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 [Private] The Hardest Part is Forgetting Those You Swore You'd Never Forget - Page 2

[Private] The Hardest Part is Forgetting Those You Swore You'd Never Forget

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Something just felt off. He didn’t seem like the Gio I remembered, but then again, he hadn’t been when he left, had he? Did the whole wolf thing change personalities? I’d kind of learned to push the scene out of my mind, the last time I’d seen him. How torturous it looked for him to turn. But this time, I let it seep in. Not details, fuck that shit, I mean shit like that was cool to watch on a show but not when it’s happening to someone you cared about. But what would that do to your personality? And the question of.. how often would he have to go through that? I didn’t want to ask anyone, because I didn’t want to know the answer. Once was fucking enough, and once was enough for me to want to give him my entire bottle of Jack. That was saying something, because I didn’t share that. Cheap vodka? Sure, take all you want of that shit and leave my Jack alone.

I nodded, and headed for the apartment, getting my key out, shivering, ready to grab some sweats and.. whatever I had dry. Shit, I didn’t have anything for him, and I was sure as fuck Caly didn’t. She might quite literally be half his size. Maybe.. a big hoodie? Fuck.

I have a roommate, I spoke, but remembered that he’d met her, at the winter ball. Either way, I was just going to give him warning. I started up the steps and then to the walkway to the door to my place. Life is uh.. it’s just fine. I wasn’t about to tell him about Rick, and Vincent, and how Vincent saved my ass. I wasn’t trying to be that goddamn damsel that got herself in messes. Besides, I was kind of worried about him. Even if I did get the vibe that we weren’t going to be the same. Even Gabe aside, shit was just.. different. Those kinds of things seemed a bit smaller when you knew there were.. well when you knew.

I opened the door, stepped in and held the door for him. I kicked off my shoes, and headed straight for the kitchen, and the cabinet where all the gold was. I sat the bottle on the counter. Take as much as you need. God, now was I sounding like some kind of.. sympathy case? And uh.. tell me, Gio, you uh, alright? I was still shivering, but it was better. I leaned against my cabinets, and waited to see if there was anything he’d tell me without me fishing for it.

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Roomate? The word triggered something in my brain like a fucking alarm. Was it a fucking guy? I never got used to the fact that Michelle was dating other guys. I don’t think I’ll EVER be okay with that...but living with someone other than me... what the fuck? Cool. It was all I could say.  What else was there to say? I nodded when she said her life was “just fine” I’m not sure why, I just didn’t want her to elaborate on why it was just fine. I guess the truth was that I didn’t want to know, not exactly that I didn’t care like I was making it out to seem.

I followed her into the apartment, rubbing my shoes on the welcome mat so I wouldn’t get the floor too wet. I scanned the old apartment instantly picking out it’s differences. Maybe she’s not with a guy after all. The place looked too girly, not girly girly…but Michelle girly…which is still kinda girly. I glanced over at the cabinet she just pulled open, still in the same spot I see.

I let out a little chuckle recalling the time Ozzy hid in there cradled up by the bottle of Jack. Oh my god, dude. Do you remember that time Ozzy was up there for like hours and we found hER napping next to the fuckin' Jack haha? A huge grin spread across my face. I’ve been great, why wouldn’t I be? What.. has Brandon told you anything about me??? I questioned with the arch of an eyebrow.

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I did remember that time, but I couldn’t.. My eyes lit up and I couldn’t get past what I needed to know right the fuck right now. OZZY! WHERE IS SHE? Tell me you didn’t.. tell me you didn’t like eat her when… you know… I mean, Gio, I’m kind of serious. She was my baby, I mean she was a little shit, but.. I think I’d kill to have her shit on my bed again. Okay, that was a little fucked up, but it was insane how much I missed that little poop factory. I mean, obviously if she was getting a smile out of Gio, now, she was awesome, right?

I tried to calm myself down, and tried to answer his question, but again, it had me a bit riled up, a bit.. honestly a little pissed. Maybe Gio didn’t owe me any explanations, but fuck, it would have been nice. Mentally, I flinched a little at the name he threw out, but I drove right past it. No, Gio, that’s the fucking point. No one’s told me anything. No answers from you, no answers from anyone. I sighed, and grabbed the Jack myself, tipped it up, not bothering with the Coke like usual, then handed it back to him, wiping my lips. I mean, I don’t know, maybe you don’t owe me anything, so I’m sorry, but, I paused, and at least I’d calmed down when I said it, a little defeated even, I worried a lot, dude, not just about Ozzy.

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My mouth hung ajar after she dropped that bomb, for a second I actually completely forgot that she knew I was a wolf. Do you think I’m actually THAT SICK? I asked, a perplexed expression on my face. I mean, shit, yeah newborns are a little out of control and dangerous from my experience and what I’ve seen, but damn…

I guess that answers my question about Brandon telling you anything then, because he has her. I let him keep her…seeing as, uh…you know, I wasn’t too sure how I could take care of her or if it was safe for her. That last part sounded more like a question than a statement, but it was the truth. She deserved to know that Ozzy was alright and technically the pet was both of ours. Sorry I didn’t tell you…I guess. I shrugged, looking down at the floor and painfully avoiding eye contact.

She handed me the Jack, I took a swig instantly enjoying the burn down my throat. God, I missed this. I’m not sure what I’m referring to when I say miss…I cleared my throat, Well, you’re definitely right. I don’t owe you anything. You’re the one that owes me something., what I wanted to say, but didn’t. Yo, cut the bullshit…since WHEN have you gave a fuck about me? I yelled as my brows furrowed together. I hated the bullshit, dude. I took another shot of Jack.

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Back off, maaannn, I said, taken aback a little bit by how much I sounded like “The Dude” in The Big Lebowski. See, I had a legitimate fucking concern, or else you wouldn’t have left Ozzy with Brandon. God, you idiot, it’s not that I don’t trust you, but shit, this is something you can’t control. Fuck, and fuck sharing the Jack. Was he always like this? Shit, I knew we bickered a little bit, but I didn’t remember it being this easy to set him off. I opened the cabinet again, and looked. Gin, Vodka, and.. some fruity shit Caly had bought. Gin, sure. I grabbed the bottle so I wouldn’t worry about passing back and forth, because if tonight continued like this I was going to need it. But then I remembered, he didn’t live here, and I could kick him out when I wanted. Yes, Gio, I grew some balls while you were gone. I unscrewed the lid, took the biggest drink I could get without just automatically throwing the bottle to the closest window, made the gnarliest face, and swallowed. Still holding the bottle, I started for the living room. Still in my cold clothes, I wasn’t letting this end just yet.

I thought I’d caught a break, just for a second, when I heard the word sorry, but again, I was wrong. I whipped around, my eyes probably wider than fucking poker chips. Come again? Come again? Oh, that’s.. I didn’t even have words, I just shook my head, and took another drink. My face was already tingling, and I was starting to learn what mad drunk felt like. You can’t see beyond your two goddamn feet can you? You haven’t read any of the texts from me? Never listened to a fucking voicemail? Never answered ONE fucking call? And I DONT CARE about YOU? What a load of bogus shit, Gio! You’re always just full of shit.

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