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 [Closed] Marisol's visit

[Closed] Marisol's visit

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[Closed] Marisol's visit

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Tue Sep 08, 2015 2:31 pm

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Gayle's condo | Cool | Early night

I woke up this evening feeling down, a stark realization from the previous night hadn’t entirely left my mind. That meant that it had to be dealt with, and soon. But it wasn’t just as simple as calling Lilah, it wasn’t as simple as giving poor little Benjamin or Noelle a visit. This sombre realization called for a change in the focus of my life, my company, and everyone that worked for me. Only a few of them would be useful now, and well, at the risk of seeming cliche, I’ll admit that they knew too much. That was alright, they wouldn’t go to waste. There would be nights like tonight that I didn’t have it in me to chase down dinner. When I had more pressing things to do. On that note, I removed my phone from my nightstand and pulled Lilah’s contact up in the texting app.

Lilah, could you be a dear and fetch me something for dinner? I’m not picky tonight, just something clean.  Her speed always enamoured me, for a human; I barely had to wait for the reply.
Of course, Ms. Shaffer, I’ll be right up.

I wasn’t in too much of a hurry to get dressed, or to snap into action. The plan had to come first. I kept the phone in hand and walked barefoot to the living area, finally finding a comfortable spot on my sofa.

”You realize it now, don’t you? You know now that it won’t work.”

I looked around, pointlessly, I knew I wouldn’t be able to see her. But I still wanted her to see just how happy I was that she was here.

Marisol? Oh, how happy I am for you to be here.
”Really? Me? You’re not already asking about Sera?”
No, Marisol, I said, my body relaxing, my head leaning to the side. How could I keep her here? Why were these visits years apart and so short? I knew I had to enjoy what little time I would have with my old progeny. I know, I’ve always taken you for granted, but.. I’ve really missed you. This is one of the few things I know little about. Can’t you read that from me? Don’t you understand that?
It was true, and I was not bothering with a medium to find out exactly what was happening in these brief euphoric moments with the people of my past. Had it not been Noelle, I would have thought I was simply senile. I sensed Lilah, and her dinner. God, she was always quick, but now was a time when I had wished she wasn’t. Can you stay long? Please don’t leave me right now. I have to get this.
”I won’t. I’ll be right here.”
I quickly opened the door before Lilah had even arrived with my meal. The expression on her face - and I wasn’t sure why, but then I realized. Had she ever seen me in sleepwear? I hadn’t changed yet. ”Is everything… alright?”

Yes, yes, I said, and I skimmed over the meal. Oh, she was perfect. I could see her being a yoga teacher, someone who had definitely taken care of herself. Lilah, you’re absolutely the best. I grabbed the girl’s hand, excused Lilah, and ran back into my living room. I caught the girl’s eyes and spoke clearly. Go back to the bedroom and wait until I tell you otherwise. Down the hallway. She did as told, and I was back alone with Marisol, it was true. I could feel her and she hadn’t left me.

Thank you.
”Your tastes have changed, from when I was alive. I’m almost disappointed, Gayle. Are you not hunting for yourself?”
You know the answer to that. Sometimes, I do.
”Barely enough to remind yourself of what you are, but that’s not why I’m here.” She paused, ”It isn’t going to work, gayle.”
I’m aware, Marisol, oh, I’m quite aware. I don’t suppose you have a plan, do you?
”The Supremacy does, Gayle.”
Oh, don’t you start with that, Marisol. Don’t you dare. I’m not buckling, I’m not kissing their ass. I would rot away in cell just like Kyle.
And then, it wasn’t what I heard, it was what I felt. And then the pause.
”You don’t know, do you?”
Marisol, stop wasting both our time and tell me. What do you know about Kyle?
”Not much, but he hasn’t rotted away, that’s for sure. And when they bring Lilith into the picture, he’s going to be the first in line. The way it is now, you’ll not be a second thought. You need in on this, Gayle, they have so much that you need. Just tuck away that goddamn pride of yours and-”
Noelle - that’s why… but how does she know, Marisol? Oh, Noelle, just like Sera, isn’t she?
And with that, Marisol was gone. I looked around, as if she’d just be hiding somewhere, in some other ghostly form. One I could see, but no. That was it. I stared into nothing, with so much more information. My mind couldn’t make sense of it, not at least until I ate. I headed back toward the bedroom.

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