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 [Closed] Ven Aquí

[Closed] Ven Aquí

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[Closed] Ven Aquí

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sun Jun 07, 2015 1:12 am

Thread Details

Streets | Post Rain | June 2nd, middle of the night.

It was dark. I had just left Peyton's, and I was working overtime to try and figure out where the fuck I was even going. I couldn't go to One Shot, home sounded fucking miserable, and I didn't want to go to the den for the same reason I didn't want to head to the dive. Wolves. So where the fuck was I even going? The only place I wanted to go was the same fucking place I had just left. And I couldn't go there, so what the fuck was I to do? I did the only thing I could, I just fucking drove in circles. I'd gone through the same fucking stoplight at least six times before I realized the van behind me, in the distance, had done exactly the same fucking thing. What the fuck is this schmuck doing? It was as I was speaking those words, when I realized something. Was I being followed?

And just like that I watched it pull off into an empty parking lot. Like the driver fucking heard me, like they fucking knew I had caught on. It must have been the combination of everything. I was so fucking angry for leaving, I was so fucking angry for wiping things that I didn't have the power to recover from her memory. I was so fucking angry for feeling so fucking angry and that made me even more fucking angry. I spun around in my truck and pulled into the same parking lot just as someone was getting out of the side of the van. All I saw was the top of their head, and at that point, I put all of my focus into parking, and getting out. I didn't even take my keys out of the ignition or close my door. My feet quickly carried me to the van and I opened the drivers door, seeing a man in a suit.

That was all I needed to completely lose it. I reached forward and gripped him by his collar to pull him out of the vehicle and threw him to the ground. Why the fuck are you following me?! Isn't the goddamned leach in my wrist enough?! I kicked him so hard in the stomach I nearly fell over. An action that had my head turning to the side as the sound of footsteps passed me.

My jaw dropped.

I stumbled over my feet, refusing to take my eyes off of the person I was staring at, and still, intently focused on her I used my hands to practically crawl after her before I could manage to get back on my damned feet again. I was short of breath, even when I spoke it almost came out as a swift whisper, Mamá? She kept walking, Ven Aquí! Ven Aquí! I rushed after her, the volume of my voice finally making her turn around. She placed her hands over her mouth and nose. Soy yo! Tu chico! Vincente! My pace had slowed, but I was walking towards her, I had no fucking idea what to even think. I didn't know if I was happy, sad, angry, or... I didn't know what to even fucking say beyond what I had.

Her hands dropped, but only low enough to sit cradled in one another below her chin. I knew that look too, I knew she was about to cry. ''Mi hijo...'' I wish I could have stopped time right there. I wish I could have prevented what happened next from fucking happening but I couldn't. I nearly smiled, but I didn't have the chance. I already saw the streaks of crimson starting to flow from her eyes, and mine widened as I took a step back. Tu eres... My feet were already pushing me towards my truck, but I refused to turn my back on her. Vampiro?! It was all I could say, and this time she was rushing towards me but I was already in my truck and pulling out before she could reach me.

The only sound I could hear was my rapid breath, and the only thing I could see as I was backing out was her shouting something at me, it looked as if she was pleading but the sight of her fanged mouth made me turn my head away. I couldn't fucking look at her.

Ven Aquí! Ven Aquí! --- Come back! Come back!
Soy yo! Tu chico! Vincente! --- It's me! Your boy! Vincent!
Mi hijo... --- My son...
Tu eres... Vampiro?! --- You are... Vampire?


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