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 [Closed] Desperate Times, Desperate Measures 2/2

[Closed] Desperate Times, Desperate Measures 2/2

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[Closed] Desperate Times, Desperate Measures 2/2

Erika Richards | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Wed Jun 17, 2015 7:52 am

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Erika's Apartment | Dark | 1am

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Another job gone bust. I threw my jacket on the bed and knelt down to gently place Neo in the compartment under it. I pulled out a lockbox from inside, quickly hammered in the code and pulled out the asset that was causing me so much trouble.

I placed the journal down on the desk, not slamming it too hard because it was still theoretically worth money. Theoretically. The problem was finding someone to palm it off onto. I thought I'd lucked out when I'd lifted it off the dumbass wolf, but it was turning out to be more difficult to get rid of - or get rid of for a good price - than I'd expected. Vampires had been an obvious target buyer. They hated wolves and I'd hoped that might bump up the price. Unfortunately, most of them were also batshit crazy, young vampires that couldn't think much past what their next meal would be, never mind how an old wolf journal might aid them. The more refined vampires weren't so easy to run into or get ahold of without drawing too much attention.

I flicked through the book, sighing at the symbols which were boring to me, but must be valuable to someone else out there. I didn't trust selling it back to the wolves - most of them were just as stupid as your average, blood-crazed vampire and wouldn't be up to reasoning. I could take on a creature or two, but not a whole pack. I'd gone to enough lengths to get rid of the scent from the book and burning the accompanied jacket so they'd have a harder time tracing it back to me, approaching them with the journal felt like too risky a move even for me.

There was one other obvious choice, but potentially just as dangerous and considering the warnings I'd received since joining the AOG in Index, I'd shelved that venture. The problem was that I needed the money. I had sharks biting at my neck over overdue loans and I needed the investment to be real, cold, hard cash already, not just theoretical potential locked away for safekeeping.

I smoothed my finger over the edge of the journal, deep in thought, and turned my gaze to the kitchen. I stood, walked over to a drawer and slowly pulled it out, still in thought as I picked out the small SD card taped underneath it. I'd been saving it for a rainy day ever since I'd chanced upon the the revealing scene. It had been amusing finding out I hadn't been the only one keeping secrets from that old bag Father Williams.. and what secrets! I held it up and grinned, a new idea slotting into place. Yes... maybe it was time to take the two ideas off their theoretical shelves and merge them together... Double the fun.. and hopefully, double the dollar signs too.

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