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[Private] Sharing is Caring

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Re: [Private] Sharing is Caring

Valla Satura |

Posted on Fri Jun 12, 2015 4:00 pm

As soon as he put his hand on my thigh I felt the excitement start to build in my stomach. It was an expanding ball of nervousness coupled with desire that I loved. It was one of the things I loved most about being with someone for the first time; anticipation of the unknown. My eyes were locked on him the entire time. From the first touch until his fingers directed my lips towards his, I soaked up his details. When he kissed me, I smiled a little... enough to convey my appreciation, but without disrupting the gesture. I closed my eyes and parted my lips just enough to accommodate his, letting them fit together like matching puzzle pieces.

At first all I tasted was his beer, a small whisper of flavor that soon dissipated and allowed me to experience what he tasted like. His lips were warm and his breath was hot, but not unpleasant. I tilted my head just a little, making our noses no longer obstacles, and then deepened our kissing by opening my mouth just a little more and trying to coax his tongue into my mouth by teasing his lips with my own. I couldn't even recall the last time I'd kissed someone like this. It'd been months at the least and whoever it had been meant nothing because I couldn't even remember their face. My mind wandered and I brought myself back quickly placing my hand over the top of the one he had put on my naked thigh -- wearing a short skirt had been fortuitous. I hadn't wanted to wear it, but all my jeans were dirty.

I leaned closer to him. I wanted to touch him. I wanted to take that sweater off. All of these things filtered through my head in the moments we were connected by the kiss. My hands were aching to feel him so I moved them over his arms until his elbows and then dropped to slip under his sweater, only to be stifled by the shirt under it. Ugh. Clothes. I grunted softly at my minor disappointment but then kissed him just a bit harder before climbing onto his lap and splitting my thighs over his hips. Much better.Those itching fingertips of mine finally slipped under his shirt and made first contact with his stomach.... oh god, his... rock hard, rippling stomach.

Why the fuck would he hide it under sweaters? That should be a crime.

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Re: [Private] Sharing is Caring

Rupert Hemmingway |

Posted on Tue Jun 16, 2015 7:56 am

The skin was smooth under my hands, a familiar, feminine feeling as I gently stroked my thumb backwards and forwards, appreciating the nakedness of Valla's legs. I only got to appreciate them more when she suddenly straddled my hips, the movement sliding her skirt sinfully high and bunching around her thighs. My hands naturally found their way onto each leg and I gazed at Valla a little in awe and expectation, raising one eyebrow while wondering if she was trying to take charge. She had been refreshingly forward since the start of the evening.

I leaned forward to give her another small taster of a kiss, deepening it gradually and letting my hands roam upwards along her legs, the matter of clothes on my mind. I knew I had to break away and break contact to take my sweater off, but with every second I delayed making the decision, not wanting to move just yet.

At last I pulled back, leaning away from Valla on the couch, opening my eyes and flashing her a smirk before reclaiming my hands to pull my sweater off. I executed it in one swift move that left my shirt rumpled and awkwardly pulled up on my frame. I tossed the sweater onto the couch beside us and resumed my earlier position, bodies close and my hands gripping Valla's thighs, pulling her even closer and into another, deeper kiss. I slowly snaked my hands up her legs, over the curve of her ass and up against the small of her back. I slipped them underneath the fabric of her top and continued upwards, taking the time to appreciate and explore every inch of Valla's skin underneath my fingertips while I mapped out her mouth with mine, my body growing warmer despite the clothing I'd shed. I wanted to shed more - all of it, but more importantly, relieve Valla of her's.

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