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 [Closed] Hitting Where it Hurts

[Closed] Hitting Where it Hurts

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[Closed] Hitting Where it Hurts

Ebony Reed |

Posted on Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:06 am

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Hospital | Overcast/Sunny | 5AM/12PM

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Continued from here HERE

The rest of the ride was nice and quiet, and the only thing that I had to deal with was the stench and the glances from the driver. Most likely because he was afraid I was going to die in his passenger seat, but either way he had gotten there quick enough for my liking. I hobbled out on my own with much protest and making sure the old man didn’t touch me with his dirty hands. The outside of the hospital was much how I remembered it. The rush of feelings swept in as old memories rushed forward. The smell of the hospital, working late nights, and the trauma’s that I had helped with. Along with the many lives I had helped save. Slowly I moved forward in complete anguish, I didn’t want to face what was behind those doors. Were the people I use to know still work there? I knew I would get looks, and people would talk. I just needed help, but I was terrified of the unknown. Something that I wasn’t use to.

So many emotions rushed up at once that it was overwhelming, the world began to spin as I felt a panic attack coming on. Nope. Nope. This wasn’t me. What the hell has happened to me!? I began to stumble the further I walked till I collapsed in front of the sliding doors causing them to rush open. A gust of air smacked me in the face as the familiar smells engulfed me. Beads of tears spilled onto my cheeks as I took a sharp breath. I heard footsteps that picked up their pace the closer they got. My heart thrummed in my ears like its own musical chorus. Blurred grey sneakers came into my vision, strong hands grabbed a hold of me from either side hoisting me up off the ground.  I fought briefly not wanting to appear this weak to anyone, but it soon overtaken with sheer exhaustion. Please, stop. I’m okay. I croaked out between my now dry lips.

I could hear the hushed whispers back and forth between the two men that had helped me up. I need to sit, please. My voice came out like a small mouse squeak. Drawing in a ragged breath my heart threatened to rip itself from my chest causing me to cringe in slight pain. I was escorted into a stark white room where the nurses helped me sit down on the hospital bed. Can I get you a drink? Shaking my head yes, I tried to ignore the ice cold stethoscope that was placed against my chest and the hands that were on my wrist checking my pulse. I’m sure it wasn’t an everyday occurrence to have someone all out collapse in front of the doors. Least looking like I did anyways.
Ebony? Glancing up I gave a small puzzled look to the woman who had entered the room. Her name was on the tip of my tongue, but I just couldn’t place it. Lindsey, care to help My brow furrowed as I tried to register the name and where I last saw her. I honestly didn’t remember, and it was making my head hurt even more. I know. It went quiet for a moment as Lindsey came over and helped aide in with trying to get me back to ‘normal’. My body ached, and my feet hurt, but I was to focused on a memory that I just couldn’t drag up. How…how do you know me? I managed to stammer out as a wave of dizziness hit my body.
It was nothing but a blur after the little black dots began to cloud my vision causing me to black out completely. I awoke just for a brief moment thinking that all of what had just happened was a dream. The sounds of beeping filled the room and I huffed a little as I slowly opened my eyes. A faint light filled the room from the sun peeking through the blinds of the room. I was tired of asking myself the same questions. Most of all I was tired of feeling the way that I was feeling. Maybe if I tried to just go back to normal maybe something would trigger a memory from the past year and a half. I couldn’t help but want to cry. Crawl up in a little ball and just sob. My eyes began to burn as the salty tears filled to the brim and spill over. This wasn’t fair. What caused me to feel this way?
Shifting a little the door to my room opened a few moments later breaking me from my thoughts, and I quickly wiped away the tears that had ran down my cheeks. Lindsey stepped in. Her mouse brown hair thrown up in a messy bun and a look of confusion riddled her face. How are you feeling? Shrugging a little I clasped my hands in front of me. The IV was imbedded into my left hand, next to the other needle marks that scared my hand and the crevice of my elbow. I’m fine. I guess? Maybe Lindsey here knew what had happened to me? I’m sorry I don’t remember who you are. I softly spoke hoping that maybe it would aide in her telling me how I knew her. She had seemed confused from my response before I had passed out.
Hold on, just a moment. I wanted to reach out and stop her from going, but before I could say anything she had slipped out of the room. That…was eventful? Sighing I was relieved she had come back, but with a piece of paper in her hand. Ebony, we use to be close friends. How can you tell me that you don’t remember? I could tell that it was bothering her, but I vaguely even remembered hanging out with her at all. Did I not remember more than what I thought…..was…wait. How long have…what is the date…the year? A slight panic filled me. I thought maybe just a year or so…but was it longer?
It’s 2015. August 31st to be exact. Had it really been that long…I was confused. I knew I was missing a portion of my time, but the last day that I remember was in 2013, October I think, the last person I remember talking to was Ben. Oh my god…How long have I been gone Lindsey? I pleaded, now even more panicked than I had first felt. You went missing in November of 2013…. She handed me the piece of paper she had been holding. How was this even possible? It was a missing flyer, with my name and a photo of myself, along with a description of what I had last been seen wearing. Which…was the dress that I was wearing when I woke up in the forest.
We became close from all our vent sessions about men and all that fun stuff. We went shopping together, went out for coffee, and even attended parties. The night you disappeared, we were at a party. I went inside and let you flirt it up with the new doctor. Then…you just vanished. No one knew you were gone till the next day, it was assumed you had gone home with him, but here you are…do you really not remember anything?  I shook my head as another tear forced it’s way down my cheek. No. I don’t remember a damn thing. The last thing that I remember is speaking with Ben outside of a gas station. That’s it… I muttered not realizing more tears had built up and I couldn’t help but break down. What….happened?  

Lindsey, we need you out here. A male nurse popped his head in before running down the hallway. I have to go, but…an officer should be in soon to speak with you. With that she left, and I sat there with my thoughts. I crumpled the piece of paper in my hands and threw it on the floor with what anger I had in me. Then I curled up into a ball and sobbed while I was still able to without a pair of eyes staring at me.

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