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 [Closed] A Discovery, Part I

[Closed] A Discovery, Part I

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[Closed] A Discovery, Part I

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Tue Jun 02, 2015 8:41 am

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Rohana Khan's Apartment | Night Time | 2am

I felt strung out. Tired and without much hope. The little I had was dwindling with my energy.

The last week or so had been a lot to take in, emotionally, mentally, physically.. in every way possible. And in every way possible, it was becoming obvious that I didn't fit in with the other wolves. The more I'd tried so far, the more I felt I stuck out. Even the pack master seemed to be disappointed with me. It wasn't a feeling I was used to. I was used to excelling, to being the best at what I was doing and having people dislike me for that.. not for not quite making the mark. Emotionally - I was too emotional in the wrong ways, too determined and calm and not angry enough. Mentally, I thought in a different way to how wolves seemed to think, and whether I was a plane above them or not, I wasn't on the same level, didn't see things their way and that seemed to be seen as a bad thing. Physically, I was no match for any of the wolves. I was small, short, thin, maybe lithe, but compared to wolves that were a foot taller than me and had nearly 100lb on me too, I was nothing. With training and extra speed I might have some chance, but the thought of joining in on the brawls or fights the wolves organised for fun actually scared me out of concern for my safety and I had a feeling the rest of the pack might laugh their lazy asses off at me rather than fight me as a serious competitor. I didn't even know what my power was yet.

The extra working out had still probably contributed to my exhaustion, especially combined with the fact I'd thrown myself into my work. Work had always been an escape for me. Or more than that, a focal point of my life. Even if I didn't fit in, there was always a case to work on, evidence to book, something to solve that was worthwhile and rewarding. It was easier than figuring out how to fit in with wolves, and had a direct path too. I knew how to solve cases. I didn't yet know what to do to gain the respect of my fellow wolves.

There was no official overtime left at the department... any that had been available I'd already taken, so I'd started taking work home that I could complete outside of the station. I sat at the desk in my main room, idly tapping a pen onto a notepad. I should have been working, but in my tiredness my mind kept drifting. How was I meant to fit in with the other wolves? No.. fit in was the wrong word. Accepted? That was more like it. I didn't want to change myself to be liked by them, but I was willing to make some changes to make it easier. I just didn't understand what I was meant to change. I couldn't understand any of it. The other wolves seemed to like partying, drinking, fighting, and not doing a great deal any else. How could I understand that? I wanted something to throw myself into, to do, to help the pack with. I just couldn't do nothing when it seemed like there was so much that needed to be done. And that, from what my conversation with the pack master had uncovered, was why I was 'difficult' like the other wolves, and yet also unable to be a proper part of them.

The wall-mounted clock to my right chimed and awakened me from my gloomy reverie. It was 2am, and I'd yet to even eat. Musing could be left an hour or so, and had the chance of being a lot more productive if I was thinking with my full mental capabilities.

With a small sigh I stood, glancing over towards the kitchen area of my small, but luxurious flat. I couldn't even remember what foodstuffs I had in the fridge, and that was very unusual for me.

In a split second, I was next to the fridge.

And when I say a split-second, I was not exaggerating. I'd literally moved directly from my desk, to the fridge, in the blink of an eye. My mouth opened with shock and I moved a step backwards, as if to test where I was. I looked over to my desk, and then to the fridge next to me.

I let out a hushed Quote Begin Oh!Quote End as the realization suddenly hit me, covering my mouth with a hand. The unexplained incident before I'd met with Vincent, my 'missing' power.. it all made sense. I looked down at my body with intrigue and wonderment. I could.. teleport? Was that what it was?

Food was forgotten as I set to working out as much as I could about my new power. How did it work? I'd been told that all powers could be fine-tuned with training, and I was interested in doing that as soon as possible. I was a little disappointed that it wasn't a more physically overwhelming power. Super strength.. speed.. all types of powers that I'd seen on TV and in movies could have been so useful, and seen as a good point from the pack. I didn't think teleportation would impress many of them so much. But... I could help in other ways. Spying on enemies... gaining information, wouldn't I be able to do that? And even apart from helping out the pack, wouldn't it also be an asset for my work?

I took another step towards the center of the tiled kitchen space. It surely didn't take a genius to deduct that before I'd moved the other times, I'd been thinking about where I'd wanted to go. I'd impatiently wanted to go the One Shot, and then I'd been there - albeit in a stock cupboard. I'd wanted to prepare food in the kitchen, and then I'd suddenly teleported in front of the fridge.

I looked to the sink, a foot or so away from me. As well as being hungry, I was thirsty too. Quote Begin I want a drink .Quote End I murmured to myself, as if chanting a mantra, and focused on the sink, and my need for a drink.

It didn't happen immediately. I focused, so hard, and then in a snap second again - I'd moved. I was next to the sink. I let out a small laugh, staring down at myself and the new space I was in in delight. I was tired, markedly more tired than before I'd attempted the second teleport, but also euphoric.

This - this was something I could work with! This was something from my new life as a wolf that I could do. It felt like I finally had a direction, and all my negative thoughts of doom from before were gone, replaced with the positive, determined outlook I'd first had before it had been worn down. Only this time, I had something I could actually channel it into.

I smiled at my blurry reflection in the stainless steel kitchen sink. I was going to be a wolf, the best wolf they'd ever see, and I would be accepted by the others eventually because and no-one was going to stop me.

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