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[Private] Blood Drops

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Re: [Private] Blood Drops

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Sat Jun 06, 2015 4:30 am

I stopped still again at his words and leaned slightly away, staring at Vincent. We'd argued when we met before but he'd never threatened me before and that was the most obvious way to take what he said. Quote Begin Nobody said you didn't. I don't want you to, and this is my apartment, but if you really still want to hit someone, being my leader and all, then I can teleport you over to One Shot right now and let them finish what someone else started.Quote End I said crossly, folding my arms and sitting back on my haunches to look at him again. I really hoped he wouldn't try anything. One Shot was the nice threat - if he actually laid a finger on me after turning up at my door and expecting help then I'd be teleporting him straight to one of the department's jail cells instead and leaving him to explain that mess.

At some point in my internal rant I realised how annoyed I was and how ridiculous that was when Vincent was so hurt. Of course he might be aggravating but plenty of people reacted more intensely than they usually did when they were in pain and I could hardly blame him. I was the one in the fit mental state and I needed to start acting like it. I started reacting quickly, trying to make up for the way I'd acted so far, feeling like I'd let us both down by letting my feelings rise. I kept expecting to be used to my shorter temper but so far, it hadn't happened.

I reached out and took hold of Vincent's arm, closing my eyes while taking a second to concentrate.

When I reopened them we were in the main bathroom. If Vincent felt like he wanted to clean himself up, which was a slightly worrying admission in itself with how he usually tried to portray himself, then it was the best place to be. Any mess he'd left behind didn't even phase me - the floors had been sealed and somebody being injured mattered more than my furnishings, regardless of who they were or how they were acting. I went into service mode, unphased and focused.  

Quote Begin You can sit down there.Quote End I pointed to the toilet, the lid closed, and crouched down opposite to open the cabinet under the sink. I pulled out some older towels that I wouldn't miss and the first aid kit and turned back to him. Quote Begin Where does it hurt the most? Did you want me to call a pack medic? Or Peyton or.. Brutus?Quote End I winced after the second name, hoping that if Vincent needed me to call anyone then it wouldn't be him. Brutus might have been a warlord, but I couldn't stand him. He made fun of me and the fact I actually tried and was, in my mind, everything an authority figure shouldn't be. On top of that he was a crass pervert and had for some reason expected me to sleep with him regardless of how he'd treated me. I didn't class myself as high maintenance but I did have standards, and one of those was being treated with respect, or at the very least not being disrespected.

Quote Begin I've done a little first aid training, but only for humans. I don't know if things are different with wolves... Quote End I opened the first aid kit anyway, wondering if Vincent would even let me examine any of his injuries. Quote Begin What do you want me to do?Quote End I asked, looking up at him. I left it as his decision, while he still seemed vaguely alert at least. He was the pack master and I knew he wasn't stupid. He might easily be able to fix himself up and not need my help at all.

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Re: [Private] Blood Drops

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sat Jun 06, 2015 7:41 pm

I was angry with her, that much was clear. But in that moment I wasn't thinking about the fact that she probably had no idea why. Or maybe I was thinking about that, but I just didn't give a fuck. It was hard to know for sure. So why the fuck did I feel guilty while at the same time increasingly angry when she spoke again? She was just so... So fucking annoying! Even when she wasn't be a twat she was annoying, in fact, that was when she was most annoying. At least when she was being a twat I knew how to fucking respond.

I'm not going to fucking hit you. I spat out, refusing to make eye contact. I regretted it the second I said it, it sounded so fucking gay and it definitely wasn't what I felt like. I wanted to knock her out just for being annoyingly fucking helpful. I wanted to knock her out for opening her door and letting me in, and the reaction in her that came after that. I'm just irritated... SHUT UP, fuck just stop talking. Why did I have to add that at the end? I couldn't fucking shut up goddammit. I growled, angry at myself for tacking that last bit at the end. As if the other thing I said wasn't fucking bad enough.

When she took my arm I didn't know what the fuck to expect. What? Did she want to go skipping down happy sunshine lane together or? What the fuck was this?  It wasn't until I was standing in a bathroom with the worst fucking case of vertigo I'd ever experienced when I realized something weird just happened. I hunched over the toilet with my hand planted against her wall to keep myself from falling over. What the fuck- I groaned, unable to finish that sentence. Or I could, if I wanted to decorate her bathroom in my breakfast. I sat where she said, but closed my eyes and placed my head in my hands as I tried to make this shit feeling go away. What the fuck did she just do? What the fuck did she just do to me? Was shes trying to fucking kill me?

Fuck no, no, no, no. I don't want anyone to know about this. I just... I took the first aid kit out of her hand, and used one of the towels to wipe the blood from my face. I just need to clean up, stitch up what needs stitching and it'll heal itself. It's not a big deal, it looks worse than it feels. I got to work, still feeling dizzy from that bullshit but focused. I didn't come here to play doctor/patient either, unless you have a hot nurse outfit, then maybe... I winched as I got up to look in the mirror and dabbed the blood away from my lip. I just came here to tell you, I tried that honesty bullshit you preached about, yanno, how they ''deserve to know'', that dumb ass shit. This is what it got me. So, just wanted to stop by and give you a proper fucking thanks for that, and let you know, I won't be listening to your crap again. I should have gone with my gut, I'd been doing this for longer than she had, in fact, she wasn't even a fucking alpha so why the fuck did I even listen to her?

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Re: [Private] Blood Drops

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Sun Jun 07, 2015 3:14 pm

Quote Begin Okay.Quote End I said, fully believing him if only for no other reason than if Vincent was going to hit me, he'd have done it already. I couldn't blame him for being irritated either. Unfortunately that didn't mean his comments weren't still going to irritate me. Quote Begin Okay, I won't call anyone, don't worry.Quote End I said again, feeling relieved that I wasn't going to end up playing host to a bunch of wolves, but also worried as to the reason for all the secrecy.

My lips drew into a firm line and I raised an eyebrow up at Vincent. Quote Begin If I did one then it'd be none of your business, unless you've got a hot doctor outfit too to make it equal. Especially seeing as you're so set on stitching yourself up.Quote End I watched him, wanting to help and thinking that the idea of Vincent doing everything on his own was an incredibly stupid one.

His revelation stopped me from complaining about that just yet though. I stood up, staring in shock, and tried to meet his eyes to see if it was just a big joke at my expense, but it didn't look like Vincent was joking...

Quote BeginAnother wolf did this to you?! A member of the pack?Quote End I raised my hand over my mouth, unable to get over the idea of it as I stared at him, and then moved my gaze down to his injuries because it was easier than looking him in the eye while that sunk in. I knew what the wolves were like but I hadn't thought they'd go that far. I became filled with a mixture of guilt and pride, regretful that I might have been a cause of his injuries, but undoubtedly proud that he'd not only listened when I thought he hadn't, but also tried to put some of it into action. Quote Begin I'm sorry... I never meant for anything like this to happen. What I told you when we last met, I shouldn't have acted towards you like that - I hardly even know what it is to be a wolf now, never mind back then. ...I'm sorry.Quote End

I picked up one of the discarded towels from the floor and went back to stand next to Vincent, placing the towel on the sink. I glanced up to him. Quote Begin I didn't think you'd even listened to me.Quote End I stared up at him, full of awe and respect and wondering why the other wolves in the pack couldn't grasp that too. The fact that he had tried to do something despite the challenges and difficulties he'd face... I hadn't expected it in the slightest and the surprise almost floored me. The others acted like only they knew how to live like a wolf, but wasn't part of that life respecting and following our leader? What wolves had done to Vincent... did they even know the meaning of the word respect? I doubted it. To me, a part of respecting someone was protecting them, giving them the best you possibly could. I hadn't thought Vincent might even remember me, let alone have actually listened to me and yet he had, a quiet type of respect of his own. It filled me with confidence to stop feeling guilty for the injuries littering Vincent and to start trying to help again.

:Q1:Let me help.Quote End I took the first aid kit out of Vincent's hand before he could protest, Quote Begin I want to help. Do you really expect me to just sit back and do nothing while you clean yourself up? This isn't about me not doing as you're telling me, or disrespect. I actually do respect you and that's why I'm not going to sit by and do nothing when you've been injured, including a head injury, and let you potentially make a mistake or make an injury worse because of that. That has to have impaired your vision and while I know our healing's more refined than a human, it won't stop an infection if you leave dirt in a wound.Quote End Vincent's eye was almost swollen shut and he was hardly clean either. One look at his hands made me certain I wasn't letting him do what he'd planned and made me think of another reason he'd need my help. Quote Begin Also, my hands are smaller than yours. Quote End He could argue how much I knew about wolf healing or 'being a wolf', but he couldn't argue with that. There were times when a small stature actually came in handy and I was damned if I wasn't going to take advantage of them when they came around. Quote Begin If you want to help yourself at all though, wash your hands.Quote End I took two sachets of antibacterial wash out of the first aid kit, handing one to Vincent and then using the other to start to cleaning my own.

Even with something to do, every time I caught sight of one of Vincent's hurts I couldn't help feel guilty. Quote Begin I honestly didn't do this on purpose. I never thought you'd end up like this because of what I said.Quote End I tried to explain, frowning as I continued washing my hands. I was doing it as thoroughly as possible, scrubbing between my fingers, under my nails and up my wrist. Quote Begin But that doesn't mean I don't still believe what I said. I might have been out of turn the way I said it, but...Quote End I finished up cleaning around my thumbs and shook my hands off, drying them on a clean towel. Quote Begin Doesn't this happening just prove there does need to be change, that things are so wrong - that they'd do this to you? I never said making change would be easy. With the pack like it is.. it would be stupid to expect it to be. But what you've done even considering that, actually trying.. it's so brave of you. You shouldn't let them stop you doing what's right, or scaring you back into silence now after you've tried. You're the alpha.Quote End If he backed down after this then the other wolves would be in control, not him. I looked up at Vincent, eyes trailing over signs of injury, of what other wolves had done to him. I didn't want to see what damage was underneath his clothes but at the same time, I knew I'd have to if I wanted to help. I wanted to assess the damage to see if I would have to sneak off and ring someone better equipped. Quote Begin Can you take your shirt off yourself?Quote End I asked, not sure if Vincent hadn't so far due to it being too painful, or just him not thinking.

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Re: [Private] Blood Drops

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Fri Jun 12, 2015 7:05 pm

OOC Message
I really didn't intend for this to be so huge... sorry XD

I can't have this fucking conversation with you because now I don't know if I wanna fuck or if I'm in pain, and the last thing I want to do right now is fucking smile so... Fuck this shit. The fucked up part was, I didn't know if she was trying to be sarcastic, joking, or if there was some seriousness in there too? What the fuck was wrong with women? Now she put the damned image in my fucking head and it was just fucking annoying when I was trying to focus on wiping the blood off of my damned sore ass mother fucking face.

I didn't say that... It was the tone of her voice, the way she sounded so shocked that this kind of thing happened at the hand of one of her pack mates. That's what made me want to deny it. I wasn't denying it, but I wanted to. For one, I wasn't a fucking pussy, and the fight wasn't fair. Being held down so I could be ''taught a lesson'' wasn't a fucking fair fight at all. For two, I had said it, it looked worse than it felt. Yeah I had a pretty fucking gnarly headache, but beyond that everything else was just... It was just fucking fine. And for three, it wasn't exactly that fucking uncommon. So maybe it didn't exactly happen to leaders unless they stepped into the pits, but that didn't change the fact that the red of blood was a color we knew nearly as well as fangers did.

I'm sorry.? I'M SORRY? What the fuck was I supposed to say to that when I was still pissed off? She didn't even give me enough time to clean myself up before she started dropping apologies, and I was in no fucking mood to pick them up, not yet anyway. I just didn't know how to fucking respond to that. If she'd have yelled at me, screamed at me, punched me in the face while telling me I was wrong, I could handle that. I could fucking deal with that. But apologizing was just a new fucking level that I hadn't reached yet. I just groaned one of those hybrid groan-growls and turned back to the mirror to finish wiping away what was left.

My hand dropped and I stared at her through the reflection in the mirror. I didn't! My head dropped and I braced myself over her sink with another groan. I mean... I did but I fucking didn't okay? I fucking left that night perfectly fine, you didn't fucking get to me because I knew I was right. I mean... I know I'm right. Maybe it's just the tone of your voice, I don't fucking know. But at the most irritating times I can hear what you said that night like a little obnoxious fucking bird on my shoulder that refuses to stop pecking at my skull until I acknowledge it. I still think that some things don't need to be fucking said. Some things don't need to be known. There are ways to solve problems without shattering lives in the process, and I still intend to find those ways so I can take my secrets with me to the grave. I fucking believe that, and if you don't like it then I'm sorry but that's just how it is. I just don't know why I can't stop hearing what you said that night. I don't know why I even... I don't know why I even fucking listened to you. Look at the good that did. I didn't even know where I was going with this. I just kept fucking talking because I was still, even after every fucking thing that happened tonight, I was still trying to be fucking honest!? I kept backtracking too, trying to stand my ground and make it known that I didn't listen to a word she said, but that fucking bird kept poking at my head. I was just irritated, that's what it was. There was nothing else to it I was just fucking irritated and rightfully fucking so.

I didn't like this. I didn't like being taken fucking care of. If I was hammered, then maybe this wouldn't be a big deal. Maybe I would allow help just so it'd get done without me trying to overcome my instability and double vision. I wasn't hammered though. Not in that sense anyway. At first I just looked at her like she was a fucking alien. Then that look morphed into an annoyingly painful frown. Then she kept talking, and my frown disappeared and I was opening the little fucking packet to wipe my hands down. I didn't even know I was doing it until I was reaching in to pull the little wipe towel thingy out. What the fuck did I need to wash my hands for anyway? Whatever. I muttered as I tossed the used towel thingy to the side. It's not like I haven't stitched myself up before. Plus I don't even think I need it. Now that the blood is cleaned up it doesn't even look that fucking bad. Everything is just swollen. I didn't fucking need creams or ointments or whatever the fuck that shit was. And I wasn't in fucking denial either. I just didn't want her fucking doing anything. I didn't want her fucking touching me or telling me what I fucking needed. Yet here I fucking was...

Yeah well... The urge to say ''I told you so'' was fucking intense. But I was sitting in her fucking bathroom. She was helping me, even thinking it made me sick to my stomach but she fucking was. It wasn't exactly a common thing for anyone to invite me in, in this condition. Then again maybe I was always in this fucking condition. Maybe people were smart enough to know I didn't like being fucking helped. Or, maybe they just liked seeing me like this too much to even give a shit. Even the thought of that felt fucking better than this, being treated like some helpless fucking creature was worse, and I was actually kind of fucking pissed off that she didn't slam her door in my face the second she saw me.

It's not a big fucking deal. This shit happens all of the fucking time and not just to me so I don't see why it's such a big damned deal. You act like I haven't tried to fucking change things before. I fucking have, and I've fucking succeeded just fine doing it my way. Maybe not every time... I'm not going to post up some damned law ordering wolves to be something they're not, I'm not going to order them to act like humans. Fighting is what we do. It's not... I frowned again as my fists clenched. Fuck you for making me question ever damned thing I say. I spat out. I didn't even fucking know what I believed anymore. If my little trip taught me anything, it's that not everything is as it seems. Not a single fucking thing is certain. I wasn't even fucking sure I was here right now, I didn't even know if this was real because so much fucking shit that I believed was real turned out false. I had so many fucking conflicting opinions and thoughts now I didn't know which goddamned path to take and that was more than fucking frustrating.

I fucking... I winced, but not at the pain, this time I winced at the words that were about to fucking come out of my mouth. Appreciate that I guess. - But don't ever fucking assume I'm afraid of anything. You don't even know if I want to make changes, and if I did, you have no clue what kind of changes I'd want to make. I wasn't silent from fear anyway. I was silent because as I said, I believe changes can be made without creating more problems in the process. And for the record, even if I was trying to make changes, that decision and those changes have nothing to do with you or what you've said to me. Or... Fuck, I don't even fucking know anymore. Did I want her to fucking believe I had shit under control? Yes, more than fucking anything, I wanted everyone to believe that because it was fucking true. I was the alpha, I knew what the fuck I was doing, and I didn't need anyone else whispering bullshit in my ear and throwing me off track. But at the same fucking time so much of what she said applied to that week I was gone. That week almost fucking validated what she said, while also validating me. How the fuck could I get that point across without sounding contradictory? How the fuck could I get that point across without contradicting myself, while at the same time keeping the contents of that flash drive and my time away secret? There was no fucking way, and I was probably just confusing her in the goddamned process.

I looked at her, everything she and I had just said went right out the fucking window, and while I knew why she wanted it off, I couldn't fucking help myself. I didn't think you were serious earlier but okay. I joked, but didn't exactly follow her order. I raised my shirt up just enough for both of us to see the bruising that would most likely fade by morning. Unfortunately, I had forgotten about the scars, or more so, the nearly healed wounds that had been inflicted on me that week that I was away. It's internal. Not much either of us can do there. I quickly dropped the fabric, hoping to avoid any questions about them, and quickly changed the subject.

Here's the fucking thing. This... I gestured around my face, which was where most of the outside damage was, which I was pretty damned sure was intentional. They wanted people to see me fucked up. You're right, this is not okay, this needs to change. I said fighting is what we do, and that wasn't exactly a fucking lie, but fighting is supposed to be saved for the pits, where both participants are willing. In fact, I support the pits. It's a place where idiots bet, but those that participate learn what it's like to go up against a real opponent. It's a place where they actually have something to lose if they don't win. But tonight, I wasn't willing. Maybe I didn't have the ability to defend myself, but I don't even know if I would have if I could. These are my wolves, your wolves, our family, even if I don't always want them to be. I can't hurt them, not since... My voice trailed off as the memory of that young wolf came bubbling to the surface. I let it settle before continuing to talk, hoping to clear up any confusion I may have stirred up from my earlier contradicting statements.

I know how you feel, I know what you believe. And I'm not going to say all of that is exactly wrong. I'm not going to disagree with all of it. But as you said you hardly know what it is to be a wolf now, let alone then when you expressed your opinion. I do. I know things that not even my own first knows about, and more questions and conflicting information appears as answers are presented to me. It's like Hydra, as I cut off one head, two more appear. Some truths will come out, eventually, but fuck... You gotta trust me. Someone has to fucking trust that I know what I'm doing. Someone has to trust in Odin's fucking decision to make me warlord, someone has to trust that I'm fucking capable of cleaning up this mess without trying to drastically change my tactics. Maybe this situation now isn't entirely your fault, maybe it's mine, and fine, I'll fucking admit that, but Jesus fucking Christ... I didn't even know if she was getting it, but I had hope that if she didn't, then she would eventually. I just need time, and I need some fucking level of understanding in that time.

Why the fuck did I want to tell her so bad? Why the fuck did I care so much that she understood? Maybe Orion was right, maybe any kind of ''kindness'' was my fucking weakness. So... Teleportation? I changed the subject again.

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Re: [Private] Blood Drops

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Tue Jun 16, 2015 8:00 am

I looked up at Vincent from underneath my brows, thoroughly unimpressed. I shook my head and sighed before getting up and busying myself looking through the first aid kit. Quote Begin Well, you don't need to worry about that anyway. I prefer men who don't run the risk of passing out from exhertion.Quote End I gave Vincent a pointed look, from his injuries to his eyes, and shook my head again. He couldn't be too banged up if he was still able to think with certain body parts other than his brain, but I couldn't help thinking it was ridiculous given his condition. He could barely stand earlier, was in considerable pain and yet he seriously considered sex as some sort of option? I would have laughed if he wasn't already in such a state that made it more pitiable than anything.

It didn't stop me dwelling over the entire pack and their inappropriate comments, acts and looks, mentally complaining to myself as I ripped open the packet of an antiseptic wipe. I only stopped the complaining, still unfolding the wipe, when Vincent entered into one of his own rants out loud. It softened my mood again and the anger left my eyes, smiling sadly.

Quote Begin It's probably wrong to judge how good it went now.. it could still turn out well. There's no need to put down your efforts when they haven't had time to have an effect yet, to see what good it might have... this might sting a bit. It's just to help prevent infection.Quote End I held up the wipe to show Vincent, wary that too quick a move might lead to him biting my head off. I waited to see his reaction and slowly moved it towards his face, dabbing at one of the cuts that was still slowly oozing blood. Quote Begin I think maybe I was wrong.Quote End I said, seemingly suddenly, but I'd been going over what Vincent had said in my head. I paused in my dabbing to meet his eyes, Quote Begin Maybe a lot of the things I said.. were things you already knew, already thought. I was just voicing what you already knew.. perhaps reminded you of thoughts you already had.Quote End I said, continuing with my task. I didn't know if it was necessarily true, but the things Vincent was saying and the fact he'd been moved to action for some reason made me feel certain that it couldn't just have been my words that had prompted that. A more sensible conclusion was that he'd already had similar thoughts himself. Whether that was true, or whether any of my words had stirred something within him, it didn't matter to me. I wasn't interested in recognition, or congratulations. I only wanted to help improve the situation and stability of the pack, for there to be a positive change. I didn't mind whose name it was in and didn't see it as important - the importance was on anything beneficial that might come about.

My eyes trailed the used wipe to the floor, letting out a slightly irritated sound but leaving it for the moment. I backed up, pausing in my aids to help for the moment and perching on the end of the tub, folding over the used parts of the antiseptic wipe in my hand.

Listening to Vincent try and explain his thoughts wasn't too different from listening to the drunken ramblings of a drunk and disorderly in the back of a police car on the way back to the station. The main difference was that Vincent was my alpha, my leader, and in between the conflicting things he seemed to be saying, I was interested in what he meant.

From my perch on the tub I only got an eyeful of Vincent's body when he lifted his shirt up, but it was enough to realise that something wasn't right aside from the bruising. It looked like.. scars? I kept quiet, noticing but not pointing it out, sensing Vincent's avoidance on the subject. It didn't stop my detective's imagination going wild. Had the wolves done that to him too? Or something worse... I was still yet to meet a vampire, the enemy that many of wolves mentioned in passing.

Quote Begin You're right. It wasn't a lie, fighting is what wolves do. But this.. this doesn't seem like a fight, it seems like an attack.Quote End I reached out to touch the broken skin over Vincent's knuckles, somber and sad, before withdrawing again. I didn't want to appear too over-familiar with Vincent, I wanted to help him and yet I felt there should be a clear line, between Pack Master and members of the pack, including myself, and yet I couldn't help picking up on things he was saying and feeling concerned about him. Perhaps I shouldn't have felt concerned - he was the pack master after all, wasn't he strong enough to handle himself? The thing was, I didn't think so - not against the entire pack. It wasn't Vincent I didn't have faith in, but the other wolves who apparently might sabotage his well meant efforts.Quote Begin Not since?Quote End I repeated his words, softly, trying to prompt him to continue. I just wished I could offer some semblance of comfort, that I could understand. It might make me feel less useless, and yet the more he spoke, the less I felt I knew at all.

Someone else saying they knew what I believed still irked me slightly, made me wonder if Vincent truly did - but I just pressed my lips together and listened, thinking it over.

Quote Begin I do trust you. And I want to understand, believe me,Quote End I stood up, facing him, Quote Begin And what I'm about to say will do nothing to change that. Maybe it'll even have you believe me, that I'm not like the others. I keep being told, made to feel that I don't know what it is to be a wolf. But do you know what? I don't want to be a 'wolf' if it means being like them! If to be a true wolf then I have to attack my leader, go out of my way to make things difficult and oppose every move without even thinking of the consequences - then I don't want to be a wolf like that, and I really don't care if I'm not what people think a typical wolf to me. I might not know much, but what I do know, or what I think, is that the type of wolf I want to be is a real, proper wolf, not what it's come to stand for in this pack. I want to fight, but against our enemies - vampires - not other wolves, or you. I want to fight to truly protect wolves, and make things better than they are for the pack. That's the type of wolf I want to be and I hope that doesn't offend you, but I'm not going to just follow along and do a shitty job of things just because that's what everyone else does. You're our leader, and even if some others don't recognise that, I do. And I want to help you. I just.. hope the other's actions doesn't mean you'll assume you can't trust me either. If you need time, if you need understanding.. that's what I want to try and give you. I won't follow you blindly - if I think you're doing something stupid, I care enough to tell you what I think, but I do want to follow you. I think you can do what the pack needs, they just can't see it. And I know it's not easy, change or not... the decisions you must face, or are going to...Quote End I paused, thinking of Sam and my mind going blank for a second. Perhaps even since I'd met Vincent, my outlook had changed slightly. Quote Begin I understand now.. there's not always a clear right or wrong decision. You might have to choose between options that all seem as bleak as each other, and some aren't easy to make when you're trying to protect those you care about...but I know making that decision on your own doesn't make it easier.Quote End I broke off, unable to prevent the sadness associated with Sam from overwhelming me. I looked up at Vincent and faltered - almost told him.

But I didn't. I took a step back instead and collected up the bag of frozen peas, making sure the towel around it was still wrapped properly. Quote Begin This should still help the swelling, especially now you're cleaned up a little.Quote End I said, still debating whether some of Vincent's injuries would need butterfly strips at least. Waiting a little while longer to see how he fared couldn't hurt. I started collecting up the used wipes and their packets, throwing things into the trash can and packing up the first aid kit. Quote Begin ...yes, teleportation.Quote End I was glad for the subject change, ridding that temptation to just reveal all to Vincent. I wanted to tell him, but at the same time I feared banishment for what I'd tried to cover up - or worse. Quote Begin So we've solved the mystery of how I ended up in that cupboard at One Shot. Quote End I said, forcing a jovial attitude and smile and then letting it tone down. Quote Begin It's not a bad gift. At first I was a little disappointed it wasn't something that might aid my physical strength.. but I'm slowly seeing more and more advantages to it. Even if I have to resist the temptation of teleporting irritating wolves off the edge of a cliff when my temper flares up.Quote End I was becoming fired up even thinking of it and realising what I said, cleared my throat and glanced to Vincent, hoping he didn't think it was a possibility I was actually contemplating. Quote Begin Not that I've even got the power to do anything like that yet, anyway.Quote End

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