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[Private] Don't get carried away.

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Re: [Private] Don't get carried away.

Erika Richards | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Sun May 03, 2015 7:22 am

Jackpot. I grinned, not hiding it this time because it could be played off as excitement. I managed to grab a few chips Vin'd left behind and shoved them down the front of my dress before he pulled me away. The fabric around my waist meant none of them were going to drop through and make it look like I was shitting poker chips, even if they weren't comfortable being literally all up in my tits.

I pushed him up against the elevator when we were inside, having it to ourselves after the next people got an eyeful of what were doing. Quote Begin Let's keep these safe for now...Quote End I purred, taking the chips off of him and sliding them into my purse. It wasn't the first time I was thankful that my gun was concealed in the inner pocket.

The doors slid closed and my hand slid down too, rubbing at his crotch through his jeans, leaning my body into Vincent's so he could feel it and touch as he pleased. I smirked widely. While he might be getting his jollies off from the physical stimulation, I was beyond euphoric over the scheme I'd managed to pull off. I kept at it, hand moving against his pants, lips pressing ever so slightly against his own, giving him the chance to take lead if he wanted. If he was a wolf as I thought I remembered, he'd probably like that.

The strange flip-flopping sensation in my stomach from the elevator rising soon leveled out, and the doors opened with a ping. I extracted myself from Vin and I didn't even need to put on how breathless I was. My eyes might as well have been poker chips, and my brain too, because that was all I could think of. The extra things in his jacket only made the catch even better. I was tripping so much on euphoria I could practically feel my veins humming.

[b] Quote Begin Get us a room, babe. I'm gonna go freshen up.Quote End I bit my lip, giving his crotch one last gentle squeeze before heading to the bathroom, heart hammering away as I started walking. Walking away from a target, actually getting out of their sight, was the final but maybe most thrilling part of swindling someone. I just hoped I'd given the guy enough 'distraction' and incentive to get a room that he wouldn't follow me into the ladies in hopes of a quickie instead.

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Re: [Private] Don't get carried away.

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sun May 03, 2015 7:29 pm

OOC Message
I took advantage a bit, since we figured she'd take her chance to bail once Vin went to go book the room. If you don't think she'd leave I can edit and fix. :D

Jesus, maybe it was stupid but she caught me off guard. The way she had acted all night was a clear sign that I was really fucking stupid for not expecting her to act out the second we were in the elevator. I should have known, I should have been happy about it. I mean I was happy about it, especially since she didn't waste any time letting her hands explore areas that were dying to be touched since she had placed herself on my lap. I willingly let her take the chips, unable to hold them as a feeling came over me, something really fucking weird came over me. Her hands were distracting me from everything, and her body... I leaned my head back against the wall behind me and probably looked like I was enjoying myself, which I was at first, but now I just felt off, really fucking off. Something wasn't right.

When the elevator stopped, the feeling didn't. I tightly closed my eyes to shake the feeling, not even able to feel angry that whatever this was had to happen now. Right when I was about to be rewarded for my fucking patience. I just brought both of my hands up and rubbed my face as I stepped out of the elevator. No. My eyes flashed, and I shoved her against a wall using my body to pin her there. I didn't know if I wanted to fuck her or eat her, but from the way my hands were moving over her breasts and mouth was going in to bite at the skin of her neck I had to assume fucking was on my mind but even then, I didn't feel like I was in the my right mind. It all felt like a wave of primal instinct mixed with something else...

I had to actually push off the wall behind her to pull myself away, and I stumbled over my feet. It felt like I was trying to walk through one of those shaky floors you find in a fun house at a carnival, and it looked like I was trying to see through a kaleidoscope filter. Just go... I'll Fuck I was dizzy. I'll get the room and meet you back here. I could only hope whatever the fuck this was it'd fade out soon.

I made it to the counter and practically fell onto it, using the surface to hold myself upright. The man behind it spun around on his chair and smiled at me. He just kept grinning, even as I couldn't hold myself upright anymore and fell onto the floor. I tried to speak, and when he came around and grabbed my arms to drag me away he didn't say a word. Fuck had I had that much to drink? I hadn't felt this sloppy drunk since I was a fucking teenager. I remembered being placed into a wheelchair and taken to a room, the number on the door was one of the last things I remembered clearly. Number one-twenty-seven.

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