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 [Closed] Supreme Intervention

[Closed] Supreme Intervention

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[Closed] Supreme Intervention

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sat May 02, 2015 6:10 pm

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Outskirts | Clear | Midday

OOC Message
Part 1 of 5.

Nothing could come with me. My bags had been packed, and tank filled, but as I stood in my empty house I realized it wasn't mine at all. Nothing in it was mine. I couldn't bring anything with me. I just couldn't, because whoever I had become wasn't me, these things belonged to him, the old me, not who I was now. I had left my bags packed on my bed, and dropped off envelopes at the post office before my feet carried me to the outskirts of town. One was addressed to the den, another to Ghost, another to Peyton, and one to Logan. Inside the envelopes I announced my temporary leave from duty, and the second I reached the outskirts, I was no longer the pack master of the Pacific Pack, I was just lone alpha, with no clue as to what I was getting myself into...

I expected when... no, if I were to return, I would be returning to more chaos. A female warlord, suddenly pushed into temporary leading rank. No doubt things were going to get worse, but I had to remind myself that if I didn't do this... Things could be even worse than that. I had to do this, for myself, and for my wolves. I was the only way for me to mend what Odin had broken, or at least start to fix it anyway...

I stared at the sign after realizing my feet had carried me well beyond the treeline, the sign notified me that I was at the towns border, the limits, and beyond those limits I knew there was a very good chance that death was waiting for me. All I wanted was answers and guidance, the kind that my own spiritual leader couldn't give me, no matter how many times I replaced her, none of them could ever give me the answers or guidance I needed. They weren't powerful enough to see, because something was blocking their line of sight. If I couldn't get those answers, if I couldn't get that guidance then I would welcome death. The life I had been living wasn't a life worth living, and without the tools to fix it then I didn't want to live at all. I had nothing holding me here, no one to love, and no one to love me. I couldn't even remember the last time I had smiled or laughed, really and truly smiled or laughed.

There was a barn, it was old, clearly not used anymore from the signs that there had been a fire at one point. The barn was my destination. I couldn't even see Index anymore, and there was nothing around me but flat land with mountains and trees in the distance. I had reached farmland, and my boots couldn't take the walk anymore. The soles were detaching, it was just a visual reminder that I had pushed myself to my limit. My legs ached, feet stung from the countless blisters that had formed, and I was dying for a drink of water.

I started heading towards the barn but the sound of an engine had me turning to look down the long stretch of road ahead of me. It was a black van speeding straight for me. It's windows were tinted, I couldn't see who was driving, but I didn't need to. It came to a skidding stop right behind me and I flung around to see men in all black uniforms rushing towards me. They gripped my arms and I yelled out. Get the fuck off me! I struggled, but there was a pinch at my neck and my vision started to fade out. ''The coven and their alliance send their regards.'' It was the last thing I heard before everything went completely black...


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Re: [Closed] Supreme Intervention

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sat May 02, 2015 8:21 pm

OOC Message
Part 2 of 5.
The blue italic text is a piece of ''dream sequence'' or ''flashback'' text from this thread.

There was a buzzing. Something was buzzing. When I opened my eyes all I saw was light, it was so fucking bright but I fought to keep my eyes open anyway. Was I outside? I could feel the heat radiating above it, but when my eyes came into focus I realized I wasn't outside. I was in a room. A white room. The floors were clean, reflective, there were no windows, nothing but the chair I was tied to and a metal table in front of me. That buzzing again... It was a fly, and beyond that... A face... ''Good morning Mr. Byrne.'' Morning? How long had I been out? How did I get here? Where was here? Who was this woman? She looked young, very young, but aged at the same time. Her hair was a solid shade of auburn and it was tightly tied back. Her entire being was clean and formal. Her shoulders sat perfectly parallel from her straight posture. There wasn't a wrinkle in her suit, and even the folder in front of her was placed in the direct center of the table. The only contrast to the clean white room and her clean appearance was me, visually, I didn't belong here at all.

Where am I? Was she human? I frowned as I realized I didn't know. She didn't have a scent, at all, which was really fucking unusual. Everyone had a scent, even the most subtle scents I could detect, but her? There was nothing. This was like something out of a fucking movie, this wasn't real, there was no way this was fucking real. ''The drug my associate injected you with has not left your bloodstream yet, I'm afraid. So, I do take a risk by speaking with you as the effects can be... unpredictable. But I will begin anyway. Please, let me know if I am speaking too quickly for you.'' - What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I spat out, but something triggered in me causing me to feel fucking dizzy, like I was floating on the ocean, like the floor was moving beneath me. ''Easy Mr. Byrne, as I said, the effects can be unpredictable. Try to keep your emotional outbursts to a minimum.''

She flipped open the folder and began reading the pages, she looked up at me, but quickly went back to reading before folding it closed and straightening out her posture again. ''My name is Darwin, Ursula Darwin. I am here to give you the answers you seek.'' - Why don't you start by telling me where the fuck I am? Another dizzy spell had my eyes closing tightly and head dropping forward. ''Easy... Those are not the kind of answers I am here to give you. I'm here to answer your other questions, the ones that you set out yesterday to find answers for.'' I looked up at her, the dizzy feeling didn't even stop me from looking at her like she was fucking crazy. And how do you know about what I seek?! What are you? Some kind of fucking spy? She smirked and looked down at the folder, straightened it out so it was directly at the center of the table again, and removed her smile before locking her eyes on mine again.

She got up from her chair, clasped her hands behind her back and slowly wandered around the room. ''I know that you contacted a coven in Seattle only hours before you left your home without any of your belongings. I know that you have left your Warlord as acting Pack Master, which indicates that you were going somewhere, and you didn't plan to return for some time.'' The sound of her heels stopped and she leaned over my shoulder, placed her forearm in front of my face and revealed a scar... It was the symbol. ''I know about much more than that...'' She whispered before moving towards the wall in front of me. Only it wasn't a wall, it was a hidden door, and as it opened men in black suits pushed a cart into the room. What the fuck are you playing at? What kind of sick fucking game is this?! My muscles tensed and I tried to break myself free, but something weird happened. I didn't shift, I couldn't shift, the feeling I had before a shift was there but nothing was shifting. I couldn't fucking shift and for the first time in a long time, I felt like I didn't have control over the wolf anymore. What did it mean? Was I? Was I human?

''There is no point in trying Mr. Byrne, as long as you are in this room, inside these walls,'' Her finger pointed around the room as her eyes followed. ''You cannot summon the wolf.'' Four of the six men left the room, the other two stood on either side of her. ''I am afraid I need you to cooperate however, so please, save us both the trouble and begin talking.'' - Fine, you want me to fucking talk about it, fucking fine! What is that symbol, what does it mean?! - ''This is the symbol of our mother, your creator, and mine. It represents her, and the life she gave us at the sacrifice of her own. It is the symbol of Lilith.'' She answered, but it was a lie. I thought you were here to give me answers? Not fucking lies. The king, he was my creator, and I don't know what the fuck you are but he is the one that created what I am. What did she think? I was too stupid to know the difference? As much as anyone wanted to believe it, I wasn't that shit at my fucking job. I did my fucking research.

''As a wolf I would not expect you to know the truth Mr. Byrne. Wolves have a way of... Making things better for themselves. The truth is far more unforgiving of your kind, which is why I was certain you wouldn't know what her symbol and name truly means. But... I am afraid you have been misinformed. Lilith was my mother, and she was my father. She is a mother and father to all vampires. While the King is your father, Lilith is your mother. Do you see now? Or shall I begin your history lesson?'' What the fuck... Please, fucking enlighten me. This was bullshit, I didn't know who this woman was, what kind of fucking crack she had been smoking, or what she was even talking about, and here I was giving her what she wanted, fucking curiosity. All I knew now was that she was apparently a vampire with some really fucking amazing perfume that covered her stench of death, and I didn't trust a word that came out of her fucking mouth.

She pulled a paper from the folder and placed it in front of me. ''You recognize these symbols, yes?'' My eyes widened, they were the same markings Odin had in his journal, the ones I'd been trying to fucking decode since I got the damned thing. These are... - ''Correct, I believe Odin left you with a journal with the same markings. But these ones in particular tell a story. Most cannot read it, but you are lucky. I just so happen to be the one that originally decoded the script hundreds of years ago. It tells of how we came to be, you, me, mediums, and necromancers. The truth, Mr. Byrne, is that you have been deceived.''

The words that followed her little speech were nothing but lies at first... At first I was sure of it... But, something she mentioned, about the woman in the woods, the way she described the scene... I had seen it before. It was like it was a memory, one of my own but... That night at One Shot, when I nearly killed Peyton I vaguely remembered... My form was wolf, but not the wolf that I knew. My size was much larger, and the two wolves running beside me were just as large and menacing as I. Their muscular form was almost divine, godly. They seemed to emit a sense of importance, far greater than any I had ever experienced. I felt oddly connected to my form, and devoted to those running beside me. The only thing that pulled me from this feeling was the image of a woman ahead. I soon realized I wasn't in control of this body, as it came to a stop without me commanding it to. Her jaw moved, but nothing but air came out, the importance of her words was non-existent, so much so that they literally fell on deaf ears. I could see her pleading, but heard nothing.

This defied everything I knew, everything I had been taught or told. This was... It was so hard to fucking believe and I wanted to fight it but that memory had felt so real, it was the most powerful thing I had ever experienced, so much so that I felt compelled to believe what this woman was saying, vampire or not. I just had to believe her, because if I didn't, then I would be doubting my own experience that proved it to be true. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it didn't explain why I was being mentally and physically tormented by whatever it was that was controlling me. And just like that, I opened my mouth to ask... Okay, so let's say all of this is fucking true, then tell me, what does this have to do with the shit that's been going on with me, and don't act like you don't know because you've made it perfectly clear you know so much about me already.

She paused, then moved to her chair and sat back down. She took her time gathering her thoughts, and I was about to tell her to get the fuck on with it when she began speaking again. ''We have reason to believe that you are a portal... to the other side Mr. Byrne. That you are being used as a way for Lilith to contact our realm. We do not know why she is trying to contact us but... You see those restraints?'' I looked down, which was unnecessary, I already knew I had been practically fucking dead bolted to this chair. What the fuck do you think? I asked sarcastically. ''Those can hold up to five tons of pressure Mr. Byrne.'' She smiled as she spoke, but I was getting a really fucking bad feeling despite it. ''This is why you are here, in this room, with us. We are going to find out what she wants, and it isn't going to be pleasant. I do hope you can understand the seriousness of the issue.''

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Re: [Closed] Supreme Intervention

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sat May 02, 2015 10:45 pm

OOC Message
Part 3 of 5.

What the fuck are you taking about it won't be pleasant? I was still trying to break free. I didn't know what they were going to do, but I knew what they were. I knew what their kind was capable of thanks to that fucking Ancient and I really didn't want to be the little fucking guinea pig in their twisted game. She said she was here to give me answers, but it looked like she had something else in mind, something she just so happened to conveniently forget to mention. The strain on my entire body as I tried to break free caused my veins to bulge out, and I let out a growling yell as I tried with everything inside of me to free myself. ''Four tons of pressure Mr. Byrne, there is no escaping this.'' She spoke as she pulled some white rubber gloves off of the cart they had pushed in and began putting them on. I didn't give a fuck what she said, I wasn't giving up.

When the sheet was removed from the cart I saw nothing but white buckets. I had no idea what was inside, and I didn't want to find out. It wasn't until she dipped a cup into one of the buckets to scoop some red substance into it, that I quickly realized was blood just from the way it moved in the glass when I knew for sure what the fuck was happening here. She placed a straw into the cup and set it right in front of me. ''The interesting thing about our blood...'' She spoke as she clasped her hands together in front of her and took a step back, ''Is when someone drinks it, we have an everlasting bond to that person. Unluckily for you... Mr. Byrne, we need that bond to summon Lilith. We need you drink, and as you can see.'' Her eyes flashed to the buckets of blood on the cart. ''We need you to drink a lot.'' - Fuck you! You're fucking crazy if you think I'm going to drink that nasty shit you crazy bitch. I'd rather fucking die! I snarled. - ''We can't allow that, but fortunately we have a plan B. I will give you one last chance to drink Mr. Byrne, and if you don't comply, we do it my way.'' I spit at her feet, Fuck you.

She didn't even flinch, she just sighed. ''Very well then.'' She gave a nod to the two men and they instantly started marching towards me. One gripped me by the hair and pulled my head back with so much fucking force he was lucky he didn't snap my neck. The other gripped at my chin with incredible force to try and open my mouth, I fought it, I really fucking did but he got his fingers in, and used both hands to pry my mouth open. I couldn't fucking shut it no matter how hard I tried. The amount of force he was putting on my teeth had me convinced they were going to bust out. I knew what they were doing, but it all really sunk in when I saw her place a really fucking weird looking tube in my mouth. The opening was at least two inches, it wasn't anything near a straw and I knew right then and there I was going to fucking choke to death if she was gonna do it this way, there was no way I couldn't.

She walked over to me and leaned over so she could face me head on. My eyes were wide, and breathing was erratic, I was fucking panicked. I wanted these fucking monkeys to get their hands off of me, I wanted it so fucking bad I made myself a promise to rip their fucking throats out the first chance I had. ''I need you to get control of your breathing Mr. Byrne.'' I tried to speak, I wanted to beg her to let me drink it willingly from the glass but it just came out as panicked sounds. ''I warned you this would not be pleasant, I guess I should have warned you that I'm not too keen on giving people second chances.'' She removed herself from my line of sight and I raised my voice, but I couldn't fucking talk with this fucking thing in my mouth and it didn't matter how loud I was she had clearly made up her mind. ''You'll have moments to catch your breath, it won't be constant.'' She tried to assure me but it was fucking bullshit. Not even a second later I heard her flip a switch and all I could hear after that was a sound that I could only describe as a vacuum. I looked down, I could see the red climbing up the tube and I started fucking screaming. I didn't know what else to do. I just screamed...

My screams were silenced as it started flooding my mouth, so much of the shit was running down my throat I was choking but that idiot had his hand so tight around my mouth and where the tube entered it that choking left the blood no where to go but out my fucking nose and eyes. I hadn't had a chance to breathe before it started and another spurt of blood went flying out my nose and onto the table in front of me. My vision had gone blurry, I was literally seeing red. I couldn't fucking take it, it wasn't even about the taste anymore I needed to breathe. I needed air so fucking bad that my struggles went calm, I couldn't fight it anymore. And just when I thought there was no hope the room went quiet. She shut off the machine, and the only sound that could be heard was the deep inhale through my nose. ''You're doing just fine Mr. Byrne, this time, remember to breathe before we begin.'' And just like that, that vacuum sound started up again...

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Re: [Closed] Supreme Intervention

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sun May 03, 2015 1:59 am

OOC Message
Part 4 of 5.

''Mr. Byrne?'' The voice echoing in my mind was distorted, it was muted. Like I was hearing it under water. I was mentally swimming to the surface, I could still hear that voice calling me, but it was like my mind was trying to run on jello, not blood. It was my own gasp for air that made that voice sound clear, but it was so much more than that. It was like I had the worlds most effective ear plugs in and someone had just ripped them out. All of the lights made buzzing sounds, even the walls and floors groaned, fuck it was all so loud! And the voice calling to me, I had never heard anything so clear in my life.

I was afraid to open my eyes, I didn't know why, but I didn't want to do it. The only thing that forced me to was the sudden feeling of relief on my scalp and jaw. And when I did open them, two black and blurry figures were moving away from me. I wanted to rub my jaw so bad, but I still couldn't move my arms. That's when I realized what had just happened. That voice suddenly hit me so hard it was like someone was inside my head trying to beat their way out with a sledge hammer. It felt like my heart was trying to claw out of my chest. That was just the beginning... The more that voice called to me, the more it felt like I had little shards of metal on my insides and a giant magnet trying to pull them out. I wanted to move in the direction of the voice, I felt compelled to, I felt the need to move towards that voice so fucking hard it physically pained me not to.

The woman in front of me, it was her voice I had been hearing, but as I heard her say my name again I realized that her lips hadn't moved. I was far beyond the high of fanger blood, I was in a realm of something completely different. Something so fucking different. Something worse. It was like another version of my own personal hell. ''The bond was successful.'' She spoke, but this time I actually saw her mouth form the words, even if the timing was off from the movement to the actual sound of it happening.

I felt a jolt in my stomach and something climbing up my throat. Only a second later I felt a thick liquid coming out of my mouth, I felt it pour down my chin and down my chest, and it didn't seem to end. It just kept coming out like a steady flow of water, like a river, but this river was red. ''It's like nothing I've ever felt before Edgar, the bond is so strong.'' Her words came out sounding almost euphoric, and the smile on her face confirmed it. ''That compound... The coven deserves compensation, please inform Master Emerson of the success, and take Isaac with you. I want to summon her alone.'' The door opened, and closed, and all I could see ahead of me now was a green light.

''Vincent, do you mind if I call you Vincent? I believe our bond is strong enough to do away with formalities, don't you think?'' I could hear her speaking, and vaguely see her silhouette behind the bright green light. ''I need you to focus on the light of the camera, no need to worry, this is purely for our own documentation.'' Her voice was shaking, I could hear the excitement and joy in her tone, like she was anticipating the best moment of her life. ''Just open your mind Vincent. Focus on your breathing, the light, and free yourself of every secret your mind works so efficiently at keeping hidden. Be clear, be focused. Can you do that for me?'' I nodded, and I knew why I did. I was just happy to be free of the torment, and unwilling to see what would happen again if I disagreed with her. ''You're going to feel a slight pull, just like before, but endure, as I know you can. You have proved to be far more resilient than we had expected.'' She paused, ''We are going to begin now.'' I heard her press a button, and could see a screen sitting on the table when I looked beyond and below the light, like a screen of a phone, and on that screen was me. There were streaks of red down my cheeks, and it heavily stained all around my nose, mouth, chin, and neck. I knew there was more, but it was soaked into the black of my shirt. The sight of me... It was terrifying. But that wasn't even the most frightening part, that was the fact that I knew we weren't alone. In this room, we were alone, but someone was watching, this was a live feed...

I felt the pull, for at least an hour I felt the pain of the pull she had described and I had moved beyond being able to endure it after five minutes. Sweat was mixing with blood now, and when I heard her scream that feeling of the pull completely disappeared and I was breathing so heavy you'd think I'd just jogged twenty miles. She shut off the camera and threw it against the wall. Shards of broken pieces came flinging at my side, and her once perfectly pulled back hair was now loose and frizzy. ''I have waited hundreds of years to speak to her, and you are not letting me speak to her Vincent Byrne.'' There was more rage in her voice than mine that night at One Shot. She looked manic, she looked absolutely fucking mad. I did what you asked. My voice sounded defeated and tired. ''Then you're not telling me something. What triggered her before wolf? What pulled her to the surface?!'' I didn't answer, and when she realized I wasn't going to she spun the ring on her finger around and slapped me so hard I could actually hear her diamond tearing into my skin.

''WHAT-'' She cleared her throat and straightened out her posture as well as her blazer, clearly trying to regain her composure as she ran the palms of her hands over her hair, and when she spoke again, her voice shook like before, but this time it was fueled by the opposite of joy. ''What is your trigger?'' I finally turned my head to look at her, and I stared deep into her eyes.


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Re: [Closed] Supreme Intervention

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sun May 03, 2015 8:18 pm

OOC Message
Part 5 of 5.

I could live through torture. I'd done it before. But these vampires had methods that... I couldn't take. I did have to give them some credit, it worked, it made me very fucking angry. I had lost track of time, it had to have been at least three days since I'd last been in Index, and at least two full days of them doing things to me I didn't even think was possible. Lacing their weapons and branding me with silver was one I hadn't thought of. It made it impossible for me to heal, it was going to leave scars. Maybe they wanted it that way, so I could remember it. I didn't know, to me they just seemed like the big evil men that ran casinos and tortured those that were caught cheating in the movies. No real motive other than sick joy of punishing someone for not giving them what they wanted. For not playing by their rules. But, despite everything that had been done to me, it was the branding on my shoulder, the same symbol Ursula had on her forearm that pissed me off the most.

Today was different. I was sure I was on the verge of death when the door opened to my dark cell and the same two men that had retrieved me before entered. This time, they didn't even bother binding my hands, I guess I looked just as weak as I felt. They stepped to either side of me and gripped me by my arms and carried me out. But today, we didn't go down the same hallway. Today, we didn't enter the white room.

They dropped me to the floor when we reached our destination and I tried to fight the shivers. It was freezing in this room, and without any clothes left it felt even colder. I pulled my head up and it wobbled, I didn't even have the strength to hold my own fucking head up, but I did manage to hold it there long enough to see the back of a man ahead of me. It wasn't Ursula, but that didn't mean I wasn't fucking wary just the same.

When the two men left, and the door closed, I tried to pull myself up but didn't have the strength to hold my own body upright. I found myself with my back up against a desk, letting it do the work for me, and the man finally turned around. ''I am happy to see you are still alive Mr. Byrne. At our last meeting you did not look as if you could hold out much longer. But I don't expect you to remember any of that, after-all, we weren't really talking to you then, now were we?'' He laughed, and it fucking sickened me that he would laugh while I was fucking dying. Like my life was a joke to him.

He took some slow steps towards me and clasped his hands in front of himself. He looked just as clean as that wench did the day I arrived. Expensive suit, shoes, watch, hell even the room looked like it belonged in some fancy fucking mansion somewhere. But the real fucking kicker was the fireplace in the distance, it was fucking digital. No wonder I was so fucking cold I could see my breath. If you're gonna kill me then just get it over with.  Speaking hurt, but I was glad I could get the words out. Fuck, if I thought I would welcome death before... I welcomed it even more now.

''Death won't be coming for you today wolf. The amount of my associates blood that you consumed on the day you arrived should sustain your beating heart until we are done with you. We don't want to kill you Mr. Byrne,'' he smiled, ''We only want to study you.'' - Haven't you studied me enough you sick fuck? It's been three fucking days, and just because I willingly left my home doesn't mean they won't start wondering, it doesn't meant they won't start looking for me. I was supposed to make steady contact with people, and when they fucking find me they're going to turn this place inside out.

He stopped, looking slightly confused for a moment before looking as if he had just realized something. ''It hasn't been two days Mr. Byrne. You have been with us for two weeks. Don't be disturbed, your mind has effectively blocked out the worst of your horror, and Lilith did the rest. While I cannot promise it won't come back to you eventually, for now at least, you are protected from the memory of what we have done. It is for the best however, if you did remember, then you wouldn't be quite as open to what I am about to tell you.'' Two weeks? It had been two weeks and... He passed me something, and I took it from his hands. It was my phone. No messages, no calls... They hadn't even tried? No one even tried? ''You can make a call if you wish... Or...'' He stopped to pull out a chair and sat down. ''I can give you something far more valuable.'' He passed me a flash drive. What is this? - ''It is the answer to all of your questions Mr. Byrne, and it is the key to your freedom.'' I looked at him, no, I glared at him. What's the catch? - ''There is no catch Mr. Byrne. All we ask is that you simply... Cooperate. We have inserted a small chip into your wrist. This chip allows us to find you wherever you go.'' - So what you're saying is I don't get my freedom, because where ever I fucking go you're going to follow. I interrupted. ''You misunderstand me Mr. Byrne. I didn't say our deal would grant you freedom from us, but freedom from your family of wolves.'' What the fuck did that mean? ''You won't be followed, but we do have eyes everywhere. The choice is yours. A call to your wolves for help, but you will be taken back to your cell, and they will perish, even if the did find us, which is unlikely. Or... Your freedom, in every sense of the word.''

This was a trap, I knew it was a fucking trap but I didn't have the strength to even try and figure out what was going on. I looked at him, then back to the two objects in my hands before placing my phone down and gripping the flash drive in my hand. I choose freedom. I regretted the words the second they left my mouth. ''Wise decision, very wise decision.'' He smirked before getting up and moving towards a door. He opened it and pulled something out, and I stared at the flash drive, it had the same symbol that was now branded into my arm on it. The symbol of Lilith.

When he moved back towards me he passed me a black pack. ''Inside you will find warm clothes, food, water, and a spare battery so you can call for a ride home. Just remember, no mention of any of this to anyone and we will hold up our end of our little deal here. And before you get any ideas Mr. Byrne, if you even whisper a word of what you have seen here, we will know, and we will exterminate you, starting with your wolves.'' I narrowed my eyes on him as he walked away, opened a door, and disappeared. And just as the door behind him closed, another opened, and I could see daylight...

Continues here...

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