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 [Closed] Profectus

[Closed] Profectus

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[Closed] Profectus

Joel West |

Posted on Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:34 am

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West Residence, Back Yard | Shortly After A Rain Shower | 9pm

OOC Message
Part 1/2

Blood, in case that eeks anyone.

I slipped out into the yard and sneaked across the lawn, keeping to the edges of the large stretch of grass as I made my way to the furthest point from the house. I, probably seemed highly suspicious considering it was late evening and I purposefully didn't want to be seen, but what I planned on doing was not a sight for human eyes. I especially didn't want to arouse suspicions of my unknowing relatives - Monday, or even Tom. The dim light of the late evening covered me and my arms of supplies until I ducked behind some shrubs.

There lay a small, old stone marker, and a small cross made out of wood next to it. Though varnished and treated, time had eroded and weathered the cross and combined with layers of the varnish, what it once recorded had been rendered unreadable years ago. Word of mouth and family anecdotes lay claim that the spot was a burial place for a dog, the family pet from when my mom was growing up in the house. Without that wisdom it could be any person's guess what the little memorial site had once been for.

I knelt down and placed the slab of slate I'd hefted outside with me down in front of the wooden cross, letting the mix of other, less breakable items I'd been holding in my arms fall to the damp grass beneath my feet. I took an old dog collar from among them and laid it on one half of the slate, the heavy metal engraving labelled Lucky clunking heavily on the stone. It was a ridiculous name for an animal, but pointless names were the least of my concerns in that moment.

I waited, listening to the silence in the back yard apart from the odd bird trill, and continued. Next to the slate I put a small glass container with a pin inside, an Aquaman action figure and a tablet stylus. Lastly, I took a sheet of folded writing paper from within my pocket and carefully laid it over my knee, my gaze already going over what I'd written down.

With everything arranged I took the glass container and withdrew the needle that I'd sterilized earlier. Carefully, I pressed the sharp end against the tip of my thumb, biting my lip at the spark of pain when it broke the skin but keeping the task in mind in hand, I quickly held it over the glass vial. The drops of blood slowly built up until I had to press at the small wound to encourage more. I held up the glass, judging the amount, and repeated the process with my other thumb, my hands shaking slightly from the adrenaline.

I placed the glass as carefully as I could next to the slate and took a deep breath. I hoped it would work.. it should work, considering my studies, practicing and lessons with Sebastien. It was a comparatively minor magic too, after all...

I shifted into a kneeling position and picked up the stylus. I dipped it in my blood, and started to copy the words I'd recorded earlier.

Quote Begin Ab initio, Quote End

I began, speaking the words as I wrote them onto the slate. It was a perfect instrument to do so, my blood not being absorbed but sitting on top, wet, captured in the shape of each letter. The plastic stylus for the same reason was perfect, if nontraditional. I moved my hand to begin another line,

Quote Begin Quaero quero Lucky
Accerso, facio
Quote End

I could sense the presence of the spirit, softly when I began writing, and then stronger, looking up to see not only the aura of it before me, but a vague outline of the shape it had taken in it's previous form. I stared, transfixed, before my lack of concentration caused it to fade slightly and I surged back into the spell. Summoning wasn't simply what I was aiming to accomplish - I wanted more.

Quote Begin Nutus, contineo receptaculum,Quote End

I spoke with added vigor and my penstrokes became wild until I lashed out, stabbing the end slick with my blood at the chest of the Aquaman figure. The summoned spirit had again grown stronger and the words written in my blood glowed brightly, the spirit's aura tossing this way and that before me. It had to be what fishermen feel when wrestling with a large fish, and yet, I couldn't sense the animal's spirit fighting my intentions. It was my own power fighting me, the ability to even perform what I was attempting. My only recently awoken power was not accustomed to being used and my movements and breathing became strained as the incantation wore on.

Quote Begin Ad finem!Quote End

I hissed, as loud as I dared. The words I'd written bubbled, hissing on the slate, and when the smoke rising from them dispersed the slate was empty. Then it started. Everything before simply seemed a prologue to the intensity that washed over me. Sensations shot down my limbs and my spine, and the stylus dropped with a clink onto the stone. It felt as if the earth was moving, or the slate, or perhaps even myself - I couldn't tell which. My head felt as if it would explode, or my veins, boiling with blood and magic, would pop out from underneath my skin. It overwhelmed me until all I could feel were my eyes rolling backwards in my head - and I passed out

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