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 [Closed/Private] (No Subject)

[Closed/Private] (No Subject)

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[Closed/Private] (No Subject)

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Tue Jun 30, 2015 5:44 am

I don't know what the fuck is being monitored anymore. I'm starting to wonder if I should fucking walk around with goddamned foil on my head. Maybe they have access to my emails, maybe they don't, but fuck maybe they're not my prime enemy right now. I know that sounds fucked, fangers haven't ever been anything but a poison thorn in our side. At times, worse. But after realizing we had enemies closer to home I can't help but feel fucking betrayed. At least we know what to expect from leeches, at least we know they're our enemy.

I've finished watching everything on the flash drive. The shit you saw is just the tip of the iceberg Oveyx, you have no fucking idea how incriminating it gets. At first I wanted to believe the video was manipulated. I was fucking close to Odin when he was alive but started really fucking hating him after he passed. But even if I hated him, I didn't want this shit to be true. He was a willing participant in all of this shit, the fangers didn't capture him and force him to do anything like they did me. He did it all of his own free will. Maybe he thought he was providing the pack with safety. Maybe it was all for selfish gain, I don't fucking know what was going on in his head, all I know was he had a lot of lies buried in his fucking backyard.

I don't fucking know. But I have made a necessary choice. No one can know about this. Not even Ghost. I don't know how to stop the pack from worshiping the ground he walked on, I don't know how to open their eyes, but we need to find another way. It doesn't matter how much proof we have, he was a master fucking manipulator, no matter what we tell them or show them, they won't believe it. Especially if they knew where our evidence came from. He blinded them so fucking bad it wouldn't matter if he came back from the dead and said it himself, it wouldn't matter if he himself admitted everything, they still wouldn't believe it.

I don't know how much time we have, but with fangers sniffing around my every goddamned move, what I do know is this Lilith bullshit isn't our only threat. If changes don't happen soon people are going to be slaughtered. I can fucking feel it in my bones that something is coming, multiple things, bad things. Speaking of bad things. Do you have any reports to make on that human? The one that you encountered in the woods a few months back? Have you found him? It's not our fucking priority but knowing at least one problem is solved would really be a major fucking morale booster. What about your Family? Shit I'll take any good news, no matter how big or small it is. Odin's journal is still missing, along with my favorite fucking leather jacket but that's not the point. Right now our number one focus needs to be the pack, and finding that journal. It's the only thing we had that the fangers did not.

I was contacted by them again a while ago. They wanted me to retrieve some metal box thing. The entire fucking experience was weird as shit. The house was in the east woods and I really fucking hate entering that side of the forest. I don't know the land there. But this fucking house was bizarre. I couldn't get inside, and long story short there was a spoken password to get inside. But it wasn't some tech shit this time. It was fucking magic. The place looked like it hadn't been occupied in years, there was dust everywhere and shit you'd think something big happened because clearly no one had been inside in a long fucking time, but all of their belongings were there. It was like they just left, they took nothing with them. There was shit everywhere too. Books, rugs, blankets, pillows, weird containers and some weirdo fucking mage chemistry set shit.

I found the box they were looking for, but there was some fucking anti-gravity fail safe spell in place. The second I picked up the box everything started floating. I fucking high tailed it out of there the second shit started crashing around the room, with the box, but when I looked back the house was gone. It was like it had never fucking been there to begin with. It was really fucking weird. It's actually sitting beside me right now and I swear to fucking god there's this low humming sound coming from inside, but there's no way to fucking open it. It isn't even fucking welded together it's just a solid piece of metal on the outside. I left with something else too, and maybe that was a bad fucking idea but there was this leather bound journal in there, I think you need to see it. Maybe it's not fucking relevant, I don't know, but you need to see it anyway.

On the plus side I got a name. Maybe it wasn't stupid of me to take that journal, because there was a name inside the cover too. Pandora Blackwood. I've tried searching but my resources are fucking limited. Any chance you can help find this person? I'm supposed to get the box to that fanger bitch soon so we don't have much time. She seemed so fucking desperate to have it, I need to know what's inside.

Anyway, keep me updated.


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