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 [Private] The Hardest Part is Forgetting Those You Swore You'd Never Forget

[Private] The Hardest Part is Forgetting Those You Swore You'd Never Forget

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Near Michelle's apartment (streets) |
Raining | Half an hour til Midnight, PM AF.LOL

                Thump, Thump, Thump! There goes the pounding in my head that only seemed to be symphonized and heightened by the dripping of the rain as it hit the pavement. I pulled my black hoodie over my head, as if the rain actually fucking bothered me. Nothing bothered me nowadays and being back here at Index just gave me a mind splitting migraine. I figured taking a walk by my old neighborhood would lift my spirits and remind me of my old life…the old me. Everything was just so fucked up now…

My whole life just feels disorientated after this change…I guess I should be happy about becoming a werewolf, but I’m not. At least not just yet. I continued walking down the street at rapid pace, I guess it was a “werewolf” thing and also my fucking mind was racing at 93 mph here. I was passing the parking lot where I used to park my dodge, which I totaled by the way, but we’ll get to that later. I had to pause for a second to take in the view of the apartments, a lot has changed and it looks like they have done some remodeling since I lived here. This was the first place I had gotten in Index and it was close to the school so it was perfect.

But then I met Michelle…I feel like she cursed my fucking life. Every time something fucked up happened in my life all I can remember is her face…JUST FUCKING BEING THERE, taunting me. She’s a fucking parasite. At least that’s the only relation my mind made with her face for the past couple of months. Honestly, I couldn’t even remember too much from my old life in Index right now. I’ve been trying to block it out, hence why I moved from this dump. “What the fuck am I doing here again?” I mumbled underneath my breath, taking a glance up towards the pitch black sky.

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OOC Message

I’d remembered Caly’s words, about why I didn’t get any, and it wasn’t that I was trying to get some tonight. I had just let myself become a recluse. So yeah, when the store owner announced that he was retiring, and he’d have more news for us “soon” I needed a drink. I didn’t know if I was going to have a job soon, and I didn’t kid myself. No job would be better than this gig. Even if I did get bored out of my mind at times. Even if people fucking around with shit they knew nothing about was painful and old, I needed to keep this job. I loved it. I loved the people I work with.

The car was in the shop, but I’d done without a car before. I used to walk everywhere I needed to go, and in fact I was doing it more often anyway, since it seemed to be doing the trick of keeping those extra pounds off. They’d started to creep on, and I had to kick that shit right in the ass. And was I going to a gym? Fuck no. But then the rain started pouring, and I don’t mean some light drizzle shit. I mean fucking… I was taking a goddamn cold shower out here. I turned around even though I was more than halfway to Poison. Shit, that would have been a bad choice anyway. The hell was I thinking? I was dressed like an alien character on Rainbow Brite and now I was drenched. Clothes sticking to me in all the wrong places, and I was shivering and cold. I knew some creeper vampire would offer to warm me up. Maybe.. maybe that wouldn’t be so bad. Just not fucking Rick, though. Hot as he was, he was getting on my damned nerves.

Cold, shivering, and annoyed, and ready for some Jack, I headed home, a long walk, but I did stop to enjoy the weird mood the street lights gave off. The rain, you could see it pouring horizontally in the cone of orange light they gave off. Fucking creepy, but still cool. Finally, I was near the apartments, and luckily, most of my journey had been alone, but now there was a figure standing under one of those lights. He looked… about as unhappy as I was. What was he doing? Was he waiting on someone? Dude, this fucker was tall, too, just like… oh. FUCK! No, no, it was my mind playing tricks on me! It had to be!

I ran, my shoes splashing in puddles, and the closer I got, the more I could see the face buried in that damn hoodie. Mother fucker! Oh my god, it really is you! I practically ran into him and wrapped my soaking wet arms around him.

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The sound of accelerated footsteps splashing into puddles broke my train of thought. I didn’t bother to turn around and see who was around at this time, I figured I have nothing to worry about anymore. The sense of invincibility is one of the only pluses I could think of about my so called “gift” at the moment. I wonder why all of my brothers in the pack treated this as such a fucking gift while I think of it more as a curse. I don’t see it like that, so what’s wrong with me? Something is obviously fucking wrong with me.

Suddenly, I felt something knock into me, barely moving me but enough to annoy me. Woah, what the fuck…watch-, I swiveled around, mouth hanging wide open as I looked down to see a familiar vibrant colored hair Michelle. Speak of the devil. I kind of didn’t know what to do at this point, I didn’t want to be a dick and push her off, but I also didn’t want to NOT be a dick and give her the impression that things between us were good. Ohh. I said awkwardly, giving her a “friendly” pat on the back. Heyy. Fuck, I should just change forms while she’s not lookin’ and make a run for it. I mean, why not? I should put my good training to use.

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I guess I deserved that, but it wasn’t the warm welcome I expected. Was I his fucking little sister? He hadn’t said much, and maybe I had taken him by surprise, but shit. I just didn’t get the right vibe from him. Maybe he was depressed. Maybe this wolf thing was.. not for him. Fuck, that would be really sad. Oh, god, what had he been through when he was gone? Vincent wouldn’t tell me shit. I guess it wasn’t for me to know, but it sure as hell would help me out now.

Listen, it’s fucking pouring. Did you come here uh…. to see me? Like.. do you want to get in out of the rain? I backed up from him, sensing he was not really feeling it. You look like you could use some Jack. I know I could. I started to head closer to my apartment, but I stopped to see if he was coming.

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Honestly, I don’t have a fucking clue why Onyx decided to turn me. I don’t fit in with these fucking wolves, yeah I’m a little fucking arrogant and cocky at times, also super fuckin’ lazy…but I don’t like to follow rules. The fact that this guy is my “Pack Master” irritates me, and now I gotta’ look at him with some type of fucking high regard or like he’s my damn boss. Fuck that! Get the fuck out of here with that…

Back to reality, I couldn’t hold in a snort when she questioned if I was here to see her. Obviously we weren’t on the same page. I was about to answer that dumb ass question right before she mentioned something about Jack. I could definitely withstand the rain a lot more now that I’m technically half animal. It was really difficult to hold in my laughter watching her tiny structure shiver as the rain hit her face, bullet-like. “Yeah, actually now that you mention it…I haven’t had a real drink in awhile.

Fuck, now I guess I gotta’ act a little interested in her life and ask bullshit questions about the weather in her life. How’s work? How’s school? How’s the diet going? I don’t know what to ask. Soo…how’s the weather in your life been? I chuckled, laughing at my own stupid question. I began walking towards the apartment recalling its exact location. Don’t answer that , that was dumb. How’s everything…not just the weather?

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