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[Private] Surprise, Surprise

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Re: [Private] Surprise, Surprise

Monday West |

Posted on Thu Apr 09, 2015 3:14 pm

Quote Begin No! No, this isn't you fault... maybe it's no-one's fault, but even if it's not so fun, I need to be responsible.Quote End I smiled, so happy that Farah hadn't gotten offended. Perhaps I'd lived with Sarah too long with her post-natal depression, where any tiny little thing I said could be blown out of proportion and make life a living hell.

Besides that, I felt that really it was my fault. I'd lead Farah out into the kitchen, letting my desire get away with itself a bit too much. And as the older one I couldn't help feel that I had to be the more responsible one too. The thought that Farah wasn't even sure she was past the age of consent was sobering, but then if she wasn't, it wouldn't be her who was affected by it.

Quote Begin We'll both have to behave ourselves... and think about things, work them out. That age thing for one, but it's not as if that's.. urgent or anything.Quote End I smiled, sheepishly, and then grinned at Farah's confession of being happy. It made me feel I was going to burst apart with happiness. Quote Begin I really like you, too.Quote End I said, a small smile on my lips as my eyes burned with feeling.

I wanted to sit by the fire with Farah's head resting on me for as long as possible, but I knew those sort of thoughts were the type that had made me get out of control. I rested my jaw against her hair, nudging to press a kiss to Farah's temple. I was trying to prolong the time in the kitchen rather than go straight back to the TV room, mostly because of a bit of an embarrassing situation. I'd already positioned my legs and jumper to hide it, but I just pulled at the latter more when Farah pressed about moving.

Quote Begin Um... maybe you could, I think I need a few minutes before I can. Aren't you the one who loves Dinosaur so much anyway? Not that I didn't used to... but after the hundredth or so time it's not so exciting any more.Quote End I laughed a little, anything to distract my mind onto safer subjects and away from the girl next to me.

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Re: [Private] Surprise, Surprise

Farah Adams |

Posted on Tue Apr 14, 2015 6:49 am

Another smile tugged at the corner of my lips as he tried to pretty much absolve me of blame. It was like ridiculously nice of him and all, but he needed to stop doing it. I'd been just as bad if not worse from the second I'd felt his lips on mine again, age shouldn't be some kinda free pass for me. I can settle for no one being to blame if it means you stop trying to me come across like an innocent. I joked. Just because you're older doesn't mean you're the only one who could act a little more responsible, so really, I'll try too. Well... I'd try to the best of my ability and hope that I didn't end up jumping on him every time the opportunity came up. Maybe situations where there'd be minimal alone time would be safest? I hadn't been able to think straight when I'd followed him in, like my brain had just... short circuited as soon as I'd crossed the doorway. Which was funny in a tragic, 'ohmigod I'm so out of my depth'- way.

Yeah, I know. Maybe it's good we had a few moments of impulsiveness, making way for all the 'serious stuff'. I laughed a little, thinking that I'd probably still enjoy just having a reason to talk about things like that even if they weren't as fun. You're right about the age thing too, I've just been thinking of myself as eighteen already I guess, since it's so close. Which was probably kinda immature now that I thought of it. Like kids always got excited about their birthdays in the build-up and jumped the gun a bit. Something I'd now freely admitted to. So great.

But the urgent thing... maybe it was a good thing he'd decided to be the mature one about all of that. Obviously I was still too hormone-ruled because it sure as heck felt urgent to me. It'd definitely felt urgent just moments ago when I'd been this close to climbing on his lap or worse in his freaking kitchen. Where we totally could've been walked in on. Oh God, yup his sense of responsibility would probably have to stretch to cover both of us if I couldn't get myself in line.

His words about liking me back just had me sighing happily and moving closer, just completely leaning into him and feeling ridiculously small and well-protected as I did so. If I'd learned anything from what had happened it was that with Monday I was just totally safe... even from myself. Even when most other guys wouldn't have been able to think the word 'restraint'- nevermind use it. The feeling of contentment only washed over me more strongly when I felt his lips against my head, 

Huh? I asked, pulling my head away to look up at him. Why did he need a couple of- oh, oh! I took in the way he was sitting, remembered how he'd just tugged on his jumper, and heat flamed across my face along with a huge grin that I couldn't do anything about. It wasn't a funny 'ha-ha' situation exactly but... well, it was something even if I couldn't pin-point what that was. Yeah, I'll go out first and give you a little bit. Oh! I should probably grab a drink, right? Where are your glasses? I stood up as I remembered our cover story, walking over to the cabinets but reluctant to just start rooting through them. And yeah, I can't believe you made me miss so much of Dinosaur. I was seriously looking forward to that when Tom mentioned it, for your information. I teased, peering up at the doors. Why'd all kitchens feel like they were built to make me feel even shorter?

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