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 [OPEN] What's Better Than Running At Night?

[OPEN] What's Better Than Running At Night?

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[OPEN] What's Better Than Running At Night?

Hugo Abraham |

Posted on Fri Jun 19, 2015 5:52 pm

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Just outside the apartments | Clear, cooler (60 degree F) | 11pm

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Outfit *ya i fixed the title~

It was a late night. I kept getting into these thought spells when my mind should have been resting. See my birthday was coming up. I'd be twenty. When my mom was twenty she already had my older sister. My dad decided to join the police force and use his supernatural prowess for good. Me? I didn't do anything. I lived on my own, worked at a comic book, got high whenever I could. I rarely went outside for fun anymore or made it up to see my clan.

All I wanted to do as of recent was fuck and get higher than Hubble Satellite. So far, I only got around with two girls. It sucked that they were human though. I couldn't pursue anything more than their skirts and the thoughts of being with them. Levi was pregnant with some sperm donor. I mean that was better than me. If it were mine, I didn't have the heart to watch the thing tear her a part and kill her. Or worse, the pack finding out and killing her, in front of me. And then me. I heard stories when I was younger of wolves that went against the fray and loving humans and ended up impregnating one. They both were killed. They couldn't trust that wolf to live and not do it again. And then there was Kari. She was hot as fuck. All they would do was flirt and flirt and flirt and then I didn't even last that long I was so fucking nervous.

She made her harder for me to keep my form. I honestly thought I would just go wolf right in front of this poor girl. But I knew from her vibes she wasn't human, but she sure as hell wasn't a wolf. I rolled over lying on my back. Thinking of her was making it a bit awkward to be on my stomach. I sat up, scratching my head. I wondered what she was thinking about at this moment and if she thought about me. I'd always be there for her, anyway. And for Levi. I realized that I was too protective over my human girls even though they had their lives.

I tossed my legs over the bed and sighed. Sleep wouldn't be coming to me soon. I was slacking in keeping fit, not like that mattered. I just had pent up energy. I decided to go for a jog, grabbing my sweatshirt. I also thought about texting Kari or Levi, but Levi was pregnant... Kari, although I loved thinking about her and sleeping with her, scared the hell out of me. I didn't know how I could just talk to her. Without wanting to sleep with her. I grabbed my phone and left the apartment and into the cool night.

The air was much colder now that the sun had retired. The humidity also lessened. I frowned, starting my jog. The new moon was coming soon. I felt weaker and tired, but all this energy needed to be expelled. I couldn't stay lazy forever. What kind of wolf stayed lazy and sad over humans or non wolves? I needed a wolfy girl and a new exercise regime.

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Re: [OPEN] What's Better Than Running At Night?

Arden Rowe | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Wed Jul 01, 2015 10:27 pm

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I laced up my shoes and stood up. I was standing on the top step of my front porch, and it was a beautiful night. Nice and cool and excellent running weather. I had a several mile loop that took me through some trails that I liked to take that started and ended right here. I glanced at the driveway as I made my way down the steps. My car was there but Landon's Jeep wasn't in its usual spot. It hadn't been there for several days - not since I told him I was a wolf.

I found my stride and fell into a comfortable rhythm as I made my way down the sidewalk. The only sounds were those of crickets chirping, my feet hitting the ground, and the breaths I took. Oakwood was kind of on the edge of town close to the forest, but at the corner where I usually turned to head towards the trailhead I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to head into town instead.

I wasn't really sure where I was going. At first I was heading downtown, but sidewalks would be more crowded there so I headed in the direction of the lower-class district where One Shot was located. I focused on the burn in my thighs but I couldn't completely stop myself from subconsciously looking for Landon's car, hoping that I would find him and somehow convince him not to be mad anymore. Eventually, though I just zoned out and ran. I forced myself to focus on having good form and the burn in my legs.

It wasn't long before I found myself behind a jogger. I could probably run circles around him but as I started to pass him I got a whiff of his scent. I know the first reaction of many upon hearing such news would be "eeeewww" but it wasn't his general sweaty odor that made me look closer. It was the scent of wolf. My sense of smell was only slightly better than average in human form, but it was unmistakable.

I ran up next to him and flashed him a grin, slowing my pace to match his Despite his bulk he looked younger than me. Maybe it was the long hair but he looked closer to his early 20's. He was definitely more bulk than speed though. I probably could've taken him in a footrace. I'd slowed down enough to start to talk normally, but sweat still ran in rivulets down my neck so I pulled off my sweatshirt. Going for a night run too, slowpoke?

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My mind drifted between the two humans as my feet pounded against the pavement. Levi was really cute and nice and built to perfection. I wondered how she'd look all big and round with a child from a sperm donor. She'd be a good mom. She was kind and cared a lot. And then Kharites. The scary nonhuman. How her boyfriend could handle her, and the child. I stopped, checking my phone. Andre would call later. He went to some art show with some friends, but of course our mom wouldn't pick him up later. Andre made me check when he was already gone with my gift. I put my phone away and started running again, thinking of Kari once more. Beautiful. Sexy. Crazy. Although I was scared of her, shitless actually, I worried about her mental health. She was always lying when she said she was okay. I tried to pry of course, but no one likes talking about their feelings.

A couple of cars drove by, heading home after a late night? I focused on the sidewalk, placing one foot in front of the other, wanting to push myself, but not too hard. I would need energy to get back home. Plus I started to feel bad, if anything were to happen to Kari... I'd only blame myself for not trying hard enough when I knew something was wrong. I just didn't want her to stop talking about me. But I guess my worry was becoming valid as she was bringing a child into the world. 

Maybe since all the nonwolves I banged were pregnant that was a sign I should settle down with some wolf here and be happy with her and whatever children we had. But I wasn't interested in them, around my age. I grew up with them. They were my sisters. I needed to find some turned wolf or someone not in Index. Someone who didn't give me familial smells. But I didn't think I was ready for children of my own. I was practically co parenting Andre since my mom wasn't so good...

My ears perked up hearing more steps. Someone else was out here. I wondered who in their right mind decided that running out here in the middle of the night was a good idea. But here I was. Anyway, I needed to get rid of all my pent up energy. Part of me wanted to jog faster to get away from them. They made me lose my train of thought. It'd be hard trying to get that back! I knew I'd just be thinking of Kari's tits again instead of my plans for the future.

I ran my hand through my hair, pushing it out of my face. Maybe I needed a haircut. What if I just shaved a bit off? No. I wouldn't do that. I only cut it when my father died and it had been almost five years. It took a while to grow it back. Plus I wasn't a hipster white boy. And I had a feeling that if I cut it, my grandma would come for me and murder me for not being respectful and assimilating. I glanced over at the other jogger. Was there a God listening to me earlier? Her scent hit me earlier, but I thought it was me. She looked older than me. But most wolves around were. 

My eyes scanned her body. It was dark enough that she wouldn't notice as much. Her chest was nothing like Kari's and her ass nothing like Levi's. But she could probably beat them in a triathlon. Those legs. She was taller than me... Yeah, yeah. I'm not that slow. I retorted, rolling my eyes. She was taller than me and probably faster, but I could probably beat her wrestling. The only training I'd been getting in and only because Andre could be a little shit. Why are you out here? There's been reports of bears and mountain lions around. That was probably a lie, but I wanted to see if she was one of those wolves that claimed they weren't afraid and puffed their chest out like some proud bird.

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Re: [OPEN] What's Better Than Running At Night?

Arden Rowe | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Sat Jul 11, 2015 7:11 pm

It was hard to tell in the dark if he was actually annoyed by the nickname. We both knew that even the slowest wolf was generally pretty fast.  I figured I was faster than this guy because of his extra bulk and the fact that he didn't seem like he ran as much as I did in general.

I glanced at him quizzically when he asked me why I was running. Are you asking me why I'm running or if I'm afraid of lions and tigers and bears? Oh my. But seriously, how much experience did he have wildlife? I might've been afraid of running into a grizzly, but none of those would be wondering into Index. Wild cats were known to occasionally wander into a town, but if you left 'em alone they didn't post much of a threat.

I've actually run into a black bear before. Wasn't in town though, it was in the mountains. I flashed the guy another grin. They're not super aggressive so if you're smart about it you won't get hurt. I hadn't even been a wolf when I'd run into the bear. It was in Wyoming. I had been camping alone and was being stupid and hiking quietly. I accidentally snuck up on a bear and basically ended up having to gently talk to it while I tried to back away. It pretty much ended up ignoring me, I guess because I wasn't enough of a threat or something.

How would a bear react to a wolf though? I'd read somewhere that bears treated people and dogs differently, but what if you were both? Of course I had my gift. I'd never tried it on an animal though. Still, I was pretty optimistic that if I encountered another one I could probably get out alive.

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OOC Message
Sorry about the wait. My internet has been funky and slow :(

I chuckled. She was coming off as the puffed up wolf and probably planned on turning it on me. Of course I was scared of lions and tigers and bears. As a human. But I knew we were equals once I changed into my true form. And I knew I'd win since I wasn't the size of a normal wolf. Maybe a little of both. I shrugged, rolling my eyes. If you are worried about the wild animals, I can wrestle them down and you can run away. I added, checking her out again. Would I love to watch her leave? I doubted it. 

Are ya calling me dumb? I asked, my eyes shooting forward instead of focusing on her chest. I've fought a few bears before. They got my little brother confused as a cub. That was... interesting. Andre was a runt, another reason my mother didn't want him. He was playing with some cubs we ran into during an adventure with our cousins and bam, when we went to get him mama bear almost ripped off my arms. I won and Andre learned that being friendly to all animals he saw as a wolf wasn't always a good idea.

My feet were starting to get that sting, my hams getting the burn. I wouldn't turn around because I still had a lot in the tank. Just thinking of Kari's tits were enough fuel for me to lose my mind and grow restless. God I needed a hobby besides banging humans. Anyway, I never caught your name.

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