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[Private] Something to Choke on

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Re: [Private] Something to Choke on

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Sun Apr 05, 2015 11:41 pm

Quote Begin Bath? It wasn't a bath like that, I mean, fuck, it was practically a hot tub it was so big. It's not like we washed each other or anything.Quote End I tried to defend myself, but I could feel my face burning slightly. Throughout the period of mine and Avery's friendship I'd had many recurring doubts about the things she did, but had always just brushed them off or ignored them... mostly because I didn't want to infringe upon what she wanted to do - which was fine - but there was a small part of me that had enjoyed the visuals and it was that which induced the feelings of guilt I was starting to experience. I bit on my lip and shook my head in frustration.  Quote Begin Really?Quote End I asked, quietly, frowning at Helios, Quote Begin I never thought about it like that, I just... I thought she knew.. fuck.Quote End I nodded, resting my head in my hands and glaring at the table, resigning myself to wait before I went after Avery. I felt so lost. Quote Begin Um, I...Quote End Shit, I didn't want Helios to leave, if only because I didn't want to be left to deal with Avery on my own. Having Helios there felt like a buffer.

I didn't get a chance to reply to him, interrupted by the sound of the door opening. I shot upright in my seat, hope beginning to rise within me that things might not be as bad as I'd thought. Quote Begin I.. don't worry about it, I just...Quote End I trailed off with a small nod, unable to convey what I was feeling, and watched Avery leave. I twisted my hands around each other as I thought, pulling at my sleeves and frowning. It almost sounded like the only reason Avery had been upset was her headache, and that maybe it'd be fine in the morning.

I turned to Helios, slowly starting to smile. Quote Begin Uhh, I mean, I guess if you want to go... I don't really know how to do the rest of the food or what even needs doing or whatever. But it kind of seems like Avery's fine now, right? Just a headache. It was probably the wine.. or the shock too, yeah, but I guess she's okay with the other stuff, she didn't say anything.Quote End I let myself smile, slowly giving in to the relief. Quote Begin Fuck, I thought she was really upset there for a bit.Quote End

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Re: [Private] Something to Choke on

Helios Tallon | Army of God; Chief

Posted on Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:00 pm

I cocked a brow, fighting a smirk all the while. My expression quickly morphed into a frown at the idea of them washing each other. I did not know if I found it attractive or disturbing considering their relationship. Understandable. I lied. It was not every day you heard about a magazine cover model bathing with her bisexual roommate. Even if he had been homosexual, the entire idea of it was not something I would have ever considered normal. Was that not an intimate thing to do with someone you loved? Maybe my lack of experience with the entire idea had turned me old fashioned.

I am sure she will come to accept that it was just a misunderstanding Lenny. It appears we all made assumptions here. If she was truly his friend then I believed she would push her mistakes aside and mend what had broken here tonight. I felt horrible for making him worry like that, and for making her feel so bad about everything. That was something that they should have discussed privately and my own mouth was the cause of the destruction.

When she appeared again, the extent of the damage became incredibly apparent. Oh no, it is completely understandable. I assured her as I stood up from my seat. When she disappeared the words that came out of Lenny nearly had my jaw on the floor. Oh dear... was all I could reply with, completely shocked that he could find her early leave anything but bad. I think it is best if I go, we can do this another time. I admitted, knowing very well that things were not as fine as he assumed, and I had overstayed my welcome.

I picked up my plate and carried it over to the sink before adjusting my jacket. Be sure to tell Avery I had a wonderful time, have a good night Lenny. I excused myself to the door rather quickly. I had no idea what to say to him, and as bad as I felt for not explaining to him that things were not as fine as he thought, I was also glad knowing his misunderstanding of her actions would make the rest of his night less stressful.

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