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[Open] Spice and Ice

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Re: [Open] Spice and Ice

Angel Vega |

Posted on Sun Feb 01, 2015 7:20 am

OOC Message
Outfit & Phone / Phone Case

Okay, I knew I was being obvious today, whatever. I was wearing pale colors and a beanie, and the cold air was making me blush way too much. I looked like a straight-up twinkie. Still, I knew I could lie and say that I wasn't gay if an awkward exchange was made with a stranger... or, maybe I couldn't; I'd just publicly taken a selfie with the gayest iPhone 5 case a guy could have. But I mean how could I not have?? Looking super cute was just a problem society had with me, not a problem I had with myself... So yes, I snapped a pic of myself making one of my usual selfie faces right in front of the tea shop I frequented. And I was damn proud. That selfie should be on Tumblr radar, shit.

Ah, yes, tea shops. Tea shops and coffee shops! I didn't know what it was about them, but they always made me feel comfortable. Nobody at these beverage places cared about what I was wearing, or what I was interested in or, hell, who I was interested in. Tea shops and coffee shops were my sanctuaries. <3

I tucked my phone into my backpack and walked inside, out of the cold, and up to the barista. Awwww, Autumn was working today. I mean there was nothing wrong with Autumn, I just preferred Matthew because he was, well, a cutie, heheh. Cuties were another reason I frequented tea & coffee shops. Got a list of Starbucks lovers...

"Hey Autumn! Could I have a Pumpkin Spice tea?" I giggled slightly at how Autumn's name related to my order. Gah, the cheese was so real. She smiled at my giggle and laughed a bit herself before playfully telling me to "get out of here." I hiked up my backpack and turned to sit at my usual seat–

Juuuuust to find that a blonde girl was sitting there with a cute, weeaboo Asian--...wait, could you be a weeaboo and be Asian? Because...wasn't the definition of weeaboo a wannabe Asian? But did that even count for Asian Americans?? ...whatever, she was cute, and I really needed to change mental-topic because I was starting to sound really racist in my own head...

...andddd, apparently, I had been standing there staring at my stolen seat for like four minutes and didn't even realize it. 

And to top it all off, I was now officially as red as a tomato.
Oh yeah, not to mention that the Asian girl had just aimed a camera in my direction and snapped. 


I sighed, and shyly made my way over to the two. I looked at the pretty blonde first before shifting my stare to the mind-fucking Asian.

"Uh, sorry, but did you just snap a picture of me? I mean I don't assume you'd want to, I just would really prefer if I wasn't in that shot, because I'm pretty sure I looked like a total idiot in that moment, you know... even though there are only rare occasions when I'm actually photogenic, but, you know..."

My eyebrows raised as I bit my lip, feeling a bit tense. My introductions were always so awkward. So. Damn. Awkward.

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Re: [Open] Spice and Ice

Arisa Luang |

Posted on Mon Feb 09, 2015 2:08 pm

OOC Message
I AM SO SORRY. I posted an SPW but maybe a LOA should have been better. I feel terrible :c

God, Farah was so easy to fluster. It was the best thing ever. All right, I'll stop. I'm sorry, it's just that you get so embarrassed whenever anyone mentions anything about it, it's difficult not to bring it up, I grinned at her. He's so into you though. I mean, one conversation and he wants to take you on a date. Oh no, I said I'd stop, didn't I? My sincerest apologies, Now I was the one rambling. It was a habit we were both prone to - probably one of the reasons we were such good friends. We could talk over each other and neither of us would get offended. Damn right I think with my stomach! All my useless song lyrics, factoids and terrible puns are stored in my brain, so everything else had to be redirected elsewhere. There's no other explanation for it, Farah was beet red now, and was starting to look a nervous. Hey, don't worry about it. I'll bet he's lamenting the loss of your companionship right now. I mean, who wouldn't want to go on a date with you? I smiled. She tended to blame herself for everything, so I took it upon myself to stroke her ego when the opportunity presented itself.

Our tastes in food were something we were almost complete opposites in. While I liked to try out the craziest combinations, Farah liked to keep it simple - a topic that, when brought up, usually ended in a mock-heated debate. I see the appeal, but it's always fun to experiment. Anyway, let's agree to disagree this time, I grinned, wanting to avoid a disagreement, however facetious. I'm serious! It's actually really good. Not too spicy, but it has a bit of a kick. I might start to add chili to more things. I mean, chili and chocolate is amazing, and I've just discovered chili and mango is great too, so I'll bet it's awesome with other things too. I took a sip of my tea and licked my lips. Nah, I don't want to be a hipster. I try to repress those tendencies as much as I can, but it's hard to resist sometimes, I grinned.

I had just taken a picture and while it was printing, a skinny guy approached us and asked me if I had taken a picture of him. Um, I dunno. You might be in the background, but I wasn't taking a picture of you specifically. I peered at the picture as it developed. Nah, you're just hanging out in the background, I showed it to him with a smile. If you want though, I could take another one with you standing out of the way. I get weird with photos of myself as well. If I don't have control of my expression I either look high or crazy. I grinned at him, before taking a sip of my tea. So, what's your name?

I groaned. Ugh, don't talk to me about college. I mean, you'd think with six other children being geniuses Mom and Dad would let up on me a little, but they're pushing me into Ivy League as well. It's like, the twins are at MIT now - we've pretty much infiltrated all the good universities, so they should just let me do whatever, right? Oh well, can't win 'em all I guess. I puffed my cheeks out in an exaggerated sigh. Have you given any more thought about what course you want to do? I mean, you could pretty much do anything you wanted,"

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Re: [Open] Spice and Ice

Farah Adams |

Posted on Mon Feb 09, 2015 4:52 pm

Jeez, leave it to Arisa to take advantage of how easily embarrassed I could be. I leaned forward, reaching out and shoving her knee. Of course I'm getting embarrassed, it's embarrassing! Honestly, I think I came on to strong and probably looked like such a freaking derp. He's doing a course and he's obviously more mature than I am seeing as he didn't act like a total doofus. I glared down at my tea for a few moments until sighing in relief when she finally agreed to stop. Thank you, it's bad enough thinking about it way too much without talking about it too. I joked, sticking my tongue out at her and then laughing when she agreed with my statement about her stomach and what she said about it. Yeah, you're brain really could do with a clearing out, you're starting to get a teeny bit repetitive. I mean, still with the Mean Girls quotes? I teased unmercifully, glad to have a chance to get a little payback. When she mentioned Monday again I huffed in annoyance and rolled my eyes. OhmyGod Arisa, you said no more! I reached out to shove her knee again, hoping she'd actually stop this time. My face had reached previously undiscovered shades of red.

My face still wore a skeptical expression as she talked about chili and all the things it apparently went with. I seriously couldn't imagine that stuff being nice, especially the chocolate. I had a sweet tooth sometimes but the idea of having something spicy in it just made me feel a little ill. But then again I was... picky, so a huge amount of food made me feel that way. Even thinking about food so much was making me feel queasy. I nodded when she proposed with agree to disagree. That's the smartest thing you've said since you came in here and started terrorizing me. I said, trying to suppress a giggle at my words but failing. So if you don't want to be a hipster does that mean I have your permission to shoot you if you ever get a mustache tattoo or anything like that? I grinned at her, knowing that neither of us would ever be that stupid. I cringed every time I saw one tattooed on a finger and I was sure Arisa was in agreement with me.

When the guy came over to our table at first I wondered if he was going to hit on Arisa. That whole cute asian thing got her a lot of attention, which I'd never minded. I preferred fading into the background and usually tried my best to remain in the comfort zone of my circles of friends. But something about him told me that so wasn't what he was here for. I peered at the picture as Arisa held it.You know, you can barely see yourself in it and at any rate what can see is totally fine. The focus is on the tea so you're all blurred out- I doubt anyone would even notice you were in the background at all. I looked up and gave him a reassuring smile before leaning back in my chair. I glanced at Arisa when she asked for his name, then back at him. It didn't seem nice to leave him just standing there. Do you wanna sit with us? Since there's like no one here, I mean. I gestured to one of the closer chairs, figuring he could pull it over to the little table if he wanted. I turned my attention back to Arisa, groaning in sympathy a her words. She had such big shoes to fill when it came to everything her siblings had done and I kind of understood that since I was always being pressured to 'set an example' for my younger brother. At least I'd always known what I wanted to do. Oh y'know, same course I've had my heart set on for forever. I thought about trying something else but nothing calls to me like medicine. Being a pediatrician means I get to do that and work with kids. It's win/win. What about you?

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Re: [Open] Spice and Ice

Angel Vega |

Posted on Thu Feb 12, 2015 6:16 pm

Wow, okay, well, that had gone better than expected. Typically in this kind of sitchie I'd approach the duo and they'd say something like "WHY WOULD I TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU, LOSER" or "YOU THINK I WHAT?" or "ARE YOU GAY?" 

Yup. Just flat out "are you gay." Except, somehow, I seemed to have not come across as a blaring homosexual! Interesting. Looks like I was winning at the Game of Life.

The Asian chick with the camera and the blonde girl spoke to me at practically the same time, both saying polite things that seemed to build a single paragraph. 

The Asian said I was just in the background. "Shit, I look like a freaking spud in the background--" The blonde girl mentioned the blur. "Oh, yeah, that's true, so it isn't really a big deal--" The Asian girl offered to retake the photo. "No, no! It's alright, I know that photographers usually want to--" The blonde girl said I'd barely be noticed. "Ah, well, I guess that's typical, I'm not usually noticed anyw--" The Asian girl said she usually looked high in photos. I giggled, covering my mouth with two fingers. "As you can see, I usually look like a pota--" The blonde girl offered me a seat that wasn't 'mine.' I looked back and forth between the two girls as I took a moment to breathe and take in every word that had just rushed at me. I exhaled, and, with a laugh, sat down after pulling a typical cafe chair over to the table. Coming back down to Earth after the bombarding of charisma, I blinked twice and turned my head to the Asian girl.

"Oh, what, sorry? My name? Oh, uh, haha." I'd hesitated for a moment and blushed a little. It was always awkward when I couldn't say my name right away, just like times when I'd fill out doctor's forms and forget my birthday for like 2 seconds. 

"Sorry, haha, I'm Angel."

My shoulders sunk just a little bit as I looked between both girls and they picked back up on the conversation they had been having before I awkwardly made my way over here. I lowered my backpack to my feet and unzipped my hoodie, hanging it on the side of my chair by its hood. I then folded my arms on the table and politely waited until the girls had finished their initial conversation.

"So what are your names? Do you go to school over here?"

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Re: [Open] Spice and Ice

Arisa Luang |

Posted on Sat Feb 28, 2015 6:58 am

OOC Message
Guys I am so sorry!!! I really don't have an excuse, just had no motivation to do anything for a little while :/ In my defense, I did try to post but then my laptop died on me halfway through. But that makes no difference, I am seriously SO SORRY about this ughhh

Hey, Mean Girls is classic cinema, I said, grinning. It's just so quotable! I laughed loudly as Farah shoved my knee for the second time. I said I was sorry! I was going to continue, just for the violence, but decided not to push it any further. She was embarrassed enough and I wasn't that mean.

This time, it was my turn to reach out and shove her. Excuse you, Farah, I am a fountain of virtuous wisdom. You should feel lucky to be graced with my presence, I grinned at her, before taking another sip of tea. Of course, Farah, you can shoot me any time you want. Well, not really - dammit, you know what I mean! I sighed. What I mean is, if I ever do something like that, please do shoot me."

I hadn't meant for the conversation to spiral out of control. It was just that once Farah and I got going it was hard to stop, and we would tumble over each other trying to get a word in, resulting in a jumbled mess of a conversation that was tough for anyone to even keep track of, never mind take part in. Sorry man, that was intense! Hope we didn't freak you out too much. I smiled as he introduced himself. Angel? Oh my god, that's so cute! That sounded so patronising, I'm so sorry! Shut up, Arisa. I was making a fool of myself - but I was used to it by now.

Oh of course, how could I have forgotten? I seriously can't even imagine you doing anything else, you've wanted to do that for so long. Farah had it all sorted out career-wise. I was pretty envious of that, honestly. But I had no idea what I wanted to do with my own life. Well, you know how my parents are, wanting me to become some sort of genius brain surgeon-lawyer-astronaut extraordinaire. But then it's like, acting's what I actually want to do, even if it's a pipe dream. But I want to at least try, y'know? I sighed, drumming the side of my cup with my fingers. It was a struggle that had been going on for a while, and it had often been the cause of arguments.

I turned to Angel when he spoke up. God, sorry, what an idiot. I completely forgot about introducing myself! I'm Arisa, I said with a smile and a small nod. Yeah, we go to the high school here. How about you? Do you go to the college?

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