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 [Closed] Catch of the day

[Closed] Catch of the day

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[Closed] Catch of the day

Monica Cervantes |

Posted on Sat Feb 21, 2015 1:15 am

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Police Department | 30's, light snow | 3pm

OOC Message
Attire and also a badge =P

It hadn't taken nearly as long as I'd expected to move into a plainclothes slot. Well, I was training for it. Most of the veterans here were older guys who for whatever reason liked it just where they are. They were content to play it safe handing out speeding tickets. Maybe I was still a little green to be in the spot I was, but I wanted it, and I was a fast learner. In fact, I felt I'd more than proved that point when I finally brought him in - one of the guys from the video in the (now cold) murder case. Everything I had learned about the case and the victim had made me consider dragging my feet. There were lots of loose ties between the vic and some shady dealings, especially on the east coast. But it was all conveniently circumstantial.

As for the man I'd finally found, his ID showing the name Shane Mathis, I couldn't be sure. I couldn't pretend to be seasoned enough to predict guilt or innocence. Whatever it meant, the man seemed calm, but defeated. I had only caught him by the skin of my teeth, and trust me he had been running. He was athletic and cunning - but he was quiet. I wasn't brave enough to question him yet, not without some information on my side. Now that I had a name, we would have that in no time. But he made me nervous - I just couldn't get a feel for him. The boy hadn't even lawyered up or requested a public defender.

"Mon, take a look," Brian called, motioning me over to the computer screen where he'd pulled up medical records. "See that?" I flipped my badge around, which was forever turning the wrong way, and stepped into Brian's office, behind his chair so that I was looking at his computer screen. He was pointing to a part of the screen, touching it, which for some reason irked me. I leaned in to see what he intended to show me. Move your damn finger, Brian. Once he did, I saw the text, the font so small I had to squint.

Further information available upon request with necessary clearance.

What the.....
"You know what that is don't you? That's usually a tag for witness protection peeps. Dude's probably innocent."
Bull shit, he was tired of running, or at least that's my guess.

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