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 [Closed] A good thing.

[Closed] A good thing.

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[Closed] A good thing.

Logan Milo Byrne | Human; Citizen

Posted on Wed Apr 29, 2015 10:36 pm

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Home | Backdated: January 14th, 2015

I woke up to the sound of crinkling papers under my face, and when I sat up they were stuck to the side of my head, by my own saliva which was apparently made of super glue. That would be the last time I'd drink straight Patrón... The night prior was a blur, and instead of normal memories when only bits and pieces are missing, only bits and pieces were in focus. I knew Debo had been there, but his was the only face I remembered out of the hundreds I was sure I had seen. I wasn't pity drinking, I was party drinking, there was a big difference. One version was something I did, the other version was something Vin did, and I wasn't nearly that pathetic.

A pair of white lace panties were tangled up in my toes, and after peeling off the papers stuck to my face I peeled my super glued eyelids open before immediately shutting them. Hell that sun was bright, which meant it was past noon, since the sun didn't hit my window until about that time. Shit... I reached down to pull the panties off of my toes, wondering where the woman they belonged to had gone and brought them up so I could look at them. As if I expected her name and phone number to be stitched into the tag, yeah right... The sight of a red stain hand me throwing them across the room like they were on fire, and my mouth curled down in disgust. EW! The reaction was worth the pain in my throat to speak it.

If there was red in those... Then what did my dick look like?! I couldn't even find the courage to pull the giant stuffed tiger off of me to see. Actually, where the fuck did that come from? In some twisted way, the tiger wasn't what made the whole thought of my sexual endeavors the night before kinky, it was the fact that my old football helmet was laying beside me with the word ''Gat'' written over the front of it, and the bottle of mustard on my night stand. What even the fuck...

I finally sat up, and the throbbing in my head, sudden rush of vertigo, and bitter taste in my mouth made me want nothing more than to cuddle up with Tony the Tiger and sleep until the next day. But I didn't, instead I pulled the papers that were stuck to my face over and tried to focus, quickly realizing these were the papers Melissa wanted me to sign. The papers that granted her full custody of Penelope. I'd put it off for months, and by now I was pretty sure that I had everyone convinced that I wasn't going to let her play mommy to my daughter. But upon staring at the giant stuffed tiger, the disgusting stained panties in the corner of my room, and the bottle of mustard I had a moment of realization.

I had good parents, and even after mom died my dad was a good dad. The right balance of discipline and freedom. I was well educated, encouraged to follow my dreams even if it wasn't what he originally wanted for me, and I had the opportunity to learn from my own mistakes. I loved him, he held up his end of the bargain he made when he got mom pregnant. He kept me in a solid home, never moved me away from my friends, and even when I was home schooled he made sure I stayed social and in touch with the world. I was fed, clothed, and loved. Maybe I was expected to be able to bounce a quarter off my bed after making it, and maybe I was forced to get a job as soon as I was old enough and maintain my education, but I never did without when it came to any aspect of my life. He made me into a responsible human being, he made me into a man.

Now what kind of dad was I? Waking up in some kinky porno aftermath, past noon with no idea of where my daughter even was wasn't even close to the kind of dad I wanted to be. Maybe that was because I didn't want to be a dad. Maybe mine had made me into a responsible man, but I wasn't ready to be a responsible parent, and maybe this was the easy way out but... Maybe it was the only way I could even do anything good in Penny's life. Maybe this was my way of doing good by her, just like my dad had done good by me.

I reached over to my nightstand to grab a pen. I hesitated at first, wondering why I felt so bad about it if it was really the right thing to do, but I pushed that thought aside and just assumed it was from my hangover. I signed my name on every page, and when I was done I even had a moment where I wanted to light the pages on fire as a way to take back the ink I had just imprinted. That couldn't be the hangover talking, so if it wasn't the hangover, then what was it?

I rubbed my eyes and folded the papers together. What was done was done, and I had my life back. This was a good thing. This was definitely a good thing.


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