 17th August 2015 and has not been seen since. His vehicle is at his residence and it does not appear he has taken any belongings, including his mobile phone. There have been no sightings since his disappearance.

He was last seen on Sunday 18th August by his manager Ms. Mary-Ann Harper when he finished a shift at work.

The man was only twenty-six. Twenty-six. I swiped a stray strand of hair away from my face and hastily undid my bun when it only fell back, pulling all of my hair free and combing it through with my fingers. Twenty six - and how old were the countless other people who might have fallen victim to Sam?! The number of missing persons reports had very slightly risen with one common factor in nearly all of them - the missing persons last seen near or around the forest - but the number was deceptively small in comparison to the real problem. Whispers on the streets and from informants told of potentially many more missing but it was tricky to get a number. These people were homeless, down on their luck, addicts, criminals.. they either didn't have people to miss them and file a missing persons report, or were renowned for vanishing once every so often anyway. They weren't the type of people that the public cared about. They didn't make a selling sob story for the local newspapers. Most people only viewed them as a nuisance and a disturbance. And so nobody cared if they suddenly disappeared.

There was also little sympathy or compassion for the dead body that was found mauled in the woods. The unidentified victim had likely been homeless, or at least, nobody had claimed them and an ID was impossible given the state of the remains. The department had issued a warning of a wild animal in the forest and carried out a brief search but soon enough the story was forgotten. Nobody knew the real danger or the real body count. Not even I.

I stared down at the picture on my most recent missing persons report. No, I didn't know the real body count at all. I could only guess. The bodies I had disguised or hidden, the missing persons my gut told me were more like murder cases, I had no idea of the magnitude of what was going on and it frightened me. All I could think of were those wild eyes of Sam's - that also weren't Sam's that played on my conscience. Why hadn't he been stopped? By the other wolves - by a vampire - by the cops - by anyone?!

By me?

I closed the report in front of me and abruptly stood up, pushing my chair away. I walked over to a filing cabinet, unlocked and opened it and slotted the report into a folder. I'm sorry. I thought as I closed the drawer, trying to rid the man's picture from my mind. What good would sorry do him though? It wouldn't piece his broken, bloodied limbs back together or reunite his dead body with his soul.

I tapped my nails on the top of the filing cabinet. It had become a symbolic grave of sorts, or the nearest to a grave these victims might get. They deserved more. I should have been giving them more. I let out a sigh. One more week... One more week for me to try and solve this problem by myself and if I couldn't then I'd tell Vincent, or Peyton. One more week. I clung onto the hope that there could be some way to save Sam still, I just had to find it.

Quote Begin One more week.Quote End I said aloud for at least the eighth week in a row, and after one last look turned my back on the filing cabinet and walked out of the office.

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