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 [Closed] Silver Root

[Closed] Silver Root

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[Closed] Silver Root

Logan Milo Byrne | Human; Citizen

Posted on Tue Sep 08, 2015 10:49 am

OOC Message
Part 1 of ? Honestly I might end it here, idk yet.

Can I speak with Mr. Rodriguez? The bartender looked at me, so he'd definitely seen me, but not a word came out of his mouth. He tossed his rag over his shoulder and escaped from behind the bar. I watched as he moved over towards a door, knocked twice, and didn't even wait before heading back to the bar. ''He'll be out in a minute. Anything to drink while you wait?'' - No. I ran my hands over my suit and leaned up against the bar, looking around at the faces surrounding me. Attractive women... Men, all lies. Every one of them. Wearing a human face and parading around in it like it was nothing but a Halloween costume. A disguise.

The moaning that came from behind me didn't even make me turn, it's what she said that had me spinning around and adjusting my watch. ''You smell like..'' She placed her hand on my shoulder and rubbed her leg against my inner thighs, getting dangerously close to my... I could even feel her breath on my ear. ''My night cap.'' I shoved her off of me, and as a result, her body crashed into a stool and sent it toppling over. ''Hey! What the fuck man you don't shove women what the hell is wrong with you?'' The hero, which I'd already pegged as human immediately ran to her aid, helping her up as she pretended to sob. I wanted to applaud, but instead I grabbed her by the jaw and held the back of her head against my chest. My index finger and thumb reached a pressure point between her jaw and ear lobes, and like that, her fangs clicked into place before the hero could step in. The look of horror in his eyes said it all, and he was out the door nearly as fast as they would have been.

I released the vampire from my grip and she instantly turned around to hiss at me, she would have had a go at me too, if I wouldn't have pointed in the direction of her sheriff who had been watching us the entire time. His head shook side to side, and in a blur of speed she was out the door, but the sheriff's eyes gaze hadn't moved. He was watching me, and no doubt, would continue to watch me until I left. I didn't know what he knew, and he didn't know what I knew, and that was the last thought I had before the door opened, and a man appeared. He looked right at me and nodded his head in the direction of the office behind him, and I entered.

''Sit.'' I did, I sat, but I stayed silent, using nothing but my eyes to communicate my current emotion. ''I'm happy to see you made it off the island, Logan.'' The way he spoke my name, even the simple fact that he did speak my name pissed me off. No thanks to you, Rodriguez. The room went silent again, that smirk on his face, the obvious fury in mine, and our eyes locked on each other like two cobras waiting for the other to strike first. And he did. ''We going to keep up this pissing match all night or get to business?'' He leaned back into his chair and I reached into my pocket. ''You did it, you actually did it.'' He laughed ironically and nodded his head as I revealed the small vial of blood. He tried to snatch it from my hand, but I already had it back in my pocket. I know what you want it for. I crossed my arms. And frankly, I don't think you're capable of using it to it's full potential. - ''Are you scared? Is that what this is about, because clearly you and I both know you're capable of surviving in that kind of world.'' - Being capable and wanting to are two different things Rodriguez. And that's not the point. You left me there to fucking rot. You're a slimy, bottom feeding leech, and you've given me no reason to do you any favors.

He smiled and nodded, and while he might have thought he had the element of surprise on his side, I saw his outburst a mile away. And when He had his hand around my neck, I had a needle hovering below his chin. You have no idea what I'm capable of Rodriguez, and unless you want that islands silver root entering your bloodstream, I'd tread carefully...


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