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[Private] Fixed Gaze

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Re: [Private] Fixed Gaze

Erika Richards | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:51 am

I watched Lenny walk away and rolled my eyes at his actions, glad he was finally gone. It was difficult to have a decent conversation with someone when their pet monkey was in the background.

Thank you... I ran my fingers through my hair after hers left it and then let my eyes move to hers. And now we can start talking...  

My suggestive glance and any further actions I might have taken were absolutely interrupted when someone else walked up to us.

Hey, Donna! This guy said in an obviously fake, bitchy tone, standing over us without seeming to care that his friend was busy. Did I tell you how my Saturday night went with Robert? No - I didn't, because I don't hang out with people's exes behind their backs. He gave Donna one hell of a bitch eye and then flounced over onto the stool next to me. Great - weren't we ever going to get rid of the annoying gays? I widened my eyes and took my glass old Jack again, rolling my eyes at the amber liquid and wondering if I'd lucked out or not with the scenario.

Y'know... it's not like you have to tell me everything but it'd have at least been nice to get an invite. The guy went on, not giving Donna any chance to reply between his complaining. And he wondered why she hadn't invited him? I'd only just set eyes on the guy and I was ready to put a bullet through his head to get some peace and quiet.

And then I saw it - Lenny making his way back over. My expression morphed into a smile and I wished I had some popcorn. If this was the guys ex.. there had to be some juicy drama about to happen..

Lesbian. Lenny stated monotonously to Donna, having walked straight up to her. He gave a little shrug while I watched, waiting for the moment he'd realise his ex was on the scene. It took him going up to what had previously been his bar stool, noticing it was occupied and then looking up to see who that person was for him to get with the program. Jesse? He frowned at the guy, my back protesting as I looked over my shoulder to see what would unfold. The guy turned to give Lenny an unimpressed look but surprisingly, instead of giving one back Lenny just kept staring at him. Shit.. why'd I breakup with him? Lenny said, obviously not having meant to say it out loud when he started at the other's response. ...I broke up with you, Lenny. The other guy corrected, obviously still unimpressed. It reignited my hopes for a fight and I watched on, only pausing to glance back at Donna with a gleeful smirk.

Uh, yeah... I just wasn't ready for that relationship shit. Lenny replied, not moving, demanding for his seat back or doing anything but gazing at his ex so obviously it was a little painful. The air settled when the other guy stopped glaring at him and reciprocated in the blatant checking out. How old were they? You look good, like you're doing better... The man's gaze was softening with each second that passed, growing hungry rather than angry but his words still loaded. Apparently some gay men lived up to the stereotype of being more passive aggressive than women. Better? Fuck yeah, everything's great.. I'm great... I've got everything sorted. They'd reached the practically undressing each other with their eyes stage. I was disappointed that there'd be no fight but slightly in awe. I'd never seen a man go from angry to horny so quickly before. I'd buy you a drink but I don't think you need any more.. Donna's friend spoke, actually smiling for the first time since he'd come charging up. Fuck off. Only because you need one more than me. Lenny took another of our shots, much to my annoyance, and thrust it towards him, his eyes on the guys mouth as he downed it.

I subtly moved the remaining shot glasses up towards Donna, out of Lenny's reach, and shot her a look. Maybe this would turn out okay after all. If they annoying men occupied themselves with each other.. the girls might finally get some time ourselves.

We should dance. I mean, I know we're exes or shit but that doesn't mean we can't do stuff like dance, I mean I danced with Donna..and I know you like this fucking song... c'mon... Lenny grabbed at the guys arm and there was just a moment where I thought the atmosphere would slip back into tenseness when Donna received another evil eye courtesy of her 'friend', but instead of complaining he let himself be dragged off by Lenny. The two men disappeared into the crowd.

I swiveled back round to face Donna, raising both of my eyebrows. Shit.. dramatic much? I let out a small laugh and grabbed one of the barstools they'd left us. But hey.. looks like we can finally talk without any distractions. I climbed up onto the barstool, my dress stretching tight across my thighs but also shrinking further up them. I didn't bother to try and adjust it. I simply set my gaze on Donna again and put down my glass, focusing one hundred per cent of my attention of Donna. And if anyone tries to get you back on shift, I'll be buying shots off you all evening to keep your attention. I smirked wickedly. So.. you work here full time, or you got something else you like to do too? I propped my elbow on the bar and traced my jawline with a finger as I spoke, between resting my chin on my hand.

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Donna Chambers

Re: [Private] Fixed Gaze

Donna Chambers |

Posted on Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:35 pm

Fucking un. called. for. Bringing up Robert? Really? God dammit, Jesse, this is fucking different. I thought about explaining myself, how Lenny just happened to be here, happened to look kind of down, and me being the awesome happy go fucking lucky person I am, I figured I’d help the guy out. But no, I didn’t owe Jesse an explanation other than, And maybe this is why you didn’t get one. I cocked my head to the side. Yer cock-blockin’ and I don’t even have a cock to block. Chill it, dude. You know I work here, and he just.. fuck. And there I went giving him the explanation he didn’t deserve. He looked offended, and pissy. Surely Lenny wasn’t this sad over Jesse. Can you imagine being in a relationship with someone that needy? Someone who needed that much validation? Gross. I shot a look at Erika. Sorry, my friends just loooove drama. I made sure that Jesse could hear it. He shook his head.

”See if I ever bake you another cake.” Okay, when Jesse baked, it was the shiat. Not something he did often, but fuck when he did… it was on point.

Wait, really? I thought it was the other way around. The way you act, Jesse. I know you miss this cocksucker. I grinned widely. I wasn’t lying, but I also had motivation to say it, too. Yeah, Jesse had moaned and groaned forever after breaking up with Lenny, thus why I completely thought he’d been the one dumped. That and the fact that Jesse seemed to need lots of validation. Something about some hot old dude named uh.. Helo. Yeah, I saw him at the rafting trip. Yeah, I guess he could have been a thread. Hell if I knew.

My eyes were darting back and forth from Erika to Lenny and Jesse. Dude, were they gonna hook back up? Did I want them to? Shit, it kinda would get Jesse off my back for a while. I took her cue and grabbed at one of the few remaining shots, pouring it down before anyone else. Shit, this was going to be hitting me sooner than later. I wiped my mouth and watched as Lenny and Jesse disappeared into the crowd. Oh, god, did I really want to sideline one of those on again off again things?

Yeah, Jesse is um.. well yeah, dramatic. Lenny - I don’t know him so much, but they’re um.. they’re cute. I guess. Fuck, now the tequila was hitting and I was blabbering, and now watching, wishing it was my hands hiking up that dress and not just the bar stool. Tequila, dude, tequila. I think I’m pretty much off for the night, at this point. I’ve had enough tequila, lord knows I’d be giving shots to the whole bar for free. Not a good idea, that shit would be coming from my already meager ass payday. The words were sloppy, and nowhere near aimed at the goal I was wanting. This is it, this is why I didn’t get nearly as much ass as I totally could. Once the tequila started, I was all over the fucking place and just rambly. Even if it did make me horny as fuck.

I’m okay with that. I like shots, not that you’d need them for my attention. I wasn’t to the point of slurred speech, at least, even if any word with multiple syllables was a slight effort. I um.. I do voices. Like.. for cartoons, you know? The last bit was done as closely as I could do to a Tara Strong-esque Bubbles impression. It’s amazing how often I play ten year old boys. Like, Mom, do I have to do my homework? Again, now the last part sounding like the epitome of the ten year old cartoon boy. But it’s not all fun and games, I said in the most temptressy-sultry villainess voice I could muster, now swirling my finger around in one of the wet but empty shot glasses. Unless that’s what you want it to be.

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Re: [Private] Fixed Gaze

Erika Richards | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Thu Sep 24, 2015 9:32 am

Cute. I'd use a different word to describe them but cute could probably pass too, if you liked that sort of thing. Hey, dramatic - but entertaining too. Not going to lie though... I rolled my eyes heavily, I was hoping for a proper fight there, but I'm going to have to find my thrills elsewhere tonight... I sent Donna a look, a little tingle shooting down my spine as I did so. It wasn't as if being with a woman was a new thing to me. I'd done countless things that most people would frown upon, for varying reasons and gains, but it was the first time my mind wasn't absolutely on the material profits of letting a woman seduce me. Maybe it had just been that long. Either way the attention was enough of a 'profit' to keep me interested and I'd always made a rule of being open to new experiences. It left me feeling slightly out of my depth, but that was good. A little exploring and in the future I wouldn't be so out of my depth anymore, but prepared, and mightn't I make the most of it? No point in passing up any fun to be had...

I grinned, running my tongue over the inside of my teeth as I watched Donna slowly become more visibly drunk. I took the last mouthful of my Jack and signaled to the bartender for another, glancing to Donna when I had his attention, Did you want anything? More shots? Not that she needed another drink when tequila obviously did the trick, but we were having fun. More drinks couldn't hurt.

Voices? I asked skeptically, one eyebrow raised and feeling unimpressed at the thought, up until Donna was speaking and it suddenly wasn't her voice any more. My eyes lit up. Ohh. I breathed out a sigh of awe and watched her, intrigued and grinning as she switched to another voice. I curled a strand of hair around my finger. That is... incredibly cool, even if the little boy voice makes me feel dirty - in a not good way. Bu- I broke off mid word when another voice came out of Donna's mouth and this one had me feeling dirty for all the rightreasons. It wasn't something I experienced truly that often, but it did something to me. I felt hot and actually turned on, something that intensified when I noticed what Donna was doing to one of the shot glasses. I let out an exhale and bit at my lip, my teeth disappearing again as I slowly revealed a smirk. It wasn't usual for me to feel something so easily and intensely but damn... that voice.

Mmm... I do like fun and games, so what if that is what I want it to be? I leaned on the bar, snaking my arm out and wanting to reach and touch Donna, explore her skin, but not being close enough. I angled the top of my body closer to her and crossed my legs to be more more comfortable, my dress disappearing further up them, close to being nonexistent. But that's some talent you've got there. What the hell are you doing working in a bar when you can do that? Don't can't tell me that doesn't pay the bills, that has to take you places. Shit, that voice of hers had taken me places... Too much talent was wasted in the world. Even thinking about the not so legal things she could do with one like that got me feeling all tingly.

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Donna Chambers

Re: [Private] Fixed Gaze

Donna Chambers |

Posted on Thu Sep 24, 2015 12:46 pm

Ordinarily I would have agreed wholeheartedly, but shit, my heart was getting too soft in my old age. Jesse hadn’t gone into specifics, I think only because he didn’t know the specifics, but he had told me once that he suspected that Lenny’s been through some shit. I don’t know, made me kinda want good things to start happening for the dude. I concocted my own little stories of how he probably had an abusive dad who obviously didn’t care for his lifestyle, and his personal triumph of getting the fuck out and overcoming his past. No idea if it was true, and I’d have to watch myself, because it felt like fact to me. But I wasn’t going to lecture Erika on the already hard life of some gay/bi whatever people. I knew she wasn’t born yesterday, and just because she didn’t want to cuddle people and tell them it would all be better didn’t make her a shit person. So I just.. went with her own diversion, and was grateful for it. Now that I can help you with.

I never faulted men for staring at women’s tits, because I found I was doing just the same thing. God, god god! That dress was doing all the right things for her. I didn’t care, at this point, how obvious it was that I was enjoying what I saw. Man, I’d have to figure out the designer of that dress and write a thank-you card. Now I just wanted her to spin around so I could determine how easy it would be to get off later. Hopefully just a simple zipper in the back. Mmm.. and that was something else. The sexiest “non-sexual” part of a woman? Her back. Especially if she was just a little ticklish. Trailing a finger down her spine as you whispered something fun in her ear? If she shivered, you knew you were gonna have a good night. Yes, tequila, if that’s okay with you, I said, after nodding. I finally looked back up to her.

I had to laugh, because I felt like I knew exactly what she meant by feeling dirty. But now, I was just feeling like I wasn’t going to last here much longer, when she was showing signs that I was actually getting to her. To think, had it not been for Lenny, I would have assumed I wouldn’t have been her type, and.. well actually, I’d still just be working, wouldn’t I? I would definitely have to find some way to thank him. Lots of thank you notes in my future, right?

I wanted to play with her hair, I wanted her to play with mine. Wasn’t that one of the numerous fun things about girls? Obviously, I liked pretty much every inch of a girl. Before I’d realized I was gay, even then I kind of knew, there were only certain parts of a dude that could even be considered hot. How the fuck could straight women look at a penis and not want to run to the opposite end of the earth? Then I’d say, we’re on the same. Exact. Page, Stated in the same sultry voice, slowly, and as serious as I could get with this much tequila in me. And yet I took another shot just as soon as the new row was placed in front of me.

”Damn, Donna, get it,” I heard, and my head jerked toward Josh and I shot him a glare. It wasn’t like he’d said it loud, I barely heard him myself, but fuck, he could ruin this for me if he didn’t shut his trap. Other than the glare, I ignored the comment and reached behind me, thinking that shit, I could be just as hot, right? I reached behind me and began to undo the tie in my hair, letting it fall around my face. Yeah, there would be a crimp in it, but there was also the possibility of Erika’s hands in it…. besides the ponytail was giving me a slight headache. I sat the tie on the bar and returned my attention to her. Oh, no worries, I like it here, really, it’s kind of a home away from home, but.. before this I um.. Had my ways. Not all of them legal, but you know, Loose tongued Donna, here she comes. If people were dumb enough to fall for my shit, then they deserved what happened. Or at least I felt that way at the time, I grinned and shrugged, and I wanted the topic off my criminal history and back to… where we could maybe go once we finished these shots. Is it enough to take me to your place? Or you to mine? I pushed one of the shots toward her, After these are finished, obviously.

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Re: [Private] Fixed Gaze

Erika Richards | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Mon Sep 28, 2015 3:35 am

I knew I'd be a wrong candidate for an actual lesbian because I'd always found other women just as difficult to understand as men. They lobbied about for rights and equality, demanding to be able to dress however they wanted and not have men give them filthy looks, and I just couldn't understand it. Did I look like I spent my time making myself up for no-one to look at? I didn't get into this dress to be ignored by bitches. I wanted the attention, I loved the attention and I wasn't too afraid to admit it unlike so many women apparently were.

And yet I couldn't have been acting more like a lesbian, shamelessly flirting with some blue-haired gay shot girl at a LGBT night in a dance club, but I didn't give any fucks. I was enjoying myself and if the night went well, hopefully Donna would be enjoying me too...

Hell yes that's okay with me. Have all the tequila you want. I said, watching Donna go off into her own world, staring at my tits. Hey, you got it, flaunt it - and I knew I had it. I wasn't going to fault anyone who's eyes got lost in my cleavage. Instead I curved my back, dipping a little lower to properly give her a proper eyeful. I almost felt sorry for her that there'd be no nipple slippage, my girls pushed up and strapped in thanks to a solidly built strapless bra concealed underneath my dress - no bitch is born with big breasts that are this perky on their own no matter what shit they try and spin you - but depending on where this was going she might get to help me out of it later, so I was prepared to stave off the pity party. But male, female.. it was good to know they could all appreciate me.

I joined Donna in taking another shot - no point in letting her get too ahead of me - and watched her untie her hair. It flicked out a little where the tie had been and I saw it as the perfect excuse to reach forward and comb my fingers through to relax the kink, taking in the color against my skin as I did so. I kept combing, smoothing it out and practically stroking her hair in a soothing gesture, my mind drifting to all the things she could do with her vocal talents rather than otherwise. That sounds so exciting! My eyes lit up and I bit at my lip, ridiculously buzzed at the prospect of what Donna could do with her talents and the fact she had in the past. The things she could do... People deserve what's coming to them... and anyone who doesn't have insurance to cover themselves is a dumb fuck anyway. What made you stop? I licked at my lips, leaning closer, Did you get caught being bad? I wondered how up she'd be for returning to any of those practices, how easily she might be persuaded. I might have my fingers in a lot of pies already but I'd never turn down a potential money making scheme.

Obviously. I repeated after her. Keeping my eyes on Donna, I took the shot she passed and tipped it back, my gaze staying on her the entire time, even when I set the glass back on the bar. Keep talking and you can take me anywhere. I smirked, taking a strand of my own hair and twisting it round my finger, But, I'm technically between places right now so your place sounds perfect...

No sooner had I finished talking than the guy from earlier, Jesse, stumbled towards us. I bit back a groan and just rolled my eyes instead. Hey, Don, He gushed, slightly out of breath and with a sweaty sheen across his skin from dancing, Totally not meaning to 'cock block' He put his fingers up in quotation marks and heavily rolled his eyes, glancing to me, but I don't know what you gave Lenny earlier except, thank you! And as you totally owe me, can we come back to yours? There's no way he's making it to mine in Seattle and he's somehow lost his keys - don't even ask. And that friend of yours is still MIA, right, so it's not even a problem. He turned to me just as a set of arms snaked around his middle, Lenny frowning around Jesse at us from where he'd attached himself to his back. Don't worry about us interrupting anything, you girls haven't got anything I'm interested in and he's fully occupied - Lenny... Jesse broke off and moved a hand that had obviously strayed too far south for his liking, Lenny pouting sulkily before just rolling his hips against him as if they were still out on the dance floor, burying his face against Jesse's back. This Jesse guy might be right about his partner not making it to Seattle..

I looked back to Donna, raising an eyebrow at her and then shrugging. I'd be lying if I said I was thrilled to have the two losers with us again and they easily could've gone out and rented a room if they were as desperate as they looked, but the timing was perfect, maybe in more ways than one. I knew I'd seen Lenny somewhere before and I was sure it was round the Church with a certain priest, the marks on his neck a decent giveaway. He was no use entwined round Jesse but he could end up being useful later.   We could always continue this party back at your place, if you wanted...? I suggested, As long as you've got somewhere they can occupy themselves, because that's one party that isn't happening tonight... It didn't help that Jesse was useless in that he had no interest in me or appreciation of my assets whatsoever.

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