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[Private] Fixed Gaze

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Donna Chambers

Re: [Private] Fixed Gaze

Donna Chambers |

Posted on Thu Oct 01, 2015 1:04 pm

Shots were going down, and now Lenny and Jesse were on the floor and all the shots in front of the gorgeous ladies, myself and Erika, now belonged to… myself and Erika. We could get naughty with these, but, even though I was now technically off the clock I felt like I kind of had to behave at least a little since I was technically in uniform and at work. But.. also, shit, wasn’t that free advertisement? Wouldn’t that sell shots? Oh, well, I could save my.. appetites until later, because the way this was going there definitely would be a later.

It was great, you have no idea. I mean, I’d have to dust the old book off, but I was so good. It was phone stuff, obviously, I could easily get credit card info. I’d pull all the stops, I’d - I made the quotation mark symbols with my fingers. Transfer them to another department, shit like that. Just for fun, and just to test my limits. Speaking of testing limits, I could certainly make a parallel here, and why not? Her hands were in my hair, obviously touching wasn’t forbidden, why not get a little feel of what I was getting later? Close, very close, but that’s bound to happen if you’re always bad like me. I hopped off of the bar stool, but not such a drastic movement that her hand had to leave my hair. I pushed myself between her knees, letting her dress open just a little and watching as it moved even further up her thighs. Now my face was but a few inches from hers, and my fingers lightly brushed her cheek, then my index finger traced her lips.

My place it is, and sooner than-

Oh, for fucks’ sake. Man, How do I owe you, dude? He’s all over you and you’re loving it, I reluctantly stepped away from the beautiful fucking woman that I was just about to taste had he not showed up. But after I had as much of an okay as I could get from Erika, I reluctantly agreed.

No, but you guys fucking… behave. It’s not a problem because I pay rent, so it’s my place too, but I swear to god… and I brought my voice down low, knowing full and well that Erika would be able to hear me, but still.. If you ruin this for me, I will fuck you over the next like.. eight times we go out. I’ll tell every man you talk to that you’ve got the herp or something.

Two shots remained on the bar in front of us, and before those dicks, literal dicks, could steal anything else from me, I nudged one to Erika and took one for myself, and waved to Josh. I’m gonna bounce, just uh, take this from my check. Which was going to be non-existent, but worth it if this went where I hoped it would.

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Re: [Private] Fixed Gaze

Erika Richards | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Fri Oct 02, 2015 4:36 am

This was good. Not only was I feeling hot, - hot hot, but I was buzzing, my mind drunkenly swimming with ideas surrounding Donna. Some were sexual, some were criminal.. some were an interesting mix of the two. It sounds so great, I wish I could see you in action... I bit at my lip, ready to plunge a step further and take control of the situation - until Donna got there first. A pleased blush lit up my face as the fabric of my dress refused to stretch further to accommodate Donna and instead retreated up my legs to nonexistence, most likely flashing my barely-there panties. I pressed my lips forward against her finger while my hands found Donna's waist. I wanted to pull her in, take back a little control and -

My hands slipped from her waist as she pulled away and I let out an irritated sigh, glaring towards her interrupting friends. The only condolence was that they were at least pushing us in the right direction, even if they continued being as annoying as they were they might not reach it with us, if I had my way.

I put my thoughts back on track. As annoying as the men were, one of them at least was useful. And Donna.. Donna... she'd become more than a tool to show how much I could have fun over the evening. Potentially she was an asset. She had skills, she obviously liked me and I just needed to butter her up enough that she might be open to re-visiting her life of crime. She might have sounded up for it when drunk but the next morning.. who knew. It was time to get as many balls in my court as possible - very figuratively speaking - to have the ultimate persuasive power. I glanced to her, hearing every word she'd warned her friends with. It only made me smirk more.

You've got the herp? The obviously stupider of the male pair piped up, looking to Jesse with confusion. I just rolled my eyes and ignored the explanation, lifting up my purse instead and popping it open.

Don't worry about it. I put a hand up to the bartender and then placed a wad of notes down on the bar. It was a sizeable chunk and more than covered the bill, but was easily affordable with some of the business I'd had recently. Besides, I was only investing it in another future arrangement anyway, business and otherwise. That should cover it. I took a second to appreciate the way his eyebrows rose in surprise, smirking to myself, and slipped from the bar stool.

I didn't give a damn about modesty but did pull my dress down a little as I re-joined Donna. There was no point in flashing everyone the goods. Don't worry about them ruining anything... I started, leaning towards Donna's ear as we trailed behind Lenny and Jesse leading the way out onto the street, the two somehow managing to make out and walk at the same time. They broke off just long enough to grab a cab and both jumped in the back seat. I glared as they shut the door behind them, leaving me and Donna to sit separately. But maybe you should fuck him over a few times anyway. I leaned in and gave a small kiss before ducking in the back seat next to them, sitting as close to the door as was possible.

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