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 [Closed] Isn't Life Great?

[Closed] Isn't Life Great?

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[Closed] Isn't Life Great?

Ebony Reed |

Posted on Sat Aug 29, 2015 10:33 pm

Thread Details

Forest | Overcast | 2AM

It’s odd what can cause moments of your life to flash before your eyes. Given, being on the brink of death can do it a time or two. Not saying that I have been there….well okay, maybe I have a few times. And isn’t it funny that it was these very moments that blurred so quickly behind my eyes like the flash from a camera? My hot breath clung to the cool crisp air, a cold brisk sweat causing my hair to cling on the back of my neck. My hands shook violently as tears burned the edges of my closed eyes threatening to spill like salty rain if I dared open them. Did I dare open my eyes? Did I dare think this was real? Please oh please tell me that this was just another dream. The type that never seemed to end, and when you finally awoke from them everything was just the way it was before. Nothing unchanged, no one in pain, no screams filling the deathly silence of a hollow room?

Gasping desperately I slowly opened my eyes. How did I get here? Where was here anyway? Grasping hold of my rapid breaths for a moment, I found myself confined in the middle of what looked like a forest. My clammy hands still shaking as they moved to the muddy forest floor. The moon shown high above, its beams breaking through the clouded sky. Gliding my tongue over chapped lips I shook my head. This was real wasn’t it? A slight sob broke from within me shattering the brisk humid air. It wasn’t like me to be weak. It wasn’t like me to just sit there and mope in my sorrows. Yet…how can you not when you realize that everything you once knew could very well be done and over with.

I had thought I was safe…I had thought I covered all tracks that were possible. Yet somehow it just wasn’t good enough. It never was good enough. Life has been rough, I’ve moved around and I don’t even know what’s real any more. Tracing my fingertips along my arm I could still feel the small indentations from the needles. Was I going insane? Was what I was so upset about even real? Should I pick myself up? Should I just pretend that my mind isn’t a jumbled mess? Was it that simple? How could it ever be that simple? My thoughts began to run together till it was blurred once again with the black outs, the memories that seemed to be erased.

I knew who I was least I thought I knew, I knew what I did for a living, but the one thing I couldn’t recall how long I had been gone for. Not much of it anyway. I bit my lip pulling myself onto my hands and knees. Wobbly at first I held my ground supporting myself on a tree when I finally managed to get up on my feet. “Grayson.” My voice echoed off the trees in the dead silence. The name…where had it come from? Who did it belong too? I wasn’t sure, but I knew the desire to know burned deep within me. Baby steps….first I had to find out where I even was.

What clothes I had been wearing were slightly tattered and dampened from the mud on the ground. Rubbing my eyes I shook my head again. At my first attempt to walk I ended up face flat in a pile of molted like moss. My eyes caching the glimmer of what looked like a silver bag. Crawling, my bare knees drug along the damp ground till the bag was within my reach. Snatching it up I pulled it towards me. Opening it slowly I examined its contents. It was filled with powders, eyeliner, eyeshadows, things you would expect to see in an everyday bag that belonged to a woman if they were planning on attending a party. Finding a driver’s license along with a debit card I pursed my lips. The woman looking back at me from the card smiled, her makeup done just right, and not a single piece of hair out of place. It was me….but why was I out here wearing a messed up party dress, with no heels?

Taking in a deep breath my head jerked to the side at the sound of movement. Who was that…what was that? My heart thrummed with fear, and my breathing increased. I was in no condition to fight off some wild animal, or worse, a wild crazy ass person. Picking myself back up I felt the rough bark of the tree next to me beneath my hands. Moving one leg at a time I only stumbled for a few moments, till I finally managed to get back to walking like a normal person rather than a newborn calf. To some people I probably would end up coming out of here, if I ever made it out that is, looking like some drug addict that needed a fix.

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Re: [Closed] Isn't Life Great?

Ebony Reed |

Posted on Tue Sep 01, 2015 11:09 am

Getting out of that forest had taken me what seemed like forever. In reality, it was more like an hour or two. I hadn’t realized how far in I was, or maybe I had just gotten turned around a few times. After all I had thought I seen lights a few times and decided to head out towards them hoping I would find the road. Yet, I wasn’t that lucky, but I can tell you when I did find the road I was more exhausted than I had ever felt in sometime. It was almost as if I was my emotions themselves had ran away and I was left a small empty shell. That or it was just from the cold air and the fact that my feet were numb from walking bare foot.

Once I had discovered the road I almost dropped to my knees and kissed the ground, or a small victory dance. Which wouldn’t have helped the look of a crazy drug addict. Slowly my feet carried me until a semi had pulled up alongside of me. At first I was hesitant to get in that vehicle. Seriously how many movies started with someone getting in a semi and getting murdered or raped in the back of the cab? To many if you ask me, but the fear itself was replaced with just the urgency to get somewhere warmer than where I was, and get off my feet. Plus come on, the driver looked like he was seventy damn years old. So I clamored in and hoped there wouldn’t be much talk.

So, where ya headin,? And allow the small talk to begin…how great. Biting my lip viciously I just shrugged a little. The smell of the cab was now engulfing me to the point I wanted to gag. How the hell did I not smell this stank when I first gotten in? It almost reminded me of a eviscerated decomposing body mixed with some awful bodily fluids, and smoke. Glancing over again I gave a small look and my eyes directly landing on the huge wad of chewing tobacco he was chewing on. I think I was better off walking. Index. Simply put, and that was all he needed to know. “Anywhere near Index actually.” I watched to see if it had registered what I said.

Well, yer in luck. Just outside that town. Oh thank God. I was actually surprised I was even this close, but whatever. My head was beginning to hurt and I just wanted to be around a familiar area. As the semi pulled up to a stoplight I could feel the truckers eyes on me. I could see from the corner of my eye him looking me up and down and pursing his lips. Ya okay? Yer bare foot and yer feet are cut up and bleedin. Say what? I looked down at my feet and the residual feeling of warmth throughout my body finally made the realization just how body they were now hurting. Not just my feet either, but my entire body was beginning to scream from the pain.

“I’m fine.” I was far from that, and I’m sure the shakiness in my voice didn’t make my words believable either. Biting my lip even more I wrapped my arms around myself and leaned further back into the seat. The stubbornness in my fighting off the weakness inside of me, but only briefly. What has happened to me? I should seek medical help, but I didn’t even begin to think on if I would be accepted back into the little town of Index. If I could get my job back, or even if I had a house to reside in anymore. Who have I become over the time that I don’t remember? What happened to me?

Miss… Shaking my head I glanced over, not even registering the fact that the man had been talking to me. Yes….let’s just help even more with the drug addict look. I probably looked like I was either tweaking out or going through a withdrawal. Can you just take me as close to the hospital as you can? Closing my eyes briefly I wasn’t so sure what I was going to do anymore, but I know I had no choice. There was something that was wrong, not just my memory, but it felt as if I really was going through a form of withdrawal.

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