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 [Closed] Classroom Daydreamin'

[Closed] Classroom Daydreamin'

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Claire Trevino

[Closed] Classroom Daydreamin'

Claire Trevino | Human; Citizen

Posted on Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:48 pm

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Gold Bar Community College | 75F, light drizzle | Idk, class time =P

How terrible was it that I almost hadn’t registered for the fall semester? I had been too content with Chase, comfortable and content and my post office pay along with the policy money was enough to get me by if I played my cards just right. Oddly enough, every time I went to the store I’d walk by the school supply section and just stare at it. It always gave me this motivation to get organized, to write in a notebook. I wanted to buy folders, even if I wouldn’t use them. I never did, but just something about the idea of a fresh binder with dividers and loose leaf college ruled paper and a nice gel pen… reminded me of cozy fall school days, at least the ones no where near midterms or finals.

I had a light schedule, though, nothing too ambitious, only twelve course hours total, and all the easy liberal arts. I was currently walking into my sociology class. Fifteen minutes early, which meant fifteen minutes of being restless in an uncomfortable chair, giving awkward nods to people in your study groups from the last semester, and waiting for facebook pictures to load on the crappy community college wifi. Finally, Dr. Nelson walked in, and honestly I was happy to see her face. She’d taught Psychology last semester, and I loved her. Like, she was almost… almost too cool for school. I mean like just sat on the literal top of her desk and basically had conversations with us. It was probably a technique straight out of a psychology book, but I didn’t care, it worked on me.

But today, she headed straight for her chair. And was it me or had she gained some weight? Not that I was judging, it looked good on her, she just seemed… different. Her eyes widened and she rolled them as if she was annoyed with herself and got right back up, almost hobbling for a second, and once she was back out from behind the desk it hit me and I finally noticed her belly. And it hit me like a thousand bricks.

Left hand on my belly, which was round, but not beach ball status. Not really even basketball. Volleyball. Yeah, that’s close. Right hand holding a phone, left thumbing out a text message.

Either gender, I think Blue. Don’t freak out, Logan, I’m talking middle names, here. :p

Blue? The hell did that come from?

Gershwin, duh.

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