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[Private] Starting from scratch

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Re: [Private] Starting from scratch

Ásgeirr Haagan | Vampire; Senior

Posted on Wed Oct 14, 2015 11:57 am

Her question troubled me. I had hundreds of years to think about the answer, because of course I thought about it before. But somehow I still didn't know what I would do. Being a vampire came with a lot of negatives. I hadn't seen the sun ever since that night. I could hardly enjoy food anymore, I was forced to drink blood to survive... I... No sound left my lips as I pondered the answer. Being what I was also had it's perks. Unlike many, I had the chance to live history. To know what happened before... to see the evolution and the progress of the world with my own eyes. It was marvelous.

Being a vampire granted me so many things I would never have done or seen if I had stayed in that village so many ages ago. I would have been a simple man, and died a simple man. The thought of it, however, seemed appealing. Besides the beautiful things, I had also seen things I wish no one would ever have to see again. Maybe I would have had more children, lived a happy life. But history aside, what would I do now? I honestly do not know Gwyneth. I stroked her cheek with my fingers, before burying them in her hair. I can hardly remember what it's like to have a heartbeat. How would being human feel? Being vulnerable... weak even. It frightened me yet I also felt a spark of excitement. Would life be less dull? Life has been... lonely, I guess. So there has never really been a reason to think about taking a cure, if there even was one. I had always been surrounded by other vampires. The only humans I had contact with were my staff and a business contact every now and then. Would finding family change me?

Maybe now, I will start thinking about it some more... I smiled at her.

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Re: [Private] Starting from scratch

Gwyneth Mathiasen | Human; Citizen

Posted on Thu Oct 15, 2015 11:18 pm

Maybe going to the bed was a bad idea, not because I was tempted, no, I was too tired for that sort of thing now. But because this moment was so very surreal to me. I closed my eyes at his touch, and once his fingers moved to my hair I could feel my scalp tingle. I feared that I would fall asleep, and wake up and realize that this whole entire night had only been a dream. It was beginning to feel that way, I mean, I couldn’t remember the last time when I had felt so… adored. And I stared at the face across from mine, and tried to wake myself up - not physically, but metaphorically. I tried so hard to see a monster but I just could not.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t still have a heart in there, I said, a sleepy grin forming on my lips. But it wasn’t long before the happiness came with a pang of guilt. Maybe it had been best to leave that idea in some dark corner of his mind, where it wouldn’t come out to tease him if it was something he couldn’t have if he did want it.

I frowned in thought, not necessarily a negative emotion or anything… I was just thinking. Would I want him to take it? Not that I would let that be a factor if it ever came to be an issue, but… I needed an opinion, right? I didn’t know enough about what this was to him. He seemed haunted, lonely, yes, but I didn’t think it would take making him human again to change that. Whatever human niceties he’d had, surely had been long enough ago that he might not remember enough about them to miss them, right? I mean, aside from loved ones. I can’t imagine loved ones really ever actually leaving your heart. That was always the real curse of immortality, right? Finally, I returned the smile.

I wouldn’t mind this being a regular thing, you know? I said, the second half of my words climbing up the yawn that escaped. I covered my mouth and finished the yawn before continuing. Sorry, I grinned, I mean, I wouldn’t mind falling asleep with you here.

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Re: [Private] Starting from scratch

Ásgeirr Haagan | Vampire; Senior

Posted on Sun Oct 18, 2015 12:34 pm

What use was having a heart when it did not beat? Maybe she saw more in me that I did myself. I guess you're right... I muttered. She seemed so tired yet refused to go to sleep. I wondered why. Keeping my hours had to be tough on her. I wouldn't mind either. I spoke, agreeing with her. I didn't want to spoil the fun and mention that I probably wouldn't sleep. I had to sneak out of bed at one point. I would never want to force my lifestyle onto her. She could sleep whenever she wanted to.

I wrapped my arm around her, hoping she wouldn't feel too cold in my embrace. Go to sleep dear, you're tired. We will talk tomorrow.

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