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 [Open -1] Homework Assignment - Page 4

[Open -1] Homework Assignment

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Re: [Open -1] Homework Assignment

Farah Adams |

Posted on Thu May 21, 2015 7:34 am

Did I learn fast? Well, I knew I was smart and when it came to learning things out of a book it was almost too easy, I could have things memorized and totally committed to memory within a couple of repetitions. But when in came to people and 'the way of the world'... sometimes I felt like I knew nothing. Technically I knew the regular stuff; don't talk to strangers and be careful who you trust. All those little social rules that you grew up hearing. But I sucked at that stuff, I always had. I trusted too easily and was apparently much too friendly to people I barely knew. But I hated feeling like I had to be cold or standoffish just because because that's what society dictated was the right way to act.

I don't know if it's a case of learning fast. More that I've lived here my whole life and I know what people are like here. My grandma was pretty social, huge funeral and all that, and she knew everything about everyone. Sure felt like it anyway. I smiled and decided not to say anything about the whole reputation thing. My parents hadn't been told anything about Monday, which I knew because they would say it to me, so I was pretty sure that my own reputation as a 'nice girl' was still intact. Yeah you'd never pass for anywhere near forty, you've got a kinda young face. No offense of anything. My smile morphed into a grin at my words, knowing I was being cheeky again. It was fun though, especially since he didn't seem to take himself too seriously. I can't imagine being thirty right now. I mean, I know I will be but I've gotta hit twenty first. Time's already flying by as it is. I couldn't believe I'd be graduating and going onto college soon. I titled my head to the side when he mention calling his mother, figuring he didn't need my input on that.

My face was probably doing a really good impression of a mask of horror right then. I just couldn't get over Karmen's attitude. Who was this girl? I felt like I didn't know her anymore because she was nothing like the friend I'd grown up hanging around with. We'd never been the closest pair of the group but we'd gotten along and they're never been a problem. Until now obviously. It was sad really, seeing her become someone different and it definitely not being in a good way. She was acting out and being wild and it didn't suit her in the slightest.

But now it was time to take a little bit of control back in this situation. I waited as Ben spoke to her, actually nearly smiling at his words because it almost sound like he was kinda sticking up for me. Probably because of knowing my Dad. Or because he really was the nice guy I'd taken him for. I watched Karmen's face as he basically shut her down and somehow I managed to feel a little sorry for her. Maybe there was stuff going on with her that she hadn't told us about. Personal stuff that was making her act like a, well, a total bitch. 

She glared at him, obviously not taking the rejection well. "Whatever oldtimer, I was just tryna do you a favor anyway. Bet all the women you get with are botox rejects or total hoes anyway. Tacky bitches with stupid stripper names like candy just riddled with-" That's enough Karmen! I snapped, shocked and unable to listen to it anymore. I grabbed her arm and pulled her up from the seat. The other two girls helped and we made our way toward the door. Outside Karmen shook us off, called us a few more colorful names and stormed off. I asked the girls to wait by my car while I ran back inside to grab the stuff I'd had to put down to deal with her. My face burned as I thought about the whole incident and I could barely look at Ben. I don't think I can even begin to apologize for that. I'm really sorry. I'm going anyway so hopefully you won't be bothered by annoying teenagers anymore. Unless Karmen comes back for more verbal revenge. I smiled a little bit, still feeling sad because he was nice and I no one deserved to have that kinda stuff said to them. I gave him a small wave after I'd picked up my stuff and headed for the door.

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Re: [Open -1] Homework Assignment

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Thu May 28, 2015 7:26 pm

She attempted to fling insults, and all I could do was shake my head and grin before attempting to turn back to my screen. This really hadn't been a wise choice for a research location, had it?

It's okay, really. If I was concerned with the opinion of high school kids, no offense, I wouldn't be a very strong person. I took a phony sip of whatever drink I'd ordered, I couldn't even remember at this point.
And no worries, you didn't bother me. I hope your friends learn to respect you a little more, however. I paused, glad though, that the obnoxious girls were gone, and finished what I had left to say to her. Tell your dad hi for me.

Later on, in an alley near Play:
I could smell her, some cheap coconut scented body spray. She was outside of an entrance, smoking - probably her first. I would have almost killed to laugh at her first inhale, to witness her aura of confidence break down as she choked on the unexpected harshness of it. But that was okay. I was about to show her fear, real fear.

Her eyes lit up and she smiled as I approached. We were only alone briefly, as the guy I assumed she'd been with disappeared behind the door. She eyed me, as much as she could see in the dim street lamp.
"I'm not so transparent after all? Or you just didn't want to look like a pedo in front of everyone?"
Don't worry. I'm not a pedophile. I appeared immediately in front of her, leaning down just a bit so my eyes met hers.
I'm much worse. I didn't realize my own strength, and her neck snapped as I brought her head to the side so that I could feed. Her body was limp, but I fed until I was sated, and I just left her there.

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