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 [Closed] A Discovery, Part II

[Closed] A Discovery, Part II

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[Closed] A Discovery, Part II

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Tue Jun 02, 2015 3:23 pm

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Forest | Cold, damp | 5am

So much had gone on since I'd been turned and joined the pack, and I had to wonder if it had always been like it and was just another adjustment I'd have to make to the wolf lifestyle. I tried my best to take them on board as best I could, but every now and then I found myself feeling overwhelmed, or not too sure what was going on. The communication between wolves was't exactly stellar.

The rest of the pack, or one main group in particular, had been especially rowdy since Vincent had disappeared, and Peyton was made stand in leader. I was so pleased for her, but at the same time it was hard not to be concerned about things I'd overheard the other wolves saying. They obviously weren't making things easier and I wanted to help as much as I could, but Peyton seemed so busy that the main thing I could think of doing to help was just getting on with things and not causing any more trouble. I did at least try to stand up for her when some of the wolves publicly made comments, because even if it hadn't exactly helped me to be accepted either, I had faith in Peyton. Probably more than I had in Vincent, seeing as though I didn't know Peyton too well, I knew more and liked a great deal more about her than I did with my one, singular meeting with him before he'd gone.

One main change was that Peyton no longer held the training sessions. Instead, they were taken over by the another wolf, Brutus. And it was painfully obvious what he thought of them. He didn't care at all whether the other wolves turned up, what they did when they got there, and didn't do much training at all, obviously just doing what the other wolves wanted to make them happy. And what they wanted, was to do nothing. Maybe sit around and drink, or mess about a bit, but no actual training.

My insistence to ask for something to do only seemed to worsen me in the eyes of the main group of wolves, the ones who seemed to answer for the pack as if everyone thought the same, when not all of them did. Some wolves didn't really care about things, for example that Peyton was a temporary alpha. But the ones that did were the ones that were willing to make noise and shout about it, and no-one else wanted to stand up to them. It was the same with training. The ones that did want to, didn't want to stand up to the crowd that had decided 'training was for pussies' or whatever ridiculous neanderthal bullshit they laughed about. I'd have reported Brutus to Peyton too, but I could just sense that would cause more problems, and she had so much on her plate...

So I did my own thing. I trained by myself, and a flippant remark from Brutus about 'checking the perimeter of the forest if you want to be a brown-nosing bitch about everything and need something to occupy your pretty little head with' after repeatedly asking him for a set training plan prompted me to do just that, because even though it infuriated me and I knew it was to get me out of the way, I still wanted to do something and it was obvious that this task, however stupid Brutus thought it was, wasn't being done by anyone else. The bonus that it meant I was away from the taunting and snide remarks made my lone sprints through the forest enjoyable.

The sun shone down one particular morning as I jogged round the edge of the forest. I always went during the day, not wanting to risk any after dark hours after some of the rumours about vampires I'd heard, or what Vincent had told me, and it tended to be in the first early hours of sunlight, before I had to go to secular work. It was a surprisingly nice way to begin the day.

My paws were light on the ground, my slight form zipping past trees at a decent speed, one that was improving the more I'd been running. I kept an eye out for anything untoward, even though if I was honest, I was unsure what I was even looking for. I hadn't come across anything on my checks so far. I had a feeling that it would be like police work, and that I'd know whatever was out of place when I saw it.

It turned out that actually, that thought was wrong. The smell was what hit me first and alerted me that something wasn't quite right in the part of the forest I was in. I stopped jogging, slowing to a halt.

It was the scent of death. There was no mistaking it. And it stood out to my senses as something being wrong. It wasn't a deer, I could tell that, and with each step towards the scent, I was ticking off a list of animals in my head, while realising with a sickening dread what the scent was. It was of a wolf. There was no denying it, and not just a wolf - but a dead wolf. The scent of blood hung in the air, reasonably fresh considering it had rained last night and from the smell of it too, and I recognised the scent of the wolf as being one from the pack.

When I caught sight of the body, my eyes confirmed what my nose had already told me - it was bad. It was carnage. There was barely a body left at all, just remains of fur, bodily tissue and blood, ripped apart and left by the edge of the river, only held together with sinewy ligaments. My own blood chilled in my bones, but not only because of the death of this poor wolf, but the other, softer scent underneath the death. It was one I recognised too well and I could only just hold back a pitiful howl.


I didn't know the story of what had happened, but I knew what others might except. A corpse of a pack wolf, left ravaged and with the scent of another, strange wolf on it would lead them to the most obvious conclusion - that the strange wolf was the murderer. And the scary thing was, that could easily have been the truth. I didn't know if it was or not, just the reality that it was easily possible. That time I'd seen the wolf I was sure was Sam, before I'd been turned... he could only have been described as wild. Combined with his disappearance.. I felt sure he'd had some sort of breakdown. Maybe it was even an unexpected turning that had caused it. I'd  scented him a few times in the woods and had purposefully kept away, refusing to follow it because I didn't want to deal with what might follow. And because of that, maybe, I felt a little of this wolf's blood was on my hands.

But none of that mattered with the body before me. I had a decisi0on to make. I felt so sure of what the other wolves would do. Even Peyton - wouldn't they want revenge? In a way I did too myself, to avenge the death of this wolf who might not have done any wrong, but I also knew Sam. I believed that whatever happened, it wasn't his fault. Perhaps he'd lost his mind, but Sam didn't too deserve to die.. which is what I felt would happen if anyone else found out, not him being offered the help he must need. I could remember Vincent banishing that wolf, the reaction from the pack. I didn't know pack law by paw, but I felt very sure that if a wolf was murdered, it wouldn't be taken lightly.

I stared down at the body. I felt responsible, but at the same time, I knew there was nothing I could do about this wolf. Sam though - couldn't I still help him? I felt selfish, knowing my feelings were also being swayed because it was Sam, but how could I not? He was like a brother to me. The more I thought about it, the more I felt sad and conflicted. I felt that I should tell Peyton, but I was scared of her reaction. The more I thought about it, the more I feared what might happen to Sam. And really, what if he'd had nothing to do with the death? I started to reason to myself, explaining away the blame. He could have simply met the wolf, or come across the carcass, or even just lain in the same spot before the atrocity had happened.

I made my decision.

With a deep breath - upwind of the body, I reached forward and took a large part of the body, the largest part that was still left, in my jaws. I had to fight the urge to gag. The smell was disgusting, of dead wolf flesh. What I was about to do scared me too, because I'd never done something so complicated. But I gripped down gently and looked at the land around me, memorizing it, and then over to the river, concentrating hard and picturing the water before me in my mind, and then teleported.

Water surged up my nose, into my mouth and against my eyes, but I knew it would only be a second I was in the water. I opened my jaws, letting go of the body, and thought back to the image I'd memorized.

The sound of surging water was gone, replaced with a brave bird singing in the distance, the rushing water of the river below and the drip-drip-drip of droplets from my wet coat onto the solid ground beneath my feet. I sucked in a deep breath through my snout and stared out over the river, at the spot I'd been feet under just seconds previously. There was no sight of the body at all and I felt satisfied I'd gone deep enough for the current to keep it down. I turned away from the scene, not looking back and just padding ahead, building up speed again despite how exhausted using my gift had left me. I could slowly feel a migraine building up behind my eyes, from the effort of teleporting another object with myself and twice within a short time frame, as I sprinted away.

It would rain soon as it always did in Index, and wash away the scent of it, and me, and of Sam - and that would buy me some time. It was unlikely any of the wolves would go out to the remote spot any time soon. I knew that eventually, I'd have to tell someone if only to stop anyone else in the pack getting hurt and I hated to think what crimes had been committed in the woods, if Sam had been involved in any human disappearances too, but I tried not to think about it. Maybe when Vincent was back, it would be better, and with Peyton less busy, I could confide in her, or try and get her to help. Out of any of the wolves, I felt she was my only chance to help Sam and not just lead the way in some ironic witch-hunt.

I felt like whichever decision I'd made, I'd be damned for it, and only hoped I'd made the right one.

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