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 [Closed] One Ring to Rule them all

[Closed] One Ring to Rule them all

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[Closed] One Ring to Rule them all

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Tue Jun 30, 2015 10:23 pm

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Vin's home | clear | middle of night

OOC Message
This probably reads kinda shit, I just wanted to get it done tbh.

The dream I was having was strange, but not in the usual way dreams are strange. It was strange because I knew I was dreaming. I could feel the sheets under my skin. I could hear the ceiling fan spinning round and round, and the pull string at the center clanking against the bulb. I could smell the ashtray beside my bed, and feel the light breeze from my fan as it rushed past my skin. But even weirder, the things I was seeing were not in my room. It was like my eyes were in the forest, but the rest of my body was in my room. It felt so real.

There was a crow... circling over the head of something... And something white in the distance, trailing behind. The crow flew down, his vision was my vision as he landed on the shoulder of someone. Someone wearing a cloak and hood. But the second his feet made contact with them, my vision switched to theirs. I had no control over where their body, but I was seeing through their eyes. They continued walking, but looked back behind them at a white deer... A fawn? It rushed forward to catch up, and a hand... A female hand draped around it's head as they walked side by side. At least I thought it was female, her fingernails were long and ring finger decorated in some kind of gemstone.

I knew where she was, I'd seen the area, I'd seen the area because I'd taken the same path myself hundreds of times... I'd take the path myself hundreds of times because... It lead to my house from the forest. It didn't take long for it all to be confirmed either, as the house in front of me... her... it, was my own. They were my back patio steps she was walking up, it was my sliding back door that she opened. I heard it open, it was muffled like it was happening in the other room, For once everything I had been hearing in this dream was connected to what I was seeing. As I saw her hand reach down to open my bedroom door, I actually heard it from the other side...

What was that smell? My ashtray wasn't offending my senses anymore, because a more powerful scent had taken it's place. I was salivating, my breathing was getting deeper, I didn't even realize it had happened when I shot up out of bed snarling and my own claws digging into my sheets. My eyes were illuminated, fangs piercing my own lip and I felt that tingle run down my spine. It took a moment for everything to register, that smell was mage, and it wasn't just the scent invading my room... It was...

The woman before me was the one I had seen in my dreams. The crow and deer were no where to be seen, but I knew it was her. That velvet red hood and cloak... I knew it was her. Her lips were painted red, and I couldn't help but feel this was some kind of sick joke. She was little red riding hood in every way, like she intentionally dressed up so she could break into my fucking house and fuck with my mind. Are you real?! I asked angrily, Answer me! I shouted only seconds later, barely even giving her a chance to talk.

She removed the hood from her head and smiled. ''I am.'' she replied as she laced her fingers together and held them against her stomach. Are you stupid or something? I spoke hastily, wondering what kind of idiot mage would enter my fucking home in the middle of the night and expect to get away with their heart still beating in their chest.

I watched as she dug into her cloak and pulled out a pair of handcuffs and let them dangle off of her index finger. Listen, as much as I've fucking dreamed of this happening... A mage wasn't what I had in mind... Oveyx maybe, Sthira, Ghost, hell fucking Spirit. I didn't care who showed up in a red hood with handcuffs in the middle of the night, the entire idea of it was fucking hot as hell... But not a mage, no, it wasn't supposed to fucking happen this way.

And while my mind was wrapped up in that image, I didn't even realize that the handcuffs were no longer dangling off of her index finger, they were fucking floating in the air. The second I noticed them, they flew towards me and locked me to my headboard. You actually think fucking handcuffs can hold me?! Do you even know anything about what I am?! I wanted to laugh, the thought of handcuffs holding me back was fucking hilarious... But I couldn't laugh, because I was trying to break free of them and I couldn't.

''I wouldn't even bother trying to escape them friend. My power is greater than yours. And I'm not here to harm you, I'm here because you've been looking for me Vincent Byrne. You took something of mine... A box? A journal? I am Pandora Blackwood.'' How the fuck did she know? How is i- She cut me off immediately. ''Don't ask questions both of us know the answer to, I don't like having my time wasted. Instead, let me just answer, and you just listen. And please, do try to relax.'' Her hand swiped over the air in front of her neck and a necklace appeared, one with a red gemstone in the center. There was some kind of... milky material floating around inside, but it had no logic to it. It moved in every direction, all on it's own. It flowed upwards quickly, then to the left much slower, then back up again and to the bottom. It was fucking hypnotic... But those weren't just words, it was actually fucking hypnotic. I hadn't even realized that her scent had completely faded, my fangs and claws had disappeared, and I was relaxed against my headboard. I didn't even remember... Doing that...

''An enemy of my enemy is my friend... I'm sure you've heard that saying before, and, it isn't entirely untrue. I am not here to harm you, and I am also not here to underestimate your hunger for me. I know your strength, and... You will know mine. In time. But enough with that, all I wanted was this.'' She flicked her wrist and that metal box I had taken from that house in the east woods flew out of my closet and hovered in front of her. ''Don't fret Vincent Byrne, I have no intention of taking it back. I only want to give you what you want...'' With another, barely visible hand gesture, the box was spinning, and the metal around it seemed to liquefy as the object inside came into view. There was red velvet inside, just like her cape, and on top of it was a ring. It moved towards me and landed in my hand as all of that liquefied metal moved back in place to reform the box. The box hovered back to it's place in my closet, and I just stared at the ring... The gemstone looked just like the one on her necklace. What is it? Why did she want it so bad? I muttered to myself.

''She wants it for the same reason she wants her creator to be reborn, power. And now Pandora's box has been opened, I hope you can understand the importance of this item. Keep it safe, keep it close, and never put it on. Give her the box, she will never be able to open it, and never know that I have given you the item she desires. You have the leverage you have been searching for Vincent Byrne, but please don't underestimate it's power. Every inch of light in your life will be destroyed if you put that ring on your finger, you will have nothing but darkness. You may think it is bad now, but it can and will get worse if you give into temptation... You will know what to do with it when the time is right.''

By the time she left I hadn't even realized it. It wasn't until the handcuffs broke free when I knew she was gone. I couldn't help but feel weird about everything. I still didn't even know if it was real, or if I should trust anything a mage would give me. Why would she help? Could it really be that simple? She hates those fangers more than she fears me? It didn't make sense, and quite frankly, now that I had the item that was inside of that metal box I wanted nothing more than it to be back inside of that box. I had enough fucking responsibility, now I was supposed to guard the one fucking ring to rule them all, and apparently I'd know what the fuck to do with it when the time was right? It was too much, too much fucking responsibility, and too much left unanswered...


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