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[Open - 1] Sparky's words of wisdom

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Claire Trevino

Re: [Open - 1] Sparky's words of wisdom

Claire Trevino | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sat Oct 03, 2015 11:38 am

I felt like such a mean girl, and really it was fun, it was thrilling. And I felt absolutely confident. My jaw dropped but I was still smiling when Sam chimed in. Was this not an almost movie like moment of retribution that really was unnecessary but I wasn't going to turn it down. And I wasn't paying attention, but for a moment I could tell that Chase was looking at me with a wave of confusion. This wasn't typical of me to be so catty, but then again I myself didn't know what I was capable of. 

And I was starting to think this could be more than an act for Sam, or maybe he was using the act as an excuse. Did I mind? Well, whatever booze he'd given me said no but I wasn't so far gone that I wasn't thinking about it.  I sent the new couple a wink before turning around and heading in the direction of the gate - I wasn't kidding when I said I was hungry. 

Some acting skills you have there, friend. I kept near him, kept the contact as we walked away. I mean it would be obvious if we split up as soon as we got away from the ex, right? But I also had a bit of a trick up my sleeve because I was curious. Either of us sober enough to drive? I asked as I almost stumbled, but I sincerely believed it was more about how close I was walking with him rather than a few sips of booze, right?  Ah, yes, but my trick? I had decided that I was going to let him decide when to break contact, if even he would. He seemed to have enjoyed the act, and maybe I did, too.

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