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 [Private] Wine Coolers - Page 2

[Private] Wine Coolers

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Re: [Private] Wine Coolers

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Thu Jul 16, 2015 9:00 am

She's the one...

Maybe my gift meant I was capable of dealing with the situation. But I only recently learned how to use it on my own kind, and hadn't even tested it on others. If it worked, then fuck the migraine and nosebleed that came with it. If it didn't work, then again, it would have been a pointless effort, and I'd still most likely have to deal with the migraine and nosebleed after.

She will be your undoing...

As much as I wanted to focus on the girly ass shit in her cart, and talk to her about the last time we saw each other, my mind was a little fucking occupied. Knowing who to trust and who not to trust was easy, and life wasn't easy. Maybe I could trust the medium, maybe she really did have something important to tell me that could save a life, maybe even my own. That was a possibility that I wasn't willing to ignore. But maybe it was a lie. Fuck it wouldn't be the first time someone lied to me for personal gain. And considering I had that organization of fangers on my back, I wouldn't put it past them to send in people to keep me on my trail to ''destiny''. Even if I didn't fucking believe it was my destiny.

She will bring destruction...

I frowned when Olympia returned. In fact, I even let her walk away with her cart for a moment as I tried to wrap my head around her reaction. Something wasn't right, something was going on. Fuck, maybe the chick was mental, but the shit she said did put me on edge. Maybe there was some fucking truth to it. Olympia hadn't denied it, and honestly, she didn't seem that fucking surprised or interested in the medium, which made me think she was hiding something... Either that or still pissed at me over the shit I said to her last time we'd seen each other... Which was entirely fucking possible. Women and their ability to hold grudges until you walk through hell and back to prove your sincerest apologies... I wasn't fucking sorry anyway, so it looked like she'd be stuck with her pissy shit for quite a while.

I finally broke out of my silence and started towards the checkout line. We need to talk., About uh... That whole... Situation and the last time we spoke. And it doesn't look like you're that busy so... I took it upon myself to reach into her cart and pull her shit out and put it on the checkout table.

I had my theories as to why she always acted like the sight of me gave her the burrito shits. I didn't give a fuck if she hated me, liked me, wanted me dead, none of that mattered, but I was fucking tired of being treated like a goddamned new blood when I was the fucking Alpha. I didn't want or need friends in the pack, but being rank meant I at least deserved fucking answers, and I was going to start by getting them from her.

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Re: [Private] Wine Coolers

Arden Rowe | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Thu Jul 16, 2015 12:07 pm

When Onyx had told me never to talk to him or be near him, I had been pissed. Who was he to tell me what to do? I wasn't born a wolf. I didn't respect him just because he was the alpha, and frankly I thought the whole system was kind of ridiculous. But I had stayed away. Mostly because I realized that when we were together, it never ended well for me. And he just made me so mad. I've always considered myself a laid back person but he managed to push the buttons that turned me into some kind of raging bitch. Or maybe he just brought out the wolf? Whatever it was, I'd figured it was best to stay away. And I did.

And now he was here. At the grocery store. I doubted Onyx was the kind of person who actually went grocery shopping, and yet he was pulling groceries out of my cart and putting them on the conveyor belt while the chick doing the check-out checked HIM out (yeah, don't put your dick in crazy, honey. Or at least don't let it put it in you.) And honestly there was a side to me that I didn't want him or any wolf to see. It was the side that drank fruity drinks and stayed in bed all day because she was depressed. One stunt like the one I'd just pulled and I was reduced to some kind of emotional wreck. And Onyx wanted to stick around and watch the ship sink.

I pushed my hair back from my face and reached into my bag to pull out my wallet and ID. I have frozens, I said, indicating a big tub of ice cream and the aforementioned TV dinners. Maybe he wouldn't care, but I really just wanted an excuse to get home. I didn't really want to be in public trying to discuss whatever had just happened AND whatever shit Onyx was going to dish out on me about respecting the alpha.

I payed the chick and started pushing my cart out the doors. Onyx would follow if he really wanted to talk to me. I pulled out my keys and unlocked the trunk of my car. If I was lucky I would get a little more free labor out of Onyx. I don't really know what you want from me. You asked me to stay away and I did. You asked me to get rid of that crazy chick and I did. I need to get these groceries home and you're asking me to clear my schedule to talk? I said it calmly but I could feel frustration and exhaustion pulsing through me. "What the fuck am I supposed to do?" I thought.

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Re: [Private] Wine Coolers

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:39 pm

OOC Message
Okay so... I don't know if this counts as godmodding, but I added a line break to indicate a time jump... So technically after the line break they're at her place. If you're not cool with this, or anything else, just let me know and I can edit. Neither of us really planned on this, but it felt natural so I just went with it lol.

I cocked a brow at the cashier and shot her a wink before following Olympia out of the door. I hadn't even really understood what the fuck she was saying when she said she had frozens but it was starting to hit me as I tagged along behind her, trying to catch up so I didn't look like some lost fucking puppy dog. It had occurred to me that trying to get through to anyone again was probably a bad idea. Last time all it earned me was a black eye, bloody lip, and a whole lot of awkward in that she-wolfs bathroom.

Maybe it was stupid, or maybe it was just the definition of insanity. But I was actually starting to want to get through to more wolves. Fuck yeah, I hated being their alpha, maybe I always would... But the idea of leading them was starting to warm up to me. Don't get me wrong, I didn't go from hating this shit to some renowned leader overnight, like I said, it was starting to warm up to me. I fucking cared about them as sick as that made me feel, and as sick as that sounded. They were fucking wolves that had done nothing but spit at me, destroy my property, beat the fuck out of me, and disrespect me from day one. They caused me to become this bitter, angry fuck, then turned around and said that was why they were dicks to begin with. It was fucked up, it was infuriating, and hell yeah I thought I deserved an apology, hell I at least deserved some acknowledgement for their wrong doings. But... That wasn't the point here.

I had started putting her groceries into the trunk of her car, but then she started speaking, and I stopped. I stopped and I just stared at her. I wanted to yell, toss her groceries across the parking lot, then leave. I fucking wanted to so fucking bad because I was at my goddamned limit with these wolves. They had no fucking clue what I had done for them, they had no fucking clue what I had sacrificed despite the hell they constantly put me through.

I closed my eyes and took in a very deep breath, and opened them long enough to find my cigarettes and place one in my mouth before closing them again for another deep breath. When they opened, I finished placing her groceries into the back of her trunk and closed it before walking around to the passenger side. Then let's go get these groceries home.

I let myself in and pulled the cigarette from my mouth to tuck it behind my ear for later. Yes, I did ask you to talk. Maybe your groceries are more important than me, fine, I can accept that. Maybe you obeyed my last order and stayed away, fine, I commend you for that. But we're going to talk, whether you like it or not. And we're going to talk now. So, let's get your groceries home, and talk at your place. And please fucking God, tell me you have something better than wine coolers to drink when we get there... Shit I was making an effort, it was against my fucking code but I was making an effort. If she couldn't see that, then maybe I was just wasting my breath... And my time...

I had every bag of groceries draped around my arms, and a case of the girliest fucking gay shit drink in my hand as I followed her to the door, just fucking praying no one I knew could actually see me carrying this shit. And when we got inside, I set everything down. I carried it in, she could put her shit away. I found somewhere to sit down where I could keep her in eyesight and talking distance, and drummed my fingers over my jeans before pulling my cigarette from behind my ear and twirling it around my fingers. Yeah, maybe I was fucking fidgeting...

When you're done, why don't you come sit down and uh... I scratched my head and looked around the room before looking back at her. Yanno... I shifted in my seat trying to get comfortable but unable to find any fucking comfort in this goddamned chair. Fuck, just tell me what the fuck it is, why, and give me honest fucking answers, why you hate me so goddamned much. I won't get pissed, I just want the damn truth.

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Re: [Private] Wine Coolers

Arden Rowe | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:51 pm

OOC Message
That's totally cool with me

You know how they say that before you die your life flashes before your eyes? For a second there, Onyx had this... this look, and I thought I was going to die and my mind raced through all the things I'd done and I just kind of thought, "All the shit I've gone through and this is how I go? At the hands of my alpha because I managed to piss him off so much that he literally murdered me?" And I was kind of proud of myself because I had not been trying to piss him off (I do do that on occasion.) I honestly wasn't sure that it was really a good time to talk, and yeah, I was trying to avoid having to do it at all, but who wouldn't?

But then it was like there was this switch or something and it flipped like not in the way that Onyx usually flips where children are crying and people are wondering "why God, why?" (that's a little dramatic, but, eh.) And suddenly he was saying stuff about going to my house and honestly I was too dazed to think "I'm taking the alpha to my house" because I've never taken a wolf to my house. Ever.

So I got into the car and laughed a little bit at the irony of Steppenwolf's Born to be Wild playing and drove him and my wine coolers to my house, which was empty, thank God. I did not want Landon to think that the first guy I ever brought home was Onyx, especially since he didn't know about the wolf stuff and that might get a little weird.

When we got to my house Onyx carried in my groceries and I kind of reveled in it, but only a little bit. He probably had no idea, but this behavior was probably going to pay off later, as in, I was starting to feel kind of bad about being shitty to him about him wanting to talk, especially after that crazy prophecy shit.

His discomfort was so strong it was almost palpable, and I grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniels from the liquor cabinet and poured him a glass before I started putting away my groceries (I told you him being all nice would pay off). That's your favorite right?

I grabbed the frozen foods and put them in the freezer (See?) and started sorting through the other food in the bags but stopped when he asked the question. It was not at all what I'd expected from him. I figured he was going to talk about the prophecy bullshit that had gone down in the supermarket to make sure I wasn't really plotting against him or something shitty like that.

I'd never really thought that Onyx had cared what I thought. I just figured, I dunno, that we had this mutual dislike that I just kind of accepted, but there he went again with the switch thing. It took me by surprise. Something had changed. He wasn't flying into a murderous rage or any of the other shit I'd come to expect was his reaction to my existence. But if he was going to be all... good or whatever then I guess I had to too. And it wasn't like there weren't times that I just wanted to lay into him and give him a piece of my mind. This was the perfect opportunity to tell him exactly what I thought of all this bullshit without getting lectured about insubordination or him threatening to throw me into the box. I still couldn't believe the thing actually existed.

That's- well, that's kind of a complicated and not entirely accurate question. I mean, it's more of a general dislike than a hatred. Looking back, I could see why he thought I hated him. I kinda had at some points but most of that had faded into, like I said, a general dislike.

I busied myself with putting the rest of the groceries away so I wouldn't really have to look at him while I talked.This doesn't really... excuse anything... but my gift kind of fucks with my head when I overuse it. Throws my emotions out of wack, I guess. Even now I'm not really... all there or whatever. It was kind of weird and a little uncomfortable to be explaining it to Onyx. I didn't really understand the effects of my gift and I didn't like talking about that kind of emotional shit, especially not with Onyx. I almost expected him to laugh or something. But it made me irrational and apathetic and exhausted, and yet at the same time sometimes when I used it, it filled me with... despair, I guess. Like nothing could ever possibly get better and why did I even bother? At Halloween, and with those vamps I'd snapped. Especially at Halloween with Gio and all that shit going down and this voice in the back of my head telling me that I couldn't go on... I'd flipped and it had come down on Onyx. Sure, I felt like he deserved some of it. But I'd admit that some of it was just me being fucked up and making things a hundred times worse.

But yeah, I guess I don't really like you. Well, duh. I put the last of the groceries away and leaned against the counter so that I was looking into the room where Onyx was sitting. It's just... I spoke slowly, trying my best to put what I felt into words. I'd come to realize a lot of it went deeper than Onyx himself and into what he represented and how my life had influenced how I thought. I wasn't about to tell Onyx about my daddy issues or the skiing thing, but I owed him some explanation, I supposed. I haven't been a wolf my whole life, you know? I was turned in Western Wyoming, just within the limits of the Pacific pack. I lived there for a couple years after I was turned and while I was there I started hearing about this new pack master in Washington and how he didn't deserve to be alpha or whatever and I thought 'this guy must be awesome' I laughed a little bit at this and how naive I'd been. Anyway, I came here last year for personal reasons and shit and it was the first time I saw you up close. In my mind you were someone who was willing to break the rules and make the unpopular decision and I had assumed it was because... I dunno because you wanted to lead? I paused, thinking. But, I'm kinda tuned into people's emotions, usually. I guess it's my territory, you know? And the only thing I ever got from you was, um, contempt? Like you hated being alpha? And I mean, that's not necessarily grounds for dislike or hatred or whatever, but then you just act like I should be bowing and groveling like you're some kind of pissed off god and I should be trying to win your favor so you won't destroy my crops or flood my house or someshit. That sounded kind of stupid, but I was on a roll now. I felt like I'd been talking for ages, but it had kind of turned into this flow of me telling him shit that I hadn't really told anyone ever and I was vomiting words and I couldn't really turn it off so I just figured I'd keep talking till I was done. Look, I'm trying my best, but I've done that whole 'blindly following orders' thing and it fucked up my life.

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Re: [Private] Wine Coolers

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Thu Aug 20, 2015 4:51 pm

I hadn't answered her. Instead, I stared at the glass in front of me with resentment. And that resentment faded into yearning before moving down a peg to defeat. What was even worse was the bargaining in my mind. The endless excuses and rationalizing. It would take the edge off. That's what I'd always said. But I never once needed more than one to take the edge off, yet every time one turned into ten. My body said what my mind wouldn't. I'd gone from a dry mouth to salivating the second I caught of whiff of it's potent aroma. I'd even taken to scratching a phantom itch my arm like some kind of addict, completely unaware that I was even doing it because I was too busy telling myself ''It's just one drink''.

I mouthed a silent ''Fuck it'' and reached for the glass, only hesitating once as I brought it to my lips. But the scent inevitably drew me in. I could practically feel the neurons in my brain going off the second the liquid swarmed my tongue. It wasn't even just the liquor. Just like a cigarette between my fingers, it was the feeling of the glass in my hand. It was something I could hold. It was something I could think about when I wanted to pretend that I wasn't really here. And that's exactly what I was doing, even when I opened my mouth to speak. Yeah...

In a way I was thankful that she was so occupied with her groceries. Neither of us really wanted to have this conversation. Not really. It was an obligation, one that I pushed onto her, and one that I pushed onto both of us. The weight of it would metaphorically crush us both if I didn't have this glass, and she didn't have her groceries to tend to. That much was obvious.

I don't see the difference. One question stood out among the rest; How could you hate someone without knowing them? Maybe it was a question I needed to ask myself more frequently. I hated plenty of people, most of them I couldn't even remember their name let alone their personality. But when the tables were turned, when it was reversed, and someone hated me without knowing a damn thing about me or what I'd done... It wasn't right. I mean shit in most cases I wouldn't care, and to be quite frank, I wasn't sure why the fuck I cared now. It was that thought that had my nose delving back into that glass.

I reluctantly nodded my head. If it wasn't an excuse then why mention it? I could say, ''this isn't an insult'' and then proceed to call her a cunt bucket. Saying otherwise didn't change the fact that it was an insult. Just like saying it wasn't an excuse didn't stop it from sounding like one. Was I supposed to believe every time I'd seen her she just so happened to use her gift and turned into a royal dick... Specifically at me? I pushed the thought out of my mind with another sip, and with each taste my intake became less and less. I suppose trying to drink less didn't make a difference if I had my glass at my lip every ten seconds...

And then she said it... I appreciated the blunt and forward nature of her answer. It was fucked up to admit, but I did. This was what I wanted, and this was what I'd been trying to tell everyone around me. I never understood why it was so goddamned hard for people to just say what they mean. Stop dancing around the goddamned point, and stop throwing out meaningless words simply to pad my fall. It was far fucking easier on me if people were just fucking honest. I didn't like people when they lied, and I didn't like them when they were honest, so what did it hurt to just speak the fucking truth?

I don't think I have to tell you this but, you shouldn't believe everything you hear. Expect the worst, then you won't be disappointed. That's how life works, and it didn't fucking matter how often people said otherwise, they were all fucking liars. But... I started, and took a moment to set the glass down as I thought over everything she'd just said.

Honesty, it had gotten me nowhere. In fact, it had left me with a black eye. So I guess you could say it left me worse off. But that wasn't entirely fucking true either. I was damned if I did, and damned if I didn't. That was how this worked. So, why not take my own advice and just say what I meant? Why not just say the truth. Why not just lay it all out there and see if I could get a different reaction for once? Shit, there was nothing these wolves could do to me anymore. They'd done the worst, they'd done it all. And honestly, it wasn't them that I feared most. Hell, I wasn't even sure how much life I had left. Maybe some people would give up because of that, and I used to be one of those people but... I knew where that would leave me. At the bottom of a bottle somewhere with slashed tires and fuck if that doesn't make me dead already. One thing I'd come to realize recently, is maybe I deserve life just as much as the next guy. Maybe I didn't, but maybe I did.

I get it. You were turned, and fuck, I wish that in itself could be an excuse because I get that. It's something no born wolf could understand... Honesty, just be honest. But you're right. I don't want to be alpha. I don't want to lead. I was turned, just like you, and I didn't even get a day before I was given the responsibility of warlord. Fuck I didn't even know how to take a wolf shit before that was pushed onto me. And only a short time later, Odin died, and by default I had to take the crown. I know this isn't a fucking excuse, but I don't think I need an excuse. No one would want to rule after Odin, not a single fucking soul, because you know no one will ever measure up to him. The fact that I was turned, the fact that I didn't have to ''work'' for any of the ranks I'd been given only makes it worse. I'm not going to sit here and go through the list of crimes against me, because those are just a shitty side effect of my situation.

I paused and took a breath, intentionally stopping myself. I could be honest but still withhold some truths. I never once expected you to blindly follow me. I am leading, I am doing the best I can, and there's so much shit none of you even know about. Shit you couldn't even fathom. But I am doing my job. But you can't expect me to walk into the den with a smile on my face and compliment to follow. I didn't ask for this, and I know that isn't a fucking excuse, but at the same time, I am doing my job. I am making changes. I am leading. And that is why all I ask for is respect. I feel like I've earned it, and not just because of what I've endured, but because I'm still bulldozing through despite what I've endured, despite what I still endure. I'll give it back, it isn't a one way street, but you have to understand, all it takes is a snarky look from you and it sets everyone else off. Just the same, all it takes is blatant disrespect from any wolf and they all follow. I can't lead if I'm running a classroom full of children hopped up on sugar, which is exactly what it's like when everyone starts playing follow the disrespectful leader.

This isn't a fairy tale. This isn't the story of the little alpha that could. This is real life. I'm not the guy that took punches day after day and persevered and eventually found greatness and saved the fucking world. I'm just trying to survive. I'm just trying to enable you all to survive. I'm just trying to keep all of us safe and free like Odin, but it's not easy when I don't have an alliance with th- I paused, my own mouth was moving too fast and too far. I guess my point is, just because you don't see all of these changes you expected me to make in favor of the unpopular decision, doesn't mean they're not happening. We should be allies, all of us wolves should be allies, not enemies. But it seems the only thing that keeps this pack allied is their and your hatred for me. Fuck I'd be willing to accept that, if it was keeping you all safe, I'd accept that, but it's not. It's doing more harm than good. At this point, everyone knows I want you all to train, and simply because I want it, a large majority don't do it. But I don't fucking want it for me, I don't want it because I'm the big bad wolf that wants to be the boss and make people do shit. I want it because it's necessary. Or have you all forgotten that Odin was murdered? Or have you all forgotten that our pack, our kind is being picked off by fangers because no one will follow my buddy system, and no one will train. That alliance against me, it's that alliance that is putting everyone in danger, and it's fucking juvenile.

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