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 [Closed] Kicking up the dust

[Closed] Kicking up the dust

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Claire Trevino

[Closed] Kicking up the dust

Claire Trevino | Human; Citizen

Posted on Wed Aug 19, 2015 3:00 am

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Gold Bar Speedway | Hot, about 80 F | 2pm

Some had headsets, but our team just yelled. You kind of got used to it, to the point to having to remind yourself sometimes to tone down your voice on the drive home. When I first started coming to the track, I couldn't stand the sound, people "needlessly" revving up their engines, now I added to the noise with my own car. And the other thing that had changed over the summer was that I'd started to crave the concession stand chili - when before I wouldn't have touched it with a ten foot pole.

The races were behind today since we were on hold for some rain when we first got started. Now the track had dried and it was hot as hell, and incredibly muggy. I knew my car would feel like an oven, but it wouldn't matter for long, the slow drive from the pit to the track would already have my heart racing and my mind on other things. But at this point the anticipation wasn't even enough to get my mind off of how hot, sweaty, and hungry I was.

Chase - you want a drink? I need some chili cheese fries, like... five minutes ago. Chase could never eat before a race, which was strange to me. I wanted a full belly and no distractions. He always said something about how he wanted to "feel the hunger". I thought it was a complete crock, myself.
[i]"Nah, Babe, I've got some Propel in the cooler. You sure you want to eat already? I thought we could go out after. Wouldn't want you to spoil your dinner."[i]
Your stomach must be the size of a kiwi. That's hours away, I'll starve! And I would, I knew we wouldn't leave here until at least five, and that was if we didn't stick around after our own race. We usually stayed all evening, sometimes had drinks with the others until dark. But today seemed different, Chase seemed antsy.
Don't worry, hun, I've just gotta have something to hold me over.

I started toward the concession stand in the pit, watching through the fence as the next two cars lined up at the starting line. Two older guys, one in an old Dodge Dart, blue, little bits of rust here and there, and the other in a Mustang, only a few years old. I smirked, I knew the two guys, and I knew the cars. I also knew the crowd would be routing for the shiny new car, or at least the younger ones. I tore my eyes away from the track, knowing they would be sorely disappointed. The Dart was going to chew the Mustang and spit it out, as I'd seen the Dart do to many others. One day I hoped for a car that would beat the Dart, but a part of me hated the idea of it, because for some reason I absolutely loved that old Dart.

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Claire Trevino

Re: [Closed] Kicking up the dust

Claire Trevino | Human; Citizen

Posted on Wed Aug 19, 2015 9:30 am

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Diner in Gold Bar | 79F | 6:30p that same evening

Chase shifted uncomfortably in his booth and I tapped my fingers against my glass of water. At first, I had thought it was a good thing that he wanted to take me out to eat. He took me to Steak 'n' Shake when he had good news, but something was up with this. He was quiet, sullen, and restless. He looked anywhere but to me. Mostly, he kept his stare out the window. Maybe I should have taken a cue to do the same, but I just couldn't stop staring at him. What the hell was going on?

No Steak 'n' Shake? I was in the mood for strawberry. I tried to smile, but it just didn't work. A look of annoyance flashed on his face.
"I'm just tired of it, sorry."

The server brought my chicken fingers and set a turkey sandwich plate in front of Chase. He didn't stir, but he did once she left. He sat up, still avoiding my gaze, and began to pick the crust from the bread. Typically, I'd say it was a shame, but this was a thick, kind of fried looking bread. Buttery looking, and it looked delicious. What the hell was he doing? I shrugged it off in my mind and dipped my first chicken finger into the ramekin of barbecue sauce and took a bite as he finally spoke.

"I want to break up."

My eyes widened. I hadn't expected this. I couldn't remember one single fight, and I just... thought we were happy. No, we didn't shower each other with PDA, but had I not felt something when we "watched" movies? Was it all a joke?

What? Chase... I.. I swallowed my food, almost too early, and chased it down with water. Where did this come from? He shrugged, and for a moment, that was all he got. He took a bite of his crust free sandwich like we had been talking about the weather.

"There's nothing wrong," he finally said, "I just... I mean you're great and all, but I don't feel like.. you're the one... yanno? And I don't see any point wasting my... or your.. time, if that's the case." he took another bite. Maybe I was unreasonably pissed off. What the hell did he mean I wasn't the one? We were a good team, I had thought. If I wasn't the one, then what were the requirements to be the one? Did you have to fart angel dust and piss champagne? It wasn't like me to be this angry, and so I didn't know how to handle it. I attempted to search my memories for any kind of sign this was going to happen. There was only one thing I could remember.

It was on a Saturday, about a month ago, and we wanted to stop for sodas fries before working on the cars. I drove the Ford Taurus SHO, which wasn't sexy, but she could do the job. He drove Zephyr, a 93 Camaro. Maybe a little sportier, but honestly I thought Zephyr was... cheap and had no substance to her. But, back to the point... He stopped for gas first, and he left the building after paying, but stopped when he ran into a girl walking in. It seemed like an hour they talked, and at this point I was getting texts from his dad asking where he was. I was sure he was getting them too, but his eyes were transfixed on the girl. I started to open the door, to get out and tell him that his dad was waiting, when he finally waved to her, and began walking toward the car. And damned if he didn't keep looking back. It made me feel strange, and you bet I barely spoke the rest of the evening. And yeah... we didn't get our fries either. So I was hungry and pissed. Thinking about it now, I wished that I'd gotten out of the car and just walked home. But I'd second guessed myself. I realized now, I had a second chance.

Well, I won't waste any more of your time, then. I got up and left, but before I made it to the door, he yelled across the diner.
"Wait, Claire, I need the keys to the SHO." I stopped dead in my tracks. I didn't know what I was thinking. I know it was a car, he wasn't just going to give me a car, but I'd put way more time and money in her in the 2 months I'd been in her charge than the two years he'd had her. Without thinking, I dug the keys from my bag and threw them at him. And damn, what a lucky shot! They knocked his drink right into his lap.

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