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 [Closed] Cold Case

[Closed] Cold Case

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[Closed] Cold Case

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Thu Feb 05, 2015 1:55 pm

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Police Department | Cloudly | Midday

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CCTV Stills

A folder slid off when I propped an elbow on the old, creaky desk, and with a small sigh I leaned over the side of my chair to pick it up and replace it on top of the stack.

The pile of folders had been on my makeshift desk for a few days. I'd had the intentions of dealing with them straight away only to find out that the officers had been failing to actually file their reports, and had spent the last few days creating a filing system to organise them.

My fingers brushed over the top folder, and I pulled in to the center of the desk, in front of me. It was the first of many cold cases that I wanted to look over. If what I'd seen so far of the other officer's work, it was likely they'd both missed and failed to do a lot in the cases.

Murder. My brows shot up as I began reading the case overview. Murder wasn't common in a town like Index, and when it happened was likely to be a marital dispute or a bar fight out of hand. As I continued looking through the information it became obvious that this was neither of these. The name of the victim was still a mystery, the body being found with no ID or personal belongings, and no-one had come forward to report him missing. The murder weapon hadn't been found. The murder itself seemed eerily professional, the throat slit with one, decisive cut.

I'd transferred to New York Police Department when I'd first been promoted to detective, so gruesome murders weren't new to me and I sighed at the likelihood of it happening in this sleepy town before pulling out more sheets from the file and spreading the little records of evidence they had over the desk.

My musings on how out of place the crime seemed stopped, along with my heart, when I looked at one of the photos. I picked it up and held it as close to my face as possible, my mouth falling open. It felt like the blood was draining from my face.

It was Sam.

The CCTV footage still was grainy, blurry even, and the figure's face was partially obscured, but I could still tell it was him. Sam. My hand raised to my mouth as I stared at the photo.

I'd been looking for him for months, with no leads, no clues and no idea of where to start. A feeling that something very bad had happened had sunk into my gut already, and this evidence of him being a potential suspect, pictured at a crime scene, only cemented my dread.

Oh, Sam... what had he gotten into? Where was he?

I placed the photo back down and picked up the one laid underneath it. It had been taken in the same place, on the same day, but was of another man who I didn't recognise at all. My finger stroked over his face as I thought, frowning at the image.

I stood up from my chair so suddenly that the colleague passing jumped, almost spilling his coffee, and turned to look at me.

Quote Begin Officer? Are you familiar with this case?Quote End I asked, showing him the file as he was the only other one there - everyone else had gone on lunch.

He squinted at the folder, and nodded. Quote Begin That one? Oh yeah, everyone knows about that one - hard to forget those photos.Quote End  He winced as he caught sight of one again, and leaned away.

Quote Begin And these photos? What efforts were made to find these men?Quote End My heart raced as I picked up the two CCTV stills and thrust them at him, my unusually demanding behavior eliciting a raised eyebrow from the man.

:Q1:Well, we put them up online, think they went in the paper too. 'Got no responses apart from a few crazy old women wanting to waste our time.Quote End

I gritted my teeth. The stupid officers were good enough at wasting their own time, or anything other than do their job.  Quote Begin What about circulating it? Did you go to local businesses, ask anyone if they knew these men?Quote End

The officer was now physically recoiling. Quote Begin No? Look, I wasn't even on the case. Officer Cervantes was, but then they closed it anyway because there wasn't any new evidence -Quote End

I glared at the man, every muscle in my body tense. Why hadn't they used this evidence properly? It could be crucial to the case- a murder! Quote Begin I want these circulated, as soon as possible - every house in Index. Quote End I said, trying to pull my rank. With enough officers the task wouldn't take long, and someone had to have seen Sam.

My colleague just snorted. Quote Begin Do it yourself, aren't you the detective? You could ask that pretty Officer Cervantes to help you too. I've got my own work to do.Quote End He leered at me  and pushed past, knocking me out of the way as he barreled down the walkway.

I stared, breathing hard as he disappeared out of the door. I didn't even have it in me to be properly angry at his disrespect. I glanced down at the photograph in my hand. Yes, I would do it myself. I'd do anything if it meant I was one step closer to finding Sam.

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