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 [Closed] I Vow...

[Closed] I Vow...

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[Closed] I Vow...

Helios Tallon | Army of God; Chief

Posted on Mon Apr 06, 2015 8:20 pm

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Brothel | Overcast | 10:00 PM

OOC Message
WARNING: This post is a bit violent, if that makes you uncomfortable beware. Read at your on discretion. Any italic text in between two line breaks = Stuff that happened years and years ago. The end of the post fades to black.

''Ginger baby?! It's Snow, for your ten o' clock!'' The woman standing before me was average height. Her skin was aged, each spot and wrinkle showing the hard life that lead to her owning the only private business in Index that specialized in this kind of service. Her teeth were stained from years of heavy smoking, but she moved herself as if she recently turned twenty-three. She did not hide her silver hair, and did not mind that the makeup she wore settled deep into her fine lines. What I had come to realize from the day I entered this very building was, the only thing this woman cared about was that her hundred dollar bills were facing in the right direction.

I tapped my finger on the counter impatiently, the various fans blowing the stale air around me did nothing for the sweat building up around my hairline. The woman did not turn her body back towards me, but her eyes did and they locked on mine. ''Yer gonna have to be patient darlin', yer not her only customer tonight.'' She turned back around and I frantically tried to find something to do with my hands, finally deciding to pull out my handkerchief and dab at the sweat on my forehead as I sat down in a creaky wooden chair behind me. I could not find comfort, no matter how I stood or sat, the tense feeling in my stomach nearly had me gagging and I was in a state of mental chaos. I tipped my head back and then forward, finally letting my face rest in my hands and my fingers rub so hard at my eyes I felt like they would pop.

I could hear their voices behind the curtain, their whispers not nearly quiet enough to exclude me from the conversation. ''I don't wanna work with him Crystal, he's weird, I'm not comfortable with his requests...'' My foot began tapping, ''We're here to serve our customers Ginger. You either fullfill their requests or you get out. I'm sorry if it makes you unhappy sweetheart but that's just the way it is.'' Their voices faded, and the sound of the groaning floorboards told me they were moving further away from me. I scratched at my arm so roughly my nails left white streaks over my skin. The sweat wasn't building up just because it was hot in here, but because I felt as if I was about to snap at any moment.

I shot up to my feet when the woman appeared again, this time reaching behind the counter to pull out some kind of log book. She began scanning the pages, ''Crystal isn't feelin' too well tonight sweetheart, but Brianna has an opening until eleven, you'll like her, she'll take real good care of ya'.'' No! I protested, It needs to be Ginger. An hour is not long enough. I do not know Brianna, I do not trust Brianna, it needs to be Ginger. I spoke quickly as my hands seemed to fidget around my body, scratching at my jaw, then my shoulders. I caught my reflection and it looked as if all color had been drained out of my body. With pen in hand, her body went still, as if she had been put on pause, but her eyes looked to watch my hands as they scratched at my skin. ''Listen hun, I dunno what yer on but we don't take care of your kind if you know what I mean.'' She dropped the pen and put the book back in it's place, and I was beginning to feel panicked that I would have to leave.

Just as I was about to open my mouth Ginger opened the curtain, ''Ready Mr. Snow?'' My feet moved as fast as they could without actually running and my head dropped to avoid eye contact with the other woman. I quickly opened the door when I neared it and started rushing down the stairs...

''NO, TRY AGAIN!'' His tone was so stern it came out sounding like a snarly command. My face lay in the dirt, the smell of coppery earth clinging to my nose and lips. My body ached as my hand slowly slid forward to grasp the beads laying only a few feet in front of me, but the sound of his whip snapping at my knuckles sent my hand shooting back under my chest. ''They. Are. Not. PEOPLE! Recite Helios!'' I lifted my head, and it wobbled there with an open mouth and wet cheeks, my vision blurry from the blood and tears. The vampire that hung behind him by the skin of his back like a hog at a butcher shop as he paced in front of me came in and out of focus. His jaw had been removed, and the liquid silver clinging to his wounded face caused him to violently move his body like some kind ferocious animal. He did not cry from his pain, he acted almost... Savage. The only sound that accompanied my own wheezing was the sound of his chains clanking against one another as he violently shook is body, attempting to free himself.

I vow... gargling coughs interrupted my own words, before he interrupted as well. ''The cruelty I inflict on you now is only a fraction of the cruelty these demons will show you in the real world Helios. If you cannot recite through the pain, how do you ever plan to fight for your life through their savagery? Recite, project!'' - Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you! I cried out when the stinging pain of his teachings came at my back. ''WRONG!'' - ''AGAIN!'' My own thoughts were betraying me, the only word that throbbed throughout my mind was the word of pain, not the word of wisdom, not the word of God...

''SPEAK!'' She yelled at me after dead bolting the door, and kicked me to the ground with her heels. It happened again, I failed. I immediately pleaded. ''What did you fail Helios? Say it out loud! She walked around me, pushing me back to the ground with even more force as I tried to stand. The vampire, I let him kill again... I admitted, my stomach turning against me as I let myself speak the words, the meaning behind them the cause of my anxiousness only minutes prior. ''And what happens when you don't fulfill the oath you took?'' I went silent, my pause causing her to ram her heel against my temple shoving the side of my face against the ground. That smell of coppery earth filled my senses for the hundredth time. ''Answer me Helios!''. I get punished... The force of her sudden kick to my stomach forced me to roll onto my back with a loud groan of agony. I curled up, wrapping my arms tightly around my sides again as I watched her hands trail over the dimly lit devices mounted to the wall. Her hand stopped on the whip and she pulled it off. ''Take your clothes off and get in position, now!'' I obeyed, and with all the force she had I immediately felt a heavy burn on my back. It felt as if my skin was on fire, it throbbed, it burned, it ached, it stung, a necessary punishment.

I felt her heel dig into the flesh of the back of my calf, ''RECITE!'' She yelled, continuing to fling the whip against my back with all of her strength. My vision blurred as the pain caused tears to cling to my lashes and drop into the dirt beneath me. I opened my mouth, my voice shaking and rattled with torment.

I vow...


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