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 [Private] Stare of Doom - Page 3

[Private] Stare of Doom

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Re: [Private] Stare of Doom

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Wed Apr 29, 2015 10:05 pm

This was why I had stopped helping people before. This was why I had stopped playing nice. All that shit earned me was shit. Humans were different, they were so fucking different. I was coming to a point in my life when I could actually admit that I preferred them over my own kind. The power our abilities gave us had a shitty effect on most wolves. It made them exactly like this one, it was sickening. I used to disagree with pulling rank over situations, conversations, or people. But fuck, maybe if Odin had done that I wouldn't have been left with messes like this, shitty examples for new wolves to follow.

Her apologizing had me even more infuriated. If she was really sorry she would have bit her fucking tongue before getting to that point where she felt the need to apologize. I grunted in response, I wasn't that quick to forgive someone just because they decided they wanted to drop the S word two seconds after lighting my fuse. This wasn't kindergarten, this was adulthood, ''i'm sorry'' doesn't earn you a gold fucking star. If you're sorry, you fucking prove it by being fucking better.

Listen, I'm not trying to pick a fight with you here. But, if I let you talk to me like that, then that gives everyone else permission to do the same. And when people stop treating authority with respect, the foundation breaks. At that point, there is no authority. The truth is, our lives are the definition of Murphy's Law. You're new, I expect you to roll in the green grass on the other side for a time, but in my position, the only option I have is to focus on the bad. I don't get the luxury of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, because I need to be the one that clears the path so others can. I'm not telling you to run around in doom and gloom over our problems, I don't expect you to, because that would make my job of giving you the freedom to do so redundant and pointless. I'm just saying I need voices that will admit the weight of the bad along with looking on the bright side. I can't have any wolf looking to only one side, to every yin there is a yang and those that take the bad so lightheartedly will not make it. And I don't mean that metaphorically either, the consequences of avoidance would be your life. I'm not saying you're this person, but I don't know you either, which is why I felt obligated to tell you. If you or I die because we want to live in lala land, then what is the point in having heightened senses, intense speed, or infallible strength?

I had said my piece, and I was feeling less angry as time went on. As much as I didn't need a therapy session, I, unlike her could see when someone was just trying to be helpful, or expressing their opinion without snide undertones. The truth was I wanted to knock her ass out moments ago, and maybe I only dished to her exactly what she had dished to me first. But now, I couldn't take anymore. After the other night I was emotionally and physically drained, I had no fight in me left, and if I tried to fight this, then I didn't know if I'd make it out alive. I understand where you're coming from. And as much as you might not believe me all I care about is keeping you, and the others alive. Maybe my usual tactics don't work the best on you, that's fine, that's part of why you're here, so I can learn what does work. I nearly cringed as I spoke. Not because I was being dishonest, but because I felt like a living contradiction. Had I not just tried to murder Oveyx only nights prior?

If she could crawl inside my head and really see what our history looked like, the blatant disrespect, the laziness, the death, the murder, the blood and everything in between maybe she'd understand. But considering she was new, nothing I could say would get the point across strong enough. It would be like trying to tell a baby they only have one day left to live. They wouldn't give a fuck, all they care about is the shiny mobile above their crib.

I appreciate your optimism, even if I can't understand it right now. That was true too, I meant it completely, but there was no way for her to ever understand the burden and weight of the fucking chains around my ankles. Every death wasn't on her hands, it was on mine. Every death seemed to take another link off those chains, slowly but surely reeling me even closer to my own demise. It's great that you and Ghost seem to get along. She's a wonderful Spiritual Leader, and has a natural talent for bonding and making people feel at home. But she's also new, maybe not to the pack but to her rank. Her attitude is somewhat blind, warming, but misguided. I admitted as I flicked the ashes of my cigarette into a nearby ash tray and took a drink from my glass.

But hey, you're the detective. If you truly believe we can use our abilities to save ourselves, then what would you suggest we do? Oh this had to be good.

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Re: [Private] Stare of Doom

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Thu Apr 30, 2015 5:28 am

My apology didn't illicit an amazing response, but I hadn't expected it to. I only hoped it had been accepted. I knew that an apology through action was always much better met than just a verbal one. How many times had I arrested junkies for crimes with them promising they'd get clean and not do it again... only to have to haul them back in the next week? All apologies and promises could end up seeming empty if it was what you were used to. It made me wonder a little about the rest of the wolves. I already had my doubts as to how hard-working they were, but I felt too nervous to say anything when I was still learning about the dynamics of the pack.

I nodded at Vincent, feeling slightly somber even in the noisy bar. I kept my hands in my lap. Quote Begin Yeah, you're right. I understand that. Quote End I didn't waste my breath promising to him that I'd try my hardest, but I made it to myself. I'd just have to show everyone that I had something to bring to the pack rather than expect them to believe my words.

Quote Begin I believe you. Quote End I said softly, after taking in what he said. I glanced up to Vincent, analyzing things and trying to understand in my mind. Quote Begin It can't be easy being the pack master sometimes.Quote End Much like being the chief in a large police station, it seemed a lot of responsibility stood on the shoulders of the man next to me. I'd seen good people get into that position of power in my secular work, but even if they wanted to do good, there was always workplace politics, funding and countless other things they had to take into consideration that made doing things nearly impossible. Then there were other times they had to make decisions they might not want to. Quote Begin I don't know everything yet, but it seems you have to make a lot of decisions. And.. if you care about the pack, then I'm sure because of that they'll be good ones even if they aren't easy. Quote End I smiled encouragingly at him. Too often, people who did put in work never heard any praise for it. I didn't like to seem big-headed but I was more than used to that at the Index Station.

I continued to watch Vincent talk, maybe like a student watches a teacher. I listened so carefully to every thing he said, filing it away into my mind and trying to make as many connections as possible, deciding that listening was a lot better than speaking when I still felt a little out of my depth. If knowledge was power, then lack of knowledge was weakness and I didn't want to speak wrongly out of ignorance. Quote Begin She's been very helpful.Quote End I said about Ghost, nodding. I said nothing of the other questions raised in my mind - just more things to find out on my own - of why there'd been a need for a new spiritual leader.

Compartmentalizing the countless questions in my mind had me distracted as I tried to see which might be connected, and it might have been that which left me so unprepared for Vincent's question. My eyebrows rose and I looked at him in shock, not having expected it. It was great to know Vincent might not be as two dimensional as I could have assumed, but also a little nerve-wracking that he was asking my opinion after I'd thought his opinion of my was just another underling, even if he did care about me in some way from his position in authority. I clasped my hands together in my lap and took a second to simply blink and think. Quote Begin I'm afraid.. I don't know. Quote End I admitted, glancing up to him with a gaze of wary conviction, Quote Begin Or at least, I'm not entirely sure what you do now, so I'm sure anything I suggest you probably already do. Patrols, surveillance, raids.. I know they're 'human' things, but with a wolves abilities they could be more effective, but...Quote End I was very much a believer that offence was just as important as defence. You could keep arresting the same criminals week after week, or you could plan out raids and hit them where it hurt, go for the big guys. I shook my head and let out a little laugh. I wasn't talking to someone uneducated about this sort of thing. Vincent must already know everything about what he could do, and was most likely just humoring me. Quote Begin I imagine you've got them set up and running, and you seem to have a big pack at your disposal to execute everything too. Without knowing more about it, I can't really help... and I don't know if I could help better than the rest of the pack must do already anyway.Quote End I looked around the very full bar, the majority of which were wolves, and then back to Vincent, Quote Begin Are things on a need-to-know basis? I did try to talk to some of the wolves about what you do as combative moves, and the training, but none of them seemed to want to. Even Ghost didn't talk about it.Quote End I hadn't seen much of Peyton, or at least not to talk to privately away from the pack, because she always seemed so busy. The wolves I had tried to talk to had been less than useless and had treated it like it was a big joke. I didn't want to tell Vincent that though, not in the bar, tattling on people in public. And since he didn't seem like my biggest fan and the other wolves might behave in front of him, there was every chance he wouldn't believe me anyway.

My question was punctuated by a fzzp of a sound near my ear, and I turned just in time to notice something fly past my shoulder. A cigarette butt hit against the outside of Vincent's glass, falling onto the bar next to it, and I looked back round in the direction it had come from only to see a group of male wolves all casually in conversation with each other. I shot a glare in their direction but didn't do anything. I wasn't even sure what had happened, apart from that the missile had most likely been aimed at me and was maybe even connected with how I'd spoken to Vincent.

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Re: [Private] Stare of Doom

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Thu Apr 30, 2015 4:13 pm

Maybe the arguing pissed me off. No, not maybe, it did piss me off. But despite what people might feel about that emotion it was the one feeling that felt normal to me. It was the one feeling I could control and it was the one thing I knew how to be. Happy was awkward as fuck when it came to most wolf company, and awkwardness just lead right back to anger. Sad was out of the fucking question because that usually did a one-eighty and took me back down the path of anger again. Everything lead back to it because it was fucking right, and it was comfortable, and it was powerful. It was a part of me like my eyes or fingers or toes. And, it was the one thing that actually helped me get shit done, it was my motivator, and it was everyone elses motivator. They didn't respond to anything else.

But now I had a new feeling. A feeling without a title or name. I couldn't describe it. ''Yeah, you're right. I understand that.'' How was I supposed to fucking respond to that? She wasn't supposed to tell me I'm right, she was supposed to challenge me, just like they all did. She was supposed to throw it in my face that I was the one that gave her this new life or... I don't know, call me a fucking wanker and throw a drink in my face. Hell I would have been happier with that, anything to uncage that beast of anger and find my comfort zone. But no, this was unusual to me, and I didn't know how to respond. I just looked at her with my mouth partially open and frowned because I was beyond fucking confused. How could anyone be this annoying and somewhat pleasant at the same fucking time? I wanted to yell at her and tell her not to fucking agree with me but then what would that say about me? That I'm not fucking happy when she agrees with me and not happy when she doesn't? Fuck this was bullshit!

I cringed. ''I believe you.'' Those words just piled another layer on top of my shit sundae. And she kept going, and going, and going, she was the energizer bunny from fucking hell. I smiled back, but it wasn't exactly sincere. In fact, I didn't think she was being fucking sincere either. ''Oh it must be hard being alpha.'' - It was like I was a fucking football player getting some shitty fucking pep talk from someone who'd never watched a game in their life. She had no fucking idea what she was even talking about. Yeah I had to make a lot of decisions, we all have to, every fucking day. I wasn't trying to make it seem like my life was so much harder because of it I was just trying to get a fucking point across that if she wanted to roll around in a field of daisies then she better be fucking prepared to find herself face to face with a bear. That was it. Jesus fucking Christ...

We don't do that. Any of it. That would be like pulling little girls out of boarding school and sending them off to war. We're out of our element here. Before we can prepare for any of that people need to be trained, they need to take it seriously, otherwise we might as well line them up at the ranch to be slaughtered with the rest of the cows. The previous alpha, the all might and revered Odin treated everyone like he was running a daycare. No one is prepared, and when he died he left the mess for me to cleanup. How you tell someone that has spent their entire life believing that yellow is yellow, that it's not really yellow, it's red? You don't, because they believe wholeheartedly it what they've been taught, they believe in their lifestyle like it's a religion. It just doesn't work that way. Unless Odin breaks through his grave and comes back to tell them what I have told them a thousand times over, nothing is going to change. They do not... Just forget it. I stopped, this was wrong. It was like I was repeating myself for the millionth time and even if she was new, that didn't change the fact that anything I said would no doubt be shrugged off. Even if she did hear my point, even if she could understand it, that wouldn't change anything. They didn't respect me, and like I had said before, the foundation was cracked, the only hope I had now was to keep as many alive as I possibly could, preventing anything was out of the question and impossible.

This isn't the point of our meeting. Detective or not your life is split in two now. And while you may be good at your job, as a wolf you're a warrior. I don't speak about these things with individual warrior's, I speak to all at once. If you want more about our battles and history, we have records. I'm sure Ghost would be more than happy to pull those up for you. As much as I tried to end the conversation there I had to answer her. I had to fucking defend myself because it all felt way too fucking familiar. No, it's not on a need to know basis. If you want the truth, then I'll give you the truth. I raised my voice, knowing damned well some ears were listening quite intently. The truth is, I tried to make a change. I've tried every fucking tactic in the book to get people to focus, to train, to take action against the fanger population that has been picking off our kind like we're nothing but slabs of meat in the frozen isle. They don't talk about it, because they don't do it. Their loyalty to their pack master died with Odin. Now I'm the big bad guy coming in to try and take their lollipops away without Odin around to restock them. They're pissed, they're on strike against me because of my title and how I earned it. It was their laws that put me in my position, but instead of hating their own fucking system for putting me in power, they hate me. They blame me. And with each death comes more blame, because none of them are willing to admit that it's their own fault. It's their own strike against me and my demand for discipline and focus that has left them vulnerable. If they'd pull their heads out of their asses and accept that things are the way they are, and accept me as their leader, and follow my orders, they'd be trained. They'd be prepared to fight against our enemy, and those that have died would be alive. It's the fucking definition of beating a dead horse. You may have hope now, but I'd be willing to bet that they'll suck that right out of you like they did me. They thrive on it.

I turned my head away to exhale the smoke in my lungs and turned back to look at her. It was hard to look at her. The way she thought was just... Yeah I'd spent all night comparing her to the rest of them but she wasn't like them. She was different, she was... familiar. She reminded me of myself after I was turned. So optimistic and full of life. That somehow wasn't a fucking compliment. What I was now, well I didn't even know if that was a good thing or not. Not after what had happened. Before this shit started happening I probably would have thought I was the person I was supposed to be. Hardened and tough wasn't always bad. But now I didn't even know anymore. Maybe I was just a giant fucking snowball effect of disaster. Maybe that's why I'd been wanting to really fucking hurt people. Maybe I'd just escalated beyond anything I could control anymore.

Maybe change is coming. And you know, maybe you're right. You never said it but I can tell you're thinking it. I said I need people to view the bright side, and acknowledge the bad, maybe I do dwell on the bad. I can admit my faults, but that doesn't change a thing unfortunately. I can admit shit until I'm blue in the face, it's going to take more than that to make a change. And when fear isn't a big enough motivator, then what else is there? When they want me dead more than they want their families alive, what can I do? Maybe she could make a change, maybe her annoyingly positive attitude would bring awareness to everyone. It was really fucking unlikely, but at this point I believed anything was possible.

I'd been spit at, protested off my fucking podium, had shit flung at me, literal shit. It was just another day for me. But maybe there was the smallest ounce of hope inside of me that new wolf could join my fucking side for a change. Even if that new wolf pissed me off to no end, even if I disagreed with her point of view, maybe I wanted to believe that there was an opportunity here. But having a butt flung across the room as some piss poor attempt to spoil my drink made me realize there was a difference between hope and a fucking pipe dream. I turned to look in the direction of where it came from, and got up from my seat. Who did it? I asked, my expression already tense with rage. Eventually one of them stepped forward, the smile on his face had faded into an expression that matched mine.

''I did.'' He held his head high and crossed his arms. ''You have quite a lot to say for a drunk Onyx. I wasn't even aware you even knew what had been going on, but I guess the all powerful alpha can't even block out the real problem with liquor. If you want to tell her the truth, then tell the whole truth. We all know it, you know it, and she has a right know. Tell her how you're the one that got Odin killed. I'm sorry, did you think we didn't know? The prophecy Onyx. Ophiuchus wasn't too happy to be ripped from her rightful position, and she got a little chatty didn't she? You didn't earn your title, you drunkenly stumbled into it. Orion is the rightful pack master and you're nothing, you're not one of us. Our fanger problem wasn't even a fucking problem until you started meddling in their business. Odin gave us peace, no one had to die under his reign, but you brought the fight to us, you killed our kind starting with Odin.''

The room went quiet, aside from a group of drunk humans in the corner laughing and loudly asking if ''this was real'' as they wobbled around trying to hold each other upright. I didn't tear my eyes away from him, I didn't even blink. There was so much going on in my head that it just turned into white noise. I opened my mouth, not even knowing what was going to come out. Muerte I snarled and he smiled. ''And that proves my point Onyx, you're a fucking killer and you'll never be anything more. You betray us at every fucking turn you worthless piece of shit!'' He was carried out the door and his voice trailed on, and I felt like I was the fucking kid in the play that couldn't remember his lines so instead he just pissed himself in fear of the audience. Everyone OUT! I turned to my company, Not you.

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Re: [Private] Stare of Doom

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Sat May 02, 2015 7:33 am

The explanation hit me like punch, or a bullet, ripped through me in the first initial stage of shock. And then, I could have laughed at the irony of it all. It sounded like an eerie parallel to my worklife, the hatred for authority, the refusal to do things right because they preferred their traditional way.

I didn't laugh though. It wasn't possible when the chilling confrontation took over. My blood turned cold as I watched the scene unfold, watching the wolf unashamedly stand up with such disrespect for Vincent. I couldn't quite remember who Ophiuchus was, and while I'd heard of Odin obviously I'd never met him, so the words made me feel even more out of my depth. Where was the family Peyton had talked about? I could feel the rift between these wolves in my bones, but I had no idea what to do about it.

I sat there, silently, feeling stupid and unhelpful but unable to do anything. I watched the wolf sneering at Vincent, the humans having the time of their drunken evening and then Vincent himself, his expression unwavering. Hadn't he said he cared for wolves, that he was just trying to protect us? If he hadn't told me that, there was no way I'd have made that assumption myself.

My head snapped to Vincent when he called out a foreign word, and then to the disrespectful wolf with utter dread. When he was carried out my heart only raced further, and I look back to Vincent in shock. My mind was going wild. I knew that wolf ways were different to human, but I had no idea what the command Vincent had just uttered meant, or exactly how far and deep the ways of wolves were.

I jumped up from my barstool, ready to protest or go after the wolf, or do something.. Vincent's order stopped me, and I stared back at him with wide eyes. I quieted and waited, watching everyone else file out of the bar, dirty looks thrown my way, but mostly at our leader. As much as they obviously hated him, they knew he meant business and fortunately weren't going to follow the other wolf's lead and challenge Vincent.Even as they were filing out I half expected on to turn around and try it. The humans were still laughing, a twisted soundtrack as the procession made their way out.

The bar felt desolate when the last person left and I let out a shaky breath. Whereas in the usual world if something bad happened, I knew what to do, I had no idea in this situation. Someone's drink had been knocked over in the scuffle to get out and the liquid dripped from the table to the floor. The drips echoed in the empty bar. I didn't understand whatever had just happened, just that it was important.

I laid my hand on bar. Quote Begin Fear can be a big motivator, but,Quote End I looked up at Vincent feeling wholly sad, remembering the words that felt like he uttered them a lifetime ago, Quote Begin Not a big a one as hate...Quote End I trailed off, giving Vincent a pointed look before turning away from him. It was obvious that a big problem in the pack seemed to be the wolves hating Vincent, hating him even more than their enemy.

My thoughts were conflicted. From what Vincent had said, the way he'd spoken, I wanted to believe that he had the pack's best interests at heart. But the unknown, the doubts of what he'd told the wolf who'd been carried out... his actions hardly matched up to his words, or so far they hadn't. He hadn't answered the outspoken wolf's challenges at all... just tried to make the dissension disappear. It reeked of dictatorship, step one foot out of line, raise any concerns and feel the wrath of the leader in return. Perhaps that should have been a warning for me, but instead of making me fearful, it just made me angry. The wolf might have been wrong to be disrespectful, but I'd come to see that the world was so rarely a black and white case of wrong and right most of the time.

Quote Begin What did you just do?Quote End I asked suddenly, flying round to face Vincent, stepping into his personal space . I glared up at him, unable not to with all the worst case scenarios playing out in my head. The wolf had been wrong but.. whatever had happened had left such a finalizing atmosphere in the air.[/b]

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Re: [Private] Stare of Doom

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sat May 02, 2015 3:54 pm

I shouldn't have listened, but still, as sickening as it was, I felt that she was right. But really, what the fuck did she know?  Flashing a badge around didn't earn you respect, if anything, it made criminals fearful. And fear had a way of making people act out in so many different ways there was no way to fucking define it. The whole statement just felt fucking hypocritical but right, which I didn't know what that meant. I guess no matter what it didn't change the fact that she was right. Even if I was desperately searching for a reason for her not to be. It was just fucking complicated, everything was fucking complicated.

I looked at her. The closing distance between us and her expression reeked of a challenge. A new wolf challenging me, just like I anticipated would happen. I had to give it to her though, she was faster to decide her opinion of me than others. I banished him. I answered her. I hadn't originally planned to answer her question, because frankly, it wasn't any of her damned business, but I was intrigued to see how she would react. Did my order make me feel fucking powerful? No, it didn't, it made me feel fucking weak. He was the first wolf I'd sent to rogue, and something told me it wasn't even his own challenge against me that forced me to do it, but my own fucking problems getting in the way. Maybe I was just fucking fed up with it, maybe I was just done.

But I guess you're going to give me a big speech about how there are different ways to handle the situation? Because banishing him is so much different than locking men into cells and barring them away from their freedom right? What you do is justice, and what I do is... What? What is it? Fuck this was going to be rich.

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