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 [Closed] The Way It Was

[Closed] The Way It Was

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[Closed] The Way It Was

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Mon Apr 27, 2015 2:06 pm

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Avery Marx's Residence| Pre-Rain | 2pm

OOC Message
Takes place on Wednesday April 15th, set before this thread.

Lenny is wearing worn, slept-in, knitted sweater and sweatpants. He has very dark circles under eyes and fingernails are practically nonexistent

It was a day off work and it was good, because I was feeling so shitty that I didn't know if I could've made it in to Uncommon Grounds. Half the day I'd been stretched out on the couch, dozing through crappy daytime TV and trying to ignore the pounding headache and persistent cough I'd developed, the other half having been spent chain-smoking outside for as long as I could cope with the cold because I thought it was the only thing that seemed to alleviate the cough.

To put it simply, I felt like shit.

When the doorbell first rang I ignored it. I wasn't expecting anyone. I was also half-asleep and in no mood to get up. But it rang again, and then a third time, and with an annoyed grunt I flung off my blanket and stomped over to the door.

I swung the front door open wide with a scowl, ready to be pissed at whatever delivery person or salesman was at the door. I stopped in my tracks when I saw who it actually was.

Quote Begin Brad?!Quote End I stared at him, shock overriding any common sense I had until I reigned it in, pulling the door to so he couldn't barge in. I eyed him warily. I hadn't forgotten what happened the last time we'd seen each other. Quote Begin What do you want?Quote End

Quote Begin Look, Lenny,Quote End He had a small bag with him, a holdall, and I stared down at it because I didn't trust myself to look him in the eyes. Quote Begin I need your help.Quote End

I couldn't help it; I scoffed. Quote Begin What? You need my help? Is this a fucking joke?Quote End I frowned at him, laughing humorlessly before the action made me cough. I leaned on the door, pulling it further closed. A sentence like that coming out of Brad's mouth only made me more distrustful and I kept my eyes on him through the narrowing gap of the door.

Quote Begin Somebody outed me.Quote End Brad said. I stopped inching the door closed and stared at him, too shocked to be wary of him. For the first time I noticed how tired he looked, drained and not completely put together as he usually was. His shirt was creased and his skin had a very slightly greasy sheen to it, like maybe he hadn't washed. It was the first time I'd ever seen Brad look anything less than perfect.

Quote Begin Your dad knows?Quote End I asked after a long silence, already expecting the answer and as much as I hated Brad sometimes, my stomach still dropped when he nodded his head in confirmation. Quote Begin Shit.Quote End I licked at my lips, knowing how much that sort of thing sucked. I could only imagine the reaction Brad would have gotten and it did make me feel sorry for the guy. Even if he was a really shitty guy...

Quote Begin I just need somewhere to stay.Quote End Brad said, and my eyes had already widened as I started protesting - Quote Begin What? No, Avery-Quote End but Brad just continued, Quote Begin My credit cards, my bank accounts, all started in his name and he's shut them down. I've got the cash on me and that's it, Lenny, and most of that I had to use to get a cab from Seattle to here. You know what that's like.Quote End He said, staring at me with his teeth gritted, almost a glare at the thought I might reject him. It was that that pissed me off. What the fuck did I owe him? Quote Begin Yeah, but when I got kicked out, you didn't exactly help, did you?Quote End I spat at him, pulling the door closed.

Brad's hand got in the way, holding the door open. Quote Begin If you'd come to me, I would have helped you, Lenny.Quote End Brad said, his gaze boring into mine. It made me stutter, my mind going blank. He was right - I'd never even thought to go to Brad when things had taken a turn for worse in my life. I'd just run. Brad took the opportunity to continue, Quote Begin Jst for a day - so I can get myself sorted out. It'll be different,Quote End He softened his voice, and I let him pull the door open a few more inches, relaxing my grip on it as I listened to him, enthralled, Quote Begin I don't have to lie anymore, everyone knows. Everyone. So I don't have to hide, Lenny. I'll be different.Quote End

Quote Begin ...I don't know...Quote End I started, my mind conflicted. I could see what Brad was saying, and I knew what it was like - I'd been there. But the thought of inviting Brad into Avery's house still made me hesitate. I knew exactly how Avery felt about him. Quote Begin Just one day. One day, Lenny. I can stay out of Avery's way, she won't know I'm here. C'mon, you can't leave me to sleep outside, can you? I don't have my fucking car, I don't even have the money for a motel, and by the looks of the one in town I don't know if I'd want to stay there either. I don't know if anyone would.Quote End

My stomach twisted, a mixture of guilt for all sorts of reasons welling up. I felt bad for Brad, but I also felt bad just thinking about inviting him in when I knew how Avery felt. Quote Begin Yeah, it's crappy.Quote End I agreed, voice distant. I could remember that much from when I'd stayed at the Inn, but mostly I was just trying to prolong the avoidance of the big question. Brad kept looking at me though, not moving his gaze. I couldn't meet it because it was like it pierced right through me. I coughed a little and looked down at my feet, finally letting out a sigh. Shit, I'd have given anything to have help when I'd first come to Index. I wouldn't wish the stuff that had happened to me on anyone either, not Brad. He didn't know exactly how unsafe he'd be if he had to spend the night outside. And maybe he was right - maybe now his big secret was out, things would be different. Wasn't it that that had always caused the problems between us?

Quote Begin Fine. Okay, just one day, right?Quote End He nodded and I let Brad swing the door open, stepping aside to let him in. Even as I made the decision I couldn't help but feel that it wasn't a great one. But what choice did I have? It felt like any other decision would be just as shitty and I'd have felt fucked whichever one I'd made. Quote Begin Avery's not here.Quote End I said, thrusting a hand through my dirty, messy hair, and watching Brad go through to the main room, placing his bag on the table. He looked around and I suddenly felt conscious of how much of a mess the place was as he did too. He looked like he was about to say something, but held back. Quote Begin You.. wanna go shower?Quote End I asked, really just wanting Brad out so I could lie down on the couch again. It felt like my whole body was aching and the situation now felt awkward, and weird, and not something I wanted to have to deal with.

Brad looked around the room again, Quote Begin Why don't you go and rest, and I'll.. tidy up down here?Quote End Brad looked at me, Quote Begin You don't look so great.Quote End He said, and even though his voice was slightly gruff I couldn't help the difference in his attitude being a surprise. This was ridiculously nice, for Brad. He was already looking through the cupboards, fetching cleaning supplies and finding the vacuum without waiting for my response. Sleep sounded like a good idea, and as pathetic as it sounded, it always came easier when I wasn't alone in the house. So I just nodded and turned around without saying anything, padding slowly upstairs. I couldn't help mulling over what he'd said earlier. Maybe Brad could be different. Maybe things would be different. It was as much as I could think before I got up to my room and passed out on my bed.

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