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 [Private] Calling in the Calvary - Page 2

[Private] Calling in the Calvary

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Re: [Private] Calling in the Calvary

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Sat Jul 18, 2015 2:22 pm

Quote Begin Reason or not, I don't want to fall behind.Quote End I smiled at Peyton, trying not to think how difficult it would be to fall behind considering the lackluster effort put in by many of the wolves. It might have been true but it seemed mean and petty to think like that. They probably just needed a push, some good influence, and some incentive. No-one was a lost cause.

My eyebrows rose minimally when Peyton asked for my help. If her progression from her cold independence before had seemed to be in leaps and bounds, this was something else entirely. Quote Begin Oh, of course. I'll try my best to help.Quote End I said with a smile, and then folded my arms as I thought over what Peyton had asked. Finding something... it wasn't something entirely complicated but it wasn't my specific area of expertise either. Ironically enough it had been Sam's. With his help I'd have be able to locate him down in a flash. Objects, peoples, places.. he'd been an expert at tracking things down, even those that didn't want to be found, only with a little not-so-legal help courtesy of me from time to time. As wrong as it had been to use police databases to help him it had always been for good causes. I trusted Sam. And he was one of the few people I found it difficult to deny. It only made the circumstances we'd found ourselves in that much more sensitive.

And now I was going to be travelling down a path he must have trodden dozens of times. I was only grateful and extremely relieved that Peyton's question wasn't about Sam and my secretive dilemma. My nerves fled and I was able to properly focus on what she was requesting.

Quote Begin A little. How difficult it will be completely depends on the item and how much information you have on it. A detailed description, it being unique, previous owners, any of that would help. Even without it I can see what I can do, but.. what is it you want me to track down, exactly?Quote End I hoped it wouldn't be a weapon. Though most of my experience with tracking items down had been murder weapons or items included in a crime scene, I didn't want to get involved with anything shady. I looked at Peyton carefully and cocked my head. Quote Begin Is it personal, or pack related? I can understand if you want to keep things quiet either way.Quote End My heart racing and swelling as I expected it to be personal, my smile stretching proud and wide. Maybe Peyton was beginning to trust me - as a friend, someone to confide in rather than a useful member of the pack who happened to be a cop.

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Re: [Private] Calling in the Calvary

Peyton Marx | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Jul 20, 2015 11:04 am

Fuck, was she serious? I looked at her, again feeling surprised by what she’d said and wasn’t exactly sure that it didn’t show on my face before I smoothed out my expression again. Fall behind? A short laugh slipped out and I shook my head. I think you’d have to miss out on a lot more for anything like that to happen. I felt any trace of humour I’d felt die away at my own words. The pack needed a shitload more focus as a whole. They went through the motions at training but a lot just didn’t care, didn’t think they needed to fucking learn anything and that affected how much they took in and then actually goddamn retained. The result was that the ones that did give a shit ended up being held back by the ones that just wanted to get their time done with and go back to doing fuck all. I shoved my hands in the pockets of my sweatshirt, clearing my throat. But like whatever, I just meant you’re doing fine. Dedication makes a difference and obviously that’s not a problem with you. I shrugged, trying to figure out the best way to completely derail this current topic. There were more pressing issues at hand anyway.

You will? You’re not already too busy with your actual work? Fucking hell, was I trying to change her mind now or something? Or maybe it’d just kinda thrown me, her agreeing just like that, not even taking a moment to ask what was in it for her or any of the other things I’d wondered I might have to deal with asking someone else for help. I shouldn’t have been surprised though, she probably actually enjoying being helpful or something.Right, well... thanks. Should I add something else? Why the hell was I even thinking about that when I should just be moving on, dealing with step two of this, which was explaining what I needed to find. 

I pulled my hands out of my pockets again, only to drag one through my hair as I listened to her, nodding at a couple of the things she said when they matched up with a couple of things I’d expected. Right, well when it comes to information I’ve learned as much as I can but didn’t exactly have much to go on in the first place. I think what you said, about how unique it is... that’s probably the strongest... I dunno ‘lead’ or whatever, that I have so far. Detailed description I can give. Actually I could probably do one better and get you a sketch of it if that would help. I stopped, frowning as I thought over what I was doing right then. Was this the best way to go about it? 

All I had to go on was my gut and it was telling me that this was the best option I had. Body armor, that’s what I’m tracking down. Like a custom made suit of it, that kinda shit. I’ve already tried asking around at more commercial places but from what I can tell something like this is more of a private company job. Her next question surprised me and I glanced at her, brow raising at the smile on her face. It’s both, pack and personal. Maybe a little more personal than anything else at the moment given how little I’ve managed to dig up. I paused, chewing at my lip as I thought it over. So yeah, this definitely needs to be a fucking ‘kept quiet’ kinda thing. You can do that? I mean, not tell anyone else about this. I need to know before I even think about telling you anything else. I wasn’t exactly sure how she was gonna  do that, but all she’d really be able to give me was her word. Which was maybe all I needed anyway, it wasn’t like I has a way of being sure,

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Re: [Private] Calling in the Calvary

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Thu Jul 23, 2015 2:24 pm

My lips pressed into a firm line, one that wasn't a smile, but wasn't disapproving either. It only served to stop my grin that Peyton's thoughts mirrored my own. Quote Begin Well, hopefully it'll never happen - but however much effort a person puts in there can always be improvements. I just want to get the best out of the sessions that I can and I'll put all the effort in to get those results.Quote End I said, trying to maintain as much neutrality as possible. I didn't want to put down the other wolves but neither did I want to lessen the work I was doing.

I waved my hand for Peyton to stop worrying. Quote Begin Oh no, it'll be my pleasure to help. I am very busy but I'll fit it in somehow!Quote End I smiled at her. I wasn't entirely sure how, especially if this task ended up being time-consuming. Maybe waking up half an hour earlier each day might help me save some of the time I needed.

Waiting for Peyton to actually tell me the details of the item she wanted to locate quickly became irritating. She told me what she could tell me but didn't actually tell it. It was a little like being back at work in an interview room with a less than helpful witness. Perhaps that was being harsh. I could sense that Peyton felt unsure about the situation and it almost melted my heart to know she'd trusted me enough to tell me about this request. Almost - because she was holding back and whether it was because she didn't fully trust me or not, it irritated me.

Quote Begin Yes, I can keep quiet about things.Quote End I said, my tone obviously prickly. It was no secret how I didn't exactly 'fit in' a lot of the pack so who the hell did she think I was going to run off and tell? I took Peyton's cautiousness as less of an affront to my personal character and more of a distrust in how well I could do my job. I worked damn hard and if I said I was going to help, I'd do it with all my ability. I huffed out a sigh and frowned at Peyton before realising how annoyed I'd let myself become. I quickly lowered my eyes and counted to ten. Even just in those ten seconds I felt so much more level headed and could face Peyton again with much more professionalism. At work I tended not to take things personally. I expected comments and the like from the officers. However, I hadn't expected it from Peyton. Maybe we weren't the friends I'd have liked to be, but neither did I think we were only superior and subordinate.

I took a little breath and set my determined gaze on her. Quote Begin I feel very touched that you trust me enough to ask for help with a personal matter, but at the same time..Quote End I folded my arms and shifted my position, jutting one hip out, Quote Begin I'd like to quantify that in a case like this, anything, even something significant, could be a potential lead to where this item is. I'm not mentally challenged - I'm a detective, and I consider myself very good at my job. But if you want my help you need to be able to trust me enough to give me the tools I need to do that job. Otherwise perhaps it'd be better if you went to someone else for aid.Quote End I uncrossed my arms and looked away, thinking, only to set my gaze back on Peyton. Quote Begin Before I do implicitly agree to help, there's one thing I definitely need to know. Is this in any way involved in any questionable or illegal practices? Because you should know that I might be a wolf now, but I'm also a cop and as far as I can I strive to maintain the law of this country.Quote End I felt confident that I'd managed to get my points across without being petty or harsh, and waited expectantly with a small, polite smile to see if Peyton still wanted my help.

It was strange, how Peyton's hint of distrust in me had bought out the same feeling in myself. But how well did I really know this person in front of me - this woman, this wolf, this warlord? Not enough to trust without a doubt that what I was getting involved in would be absolutely above board on our side. I wanted to trust her but I also knew that caution could pay off in these situations. I'd spent many workdays surrounded by people - or corpses - that had made the wrong decision to trust. I still believed that everyone had good and potential within them, but unfortunately it didn't mean they chose to use them.

More than anything, though, my speech about the law struck me with a feeling of nausea, not because I distrusted Peyton slightly, or because of the idea she was asking about - but because of my own hypocrisy. There I was, spouting off the importance of being a law-abiding citizen when I was knowingly holding back information in multiple cases for the sake of a loved one. It wasn't Peyton or the situation that I was truly disappointed in. It was myself.

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