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 [EVENT] Calm River Rafting & Camping - Page 8

[EVENT] Calm River Rafting & Camping

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Donna Chambers

Re: [EVENT] Calm River Rafting & Camping

Donna Chambers |

Posted on Thu May 21, 2015 7:06 am

You take me too literally, dude, I said to Lenny, and I felt like for a brief second, Jesse gave me one of those looks. Like, was he pissed because I was being nice to Lenny? Was he jealous? Shit, Jesse knew Lenny had parts I wanted no business with. But it didn't last long, and Jesse seemed to relax for real.

"I knew a dude in the scouts, please can we not sing those songs?" he said with a laugh.

Guys it was a joke! But yeah, anyway, I didn't really know if there was anything specific going on. I think I've been camping once or twice before, but it wasn't some event like this. It was just like... a couple friends and some beer. I think we were all so exhausted from the hike that we ended up passing out just as it got dark. Speaking of which; guys I gotta sit down.

And I found a picnic table not too far from the big fire, and I sat on the bench but with my back leaning on the table. It wasn't the most comfortable thing, but it was kind of supporting my back. I traded one pain for another. Beer in hand, hopefully neither pain would last very long. Jesse soon followed, since apparently there had been a leach connecting the two of us.

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Re: [EVENT] Calm River Rafting & Camping

Helios Tallon | Army of God; Chief

Posted on Mon Jun 01, 2015 5:07 pm

I smirked, which was an unavoidable reaction to display. I suppose it was plausible, perhaps his snack was long gone, but I had a feeling they probably were not. At least until nightfall, at that point I was pretty sure the raccoons would discover them and from that point on they really would be long gone. I can go back and retrieve them for you, if you would like. If they are still there anyway. I offered. Maybe they were not there, but offering could do no harm.

Nice to meet you Arden. I turned to Lenny, Socialize, tell stories around the fire, drink, just relax really. Something about camping makes all of those things more fun than usual. I answered before taking a drink and turning my attention back to everyone else.

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Re: [EVENT] Calm River Rafting & Camping

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Tue Jun 16, 2015 7:57 am

I looked between Helios and the blonde again, easing into an awkward smile towards her. Quote Begin Lenny. And, yeah.Quote End I nodded, vague and distracted as I glanced back to the beginnings of the campfire. Whatever we'd end up doing, I hoped it would be a good night.


The flames of the fire peaked up into the darkness, flickering and dancing while the fuel crackled and spat beneath it. Sparks flew about in the air, whirling upwards until they faded, ash occasionally joining them ad the branches burned. It was weirdly mesmerizing to watch and difficult not to. The glow kept drawing my eyes back and it was easy to forget how late the evening had become sitting in the pleasant circle of warmth around the bonfire. Someone was strumming a guitar and people were talking, chairs dotted around the bonfire, but it only produced a low, relaxed background hum.

I still had the stick Helios had carved for me earlier, twirling it round in my hand as I stared at and scrutinized the fire. Jesse was nearby but kept shooting me weird looks, which I'd at first tried to understand and after failing that had since decided to ignore him, pretending I wasn't noticing and that it didn't piss me off. Even though I didn't want to notice he was there, in the corner of my eye, making me feel weird.

I plucked a marshmallow out of the bad and stuffed it on the end of the stick, then spending a few minutes checking it was secured on right so it wouldn't just fall into the fire. I stepped forward from my chair, holding out my marshmallow stick and edging closer to the bonfire, the heat even more concentrated the closer I got, squinting and covering my face against the burning heat. I wanted to do the smore stuff right, but the closer I got the more doubtful I became. I frowned at the fire again and sighed, turning around and stamping back over to Helios and Mary-Ann, a picture of skepticism.

Quote Begin How the fuck will it not just.. catch on fire?Quote End I asked, wildly holding the stick up in front of me. Quote Begin The marshmallow.Quote End I elaborated, glancing to it. Quote Begin ..and the stick!Quote End I was becoming convinced that the tales of smores was just a long-planned joke and that the stick and marshmallow would just set alight if I put them over the fire. At the very least the marshmallow had to burn if it was that hot.. and the stick was a stick! It was made of wood, and the whole fire was made out of sticks. There was no way it wouldn't catch on fire like the rest of them had.

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Re: [EVENT] Calm River Rafting & Camping

Arden Rowe | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Sat Jun 20, 2015 9:43 pm

I nodded at the group, Cool, nice to meet you all. I listened to the blue-haired chick talk about her camping experience (not much, poor girl didn't know what she was missing) and then sit down, followed by the other guy who honestly was giving off tense vibes the whole time anyway. I figured whatever the original tension had been about probably had to do with that guy.

Those two aside, Lenny seemed like the awkward but well-intentioned types you sometimes see at the bar. Like maybe a little too nice or naive to really be in a dive so you kinda feel bad for them. And the other guy had a Spanish accent and spoke formally, maybe because English was his second language. Lenny seemed kind of attached to him, which I guess further enforced my original impression of him. In fact, from my general observation of the whole group they could all use this camping trip. Camping is good for the soul.


I sat on a blanket a few feet from the edge of the fire I had helped to start. One of my temporary neighbors was on her own blanket next to me, babbling about her boyfriend or something. I wasn't really listening, she didn't need much encouragement to keep going anyway. My focus was really on the epitome of perfection sitting in front of me. Yes, I really was a master of s'more making. I lifted it to my mouth and almost moaned when the marshmallow and chocolate and graham cracker combined in my mouth. I chewed and swallowed before trying to lick some of the marshmallow that had squished out off of my fingers.

I don't think people understand how awesome s'mores are, I said to the girl when she finally took a breath. This, of course, set her off talking again, this time about various foods and their merits. I gazed around the campfire, watching the various people and their endeavours. There was a general good mood and it was making me feel good. people were drinking and talking and just plain having fun. Normally when I camped I was alone. I had forgotten what it was like to go with friends. In fact, I hadn't camped socially since... well, since before I became a wolf probably.

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