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Joel West |

Posted on Wed Jun 17, 2015 8:03 am

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West Residence | Raining | 5am

I threw the book across the attic, raking my fingernails through my hair. I respected books, but the frustration I was experiencing had gone beyond respect. I was still no closer to understanding what any of it meant. I grabbed another one, pulling it open so hard the spine creased and flipping manically through the pages. Symbols, words in unknown languages and codes.. what did it mean?! What did any of it mean?!

I let the book fall back down into the pile and sank down next to it, glaring with intensity. I felt like such a failure. Wasn't I intelligent, genius, more advanced than anyone I'd possible met in my lifetime? And yet none of that was helping me. Even branching out to other mediums, to Sebastien, yielded no results. The way my grandfather had recorded and written was not a way known to mediums, but obviously some independent, unique code. It was frustrating beyond belief, and at the same time so alluring. The lengths he'd gone to in order to keep these secrets.. the spells, or diary entries, experiences or whatever the books strewn before me contained had to be so precious. So precious and so powerful, for so much effort to be put into keeping them safe. Had my grandfather unlocked necromancy powers, been a man before his time? Was it a power greater even than that? I had known my grandfather was a powerful medium but beyond that... it felt like I'd hardly known him at all.

I picked up the book again, holding it more carefully in my hands. The page fell open to a symbol, sketched and with seemingly nonsensical words littered around it. It was a page I'd seen before, and I knew the symbol. It was a detailed, illustrative quincunx. I knew the shape had symbolism in alchemy among other areas, but that didn't help with the mystery of what it meant in the book, or what any of the scrawl around it was recording. It could just be a pretty picture to go with a spell or idea, for all I knew. The books were full of them. The more I looked into the meaning of some of the symbols, the more meanings from different cultures I found out they had. How was I meant to know which meaning my grandfather had given it? It was impossible. Other symbols were edited, personalized, or combined with others to form bastard new symbols. Whatever reason my grandfather had to make these notes and then hide them so well, it had to be a good one. And I felt certain that something within had to pertain to his death.. to the likely treachery of the vile vampires that had caused it. They would pay.. for the first time in their existence, with their own blood.

I placed the book down, and then set to tidying them back within the trunk I'd originally found them in. I felt like I needed a mental break, or to focus my efforts on something else for awhile. I closed the trunk, locked it, and headed to my room for a change of clothes. I'd finally realised how important physical appearance, and strength, would be in my journey to avenge my grandfather and was forcing myself to train. I wasn't going to let him down due to some idiot overpowering me. I was determined not to let him down at all.

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