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 [Closed] The Gift

[Closed] The Gift

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[Closed] The Gift

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Mon Sep 07, 2015 3:08 pm

OOC Message
Before reading this post it's absolutely vital that you read the italic text at the beginning of this post LINK and after you've read that, you need to read this short solo: LINK. Red text because it's very important that those two things are read before reading this solo, otherwise the reveal isn't as... revealing... >.>

I wanted one thing, no, one person. Acquiring the information of where I could find this particular witch was only the first step of many. When I'd met with the vampire Ursula all that time ago, I knew if Gayle found out it would be viewed as the ultimate betrayal, but that wasn't the case. Everything I'd done in secret was for her benefit. I wanted to give her a gift, I wanted to give her the gift of light, the one thing she had been working towards since I could remember. I wanted to repay her for the gift she'd given me, and nothing was going to stop me. Even if I had wanted Ben by my side, to be a part of something bigger, his refusal wasn't going to stop me. I'd been alone for a lot of my life, and I'd be alone through this.

Feeding Ursula false information about my maker was proof of my loyalty to Gayle. And ultimately, while my strained relationship with my progeny was completely authentic, it couldn't have come at a better time. Naturally vampires knew of the unbreakable bond between a maker and progeny, but anything I could do to take their sights off of Benjamin was a good thing. And considering our relationship was rocky at best, clearly he wouldn't be their first target if they ever discovered my betrayal. Yes, maybe that put Gayle in their crosshairs, but the thing was, the gift I was going to give Gayle would more than make up for that. She was the strongest vampire I'd ever known, and I had no doubt she could handle herself against the Supremacy if need be.

The supremacy was known for tracking people, and I was no exception. I knew they had access to my phone calls... Text messages, in fact, I was certain they knew everything, where I'd been and maybe in some cases, where I'd planned to go. But there was one thing they couldn't know, because I was the only one that did. The truth. It had put my relationships with my maker and progeny on a very dark course, but I tried my best to not think about it. They would come to forgive me, they would come to accept me again, and when Gayle had her gift, both my maker and progeny would look past the horrors I had put them through, wouldn't they?

''Benson.'' The Spanish accent was one I didn't recognize. ''Ursula sent me, she's tied up at the moment with bigger problems. But I assure you, I can help you find what you seek.'' The woman before me felt oddly familiar. Like I'd met her before or... I must say, and I mean no disrespect... What was your name again? ''Marta.'' I mean no disrespect, Marta, but Ursula should be here. I thought your organization was well... More organized than this? ''As you may know, we are dealing with something bigger than you right now, and frankly, you're lucky they sent anyone at all. You know it isn't like The Supremacy to communicate with anyone and let them live to tell the tale.'' Your threats are quite terrifying Marta, but I made my deal with Ursula, and I think I've more than paid for my right to live to tell the tale, wouldn't you agree? ''My opinion on the matter is unimportant, your deal with Ursula is why I'm here, and I'd like to get back to that, if you don't mind?''

I straightened out my dress and cleared my throat. You have information for me then? ''I do, and you have what we asked for?'' I pulled the phone from my pocket and passed it to Marta. I do, but before I give you my makers phone, I want some answers. Why do you want it exactly? I asked as I held the phone to my chest, a brilliant act if I do say so myself. Of course it wasn't my makers phone, in fact, I'd picked it up off of a vampire I'd met at poison, and while it wouldn't fool them for long, it'd buy me just enough time to get my gift, and send it to Gayle. You do realize my maker is no fool, don't you? She doesn't keep important information on her phone. ''What we need it for is our business, just like what you need the witch for is yours. And no information is deleted forever, we have ways to uncover what we seek.'' She paused, and for a moment, we just stared at one another, and she was the first to break. ''The witch you seek is a member of a very powerful coven. They have no name, they only go by The Coven. Their headquarters is here in Seattle, and to gain access to this particular witch, you will need to bring a sacrafice.'' Not a problem. I grinned, practically giddy with the progress I had just made.

I passed her the phone and she nodded, but before she could turn to leave, I had to ask. Do I know you? I have only dealt with Ursula up until now, and I have no reason to believe you're even a part of The Supremacy, but I can't shake this feeling that we've met? Why send you? Why now? She slowly turned around, clearly I had asked the right questions. ''I have come here to see my sons, that is the only reason why I am here. I believe you dated one of them for a time, Vincent Byrne? And you've met the other? The priest of that little town... Helios Tallon?'' It all made sense, they sent her because of my history with her sons. Granted I had only met the priest once, and that was for a confession long ago. But Vincent? I didn't even know he had a brother...


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