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[Private]Dead Beat Dining

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Re: [Private]Dead Beat Dining

Zander Drike |

Posted on Thu Sep 17, 2015 11:55 am

Pay it forward? Well, I guess I could. I mean, I'd had opportunities and was usually pretty good at lending more than I had. At least I liked to think so. To be fair, I wasn't expecting her to ask for something back. Ugh... Still didn't make me think I didn't owe every damn person who did something. Being broke and homeless fuckin' sucked. I needed back on my feet and fast, couldn't be relying on meeting people like Donna everywhere I went. All thoughts immediately pushed to the side when the bartender grudgingly replaced my meal. Holy shit. This shit looked good. I wondered briefly about the cost. Couldn't be cheap, this thing looked good. Weren't salads supposed to be for like weight watchers and shit?

Dumping a healthy glob of sour cream and mashing it into my chili and lettuce bliss I perked up a bit at Donna's admission. So... You cheated on him? really wasn't that hard to admit, I mean, who the hell would I be judging. I mean, I had given 'Rik the money to cheat on his lady, then tried to bone his wife at the bar. I was no bloody saint, but hey! I was human. There were needs and shit I needed to fill. I put my hand up in a small defense. Don't need to beat around the bush with me. What? you afraid the homeless divorcee is gonna judge ya'? I joked. You're not talking to no Saint. I did my share of side work with some girls...guys too I suppose. Not that I had pulled that shit with Adrianna but I wasn't about to kid myself. The cheating meant something to those girls married or not, and I'm sure that Acacia, Scarlett and Romy wouldn't had been to pleased to find out I had been multi-dating if I ever ran into them again. Players gonna play though. Hate the game and all that shit, right?

I shrugged absently at her comment. It wasn't all bad, ya'know. Didn't have to pay for a wedding and it's not like we had kids. Even talked as friends for a while after. I'm not one to cut people off or hold a grudge. I took my first heavenly bite of taco -topia and hummed in satisfaction. This shit was as good as it looked and smelt. Or maybe that was my hunger setting in, either way, Thank you, Donna! I've been loving the single life too, I hear ya'. No more cocktail lounges and shitty brunches with the in laws. Besides the move down here has been something new all together. Totally different world down here in Washington!

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Donna Chambers

Re: [Private]Dead Beat Dining

Donna Chambers |

Posted on Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:49 am

Yeah, not like I’m proud of it. I was feeling a little less hungry now that my mind was going there, but that didn’t stop me from continuing to eat. I just started picking instead of eating like a ravenous monster. And then he finished his thought and my brain went somewhere weird at first. I guess he was just using a phrase? But my mind went to actual work. Like.. prostitution or porn. Damn, I mean, was the dude that skeezy? You don’t mean actual work though, right?

At this point I was more focused on my drink than my food. But it was actually halfway gone, and this next drink just about finished it. Eh, fuck it, I’ma have some fun, I thought. That’s what I did right? Wasn’t like me to just feel.. down. So wait… wait. Side work? I nudged him so he’d know I was kidding. So it was work, huh? Just what kind of work did you do? I grinned.

And the rest of his story reminded me a little more of my own. Before I left Oregon, Robert and I were pretty much on friendly terms. I felt like his attraction for me had faded too, he had almost seemed relieved, even if the whole thing was a bit jarring.

Sounds like your life really uh… Well, there wasn’t really a nice was to put it now was there? Went in the shitter? I made a scrunched face, hoping he’d read the apologetic nature of it, but then again, he wasn’t a damn mind reader. Only go up from here? and I raised my glass for a toast.

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