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 [Closed] Downward Spiral

[Closed] Downward Spiral

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[Closed] Downward Spiral

Arden Rowe | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Fri Mar 13, 2015 3:20 pm

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Sunny | 7:30 pm

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Partially a closed post, partially a response to this thread.

I pulled up to the bar at about 7:30 to start opening the place up. It was a nice 70 degrees and the sun was still up thanks to daylight savings time. When I walked in I found that the doors had already been unlocked and Vaesa was in the back room, filling out paper work or bookkeeping or whatever it is that she does. I poked my head in to acknowledge her before I got to work, but I was surprised when she invited me in. The warm weather and sunshine had put me in a good mood. I'd already been camping a few times and had been using every opportunity to head outside and soak up the sun, but the bar's backroom only had a few small windows and wasn't the lightest place.

My mood was further dampened when she gave me that serious 'we're going to have a serious chat' face. We'd been getting on pretty well, I'd always respected her and Ozra and tried to be a good employee. I tried to think of any ways that I could have pissed her off, but it wasn't coming. What's up? I said, sitting on the couch they kept back there. (I wouldn't advise following my example, who knows what - or should I say who - has gone down on the thing?)

"There have been some changes in the pack, have there not? I just wanted to know your opinion," she said. But I could tell that the statement was underscored by a question - are you planning on sticking around? Vaesa and Ozra were two wolves that I respected and who knew more about my past than any of my other packmates. They knew I wasn't entirely happy with the pack and that I was restless. I could understand why she was asking the question, but boy was it a loaded one.

The new year had brought some pretty extreme changes for the pack. Chief of these was a new spiritual leader - I hadn't met her yet, but I'd heard she was a lot different from Ophiucus. To be honest, I never really bought into the whole "spiritual leader" thing. I mean, just accepting the mere existence of the supernatural had been hard for me, but since I'd come to terms with that I still couldn't quite get the idea of the spiritual leader or whatever. I mean getting a prophecy? From a wolf I'd yet to meet? (or in Ophiucus's case, even like) So no, I hadn't exactly introduced myself, and I didn't plan on it either. The last thing I needed was another person trying to tell me what to do with my life.

And then there was the new warlord. It was the wolf I met at the springs when Onyx was there - Peyton. Shit, now that she was warlord I was probably supposed to call her Oveyx. Anyway, all I could say there was that she seemed to cool and she had pulled off something pretty great by being a female in a position of power. How she did it, I had no idea. And a lot of wolves had complained about the decision, but I was all for it. The idea that women shouldn't be in power was archaic and it was about time someone did away with that.

The thing that Vaesa was probably focused on was the newest proclamation from our beloved dictator, Onyx. He was threatening to send us to the dungeon (no, I'm serious, stop laughing) for disagreeing with "decisions made by rank, for rank" in other words, don't fucking complain about the new warlord or I will send you to... THE DUNGEON! (DUN DUN DUN) Wolves were now required to have training sessions with a warlord or our supreme ruler. This was probably my least favorite part of his proclamation - I already trained independently, and as much as I liked Peyton, I didn't really want to have forced training sessions with her or Onyx or any other one of my 'superiors'. I was already trying to discern how long (if at all) I would be able to avoid this one before I was thrown into... THE DUNGEON! (DUN DUN DUN) There were also some other rules that didn't really pertain to me, and I couldn't help but notice the new age requirements Onyx was placing on the pack - we all knew who was really trying to keep out of power.

You mean the new rules? I said to Vaesa, Well, can't say I'm to excited for those weekly training sessions. She nodded, but was still giving me this scrutinizing look that told me she wanted me to be straight with her - she didn't take shit from anyone. I'm not a fan, but I figure I'll deal with it. I wasn't going anywhere - not yet anyway. Having given Vaesa her answer, I turned to go.

"Olympia, one more thing." I stopped in the doorway and turned back to face her again. "Ozra and I have noticed recently that you've been drinking more?" My face hardened. My brother had noticed too. Even the flux in vitamin D hadn't really been enough to quell the stress and anxiety I'd been feeling. I wasn't sleeping as well and I was drinking a tiny bit more. So what? I'd call my sponsor next week if I had to. I'd liked having family like Ozra and Vaesa and even Landon around, but I'd forgotten how annoying it could be. I'd been sober before and I could do it again. And I would laugh in the face of all the AA members (and my sponsor) who'd told me how stupid I was being. Once you were sober you weren't supposed to go back. And there was a history in my family. But I'd always liked drinking casually, a good whiskey or bourbon made my day better. I was just proving that I had self control. And now I was just exercising that self control a little less. It was no biggie. But I could tell from Vaesa's face that she knew what my excuses would be and she did not agree.

It's no problem. I said, and left before she could say anything more. I started opening up the bar and breathed a sigh of relief when 8 o'clock, opening time, rolled around and she still hadn't come out of the back room to continue the discussion.

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