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 [Closed] Old and New

[Closed] Old and New

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[Closed] Old and New

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Wed Jan 28, 2015 2:21 pm

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Avery & Lenny's house | Cloudy | Mid-morning

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The empty coke can hit the garage floor and rattled along until it came to rest by Annie’s wheel, not so far from the screwed up McDonalds bag. I sat up from leaning over the seat and took in a deep breath, exhaling it out and up over my sweat-slicked face. How the fuck was looking under seats in a truck such hard work?

I dived back down, twisting my arm to reach right under the seat and letting out an excited curse when I felt what I was looking for. With a grin finally on my face I wriggled my arm back out, not even caring about the assortment of things stuck to my phone, just relieved to have found it. A new phone was not a bill I fucking needed then, or ever.

I shifted heavily to get comfortable in the seat and set about getting the shit off my phone. There were a bunch of receipts, a whole load of fluff and a napkin, stuck to my phone with a gross old piece of gum and something sticky, which looked like coke. It was probably from the can I’d chucked out earlier, but I didn’t even drink the stuff so I had no idea when that’d gotten in there. My face darkened when it occurred to me and I sighed, very loudly. Jesse. Fuck, he was always making mess in my stuff and rearranging things. I glared as I pulled the receipt and fluff from my phone, and finally the napkin. I was about to bunch the gum up in it when I noticed something written, tilting my head to read the upside-down writing.

Nosy blue haired cookie chick, it read, and then a number. My eyes popped open. Shit, that was where that had gone! I hadn’t forgotten about Donna. I hadn’t been able to, not when I found out that Jesse knew a Donna too, and then that it was the same woman I’d met in the bakery when he showed me a picture. It was weird they knew each other too, but then Index was a small place so maybe it wasn’t that weird. But though I hadn’t forgotten about her, I’d lost the napkin with her number on it and hadn’t wanted to tell Jesse that, in case he thought it was on purpose. So I hadn’t been able to contact her about meeting up, and I didn’t want to do it through Jesse because one of the reasons I wanted to get in touch with Donna was to prevent myself going to Play with Jesse on my own. He was always bitching about it and the bitching was getting worse, especially when I was running out of excuses. I figured going with someone else, and a friend of Jesse’s too, would take the pressure off a little, slow things down. Slow Jesse down. The thought of clubs and wandering hands had me sweating with nervousness. Going clubbing together wasn’t the only thing I was running out of excuses to avoid.

I looked grimly back to the napkin in my hand and went to crumple it into my pocket until I thought better, glancing from it to my phone and shaking my head at myself. I unlocked my phone screen and started inputting the number, sighing proudly when I was done. There was no way I’d lose the number this time and I was curious about getting to know Donna from things Jesse had told me.

My phone buzzed and broke me out of my daydreams. I frowned before I even saw the name on the screen, easily able to guess it. I didn’t even bother to read the message under Jesse’s name. I just stuffed my phone into my pocket instead and glared out of Annie’s windscreen. Maybe I’d go for a drive, just because. My hands found the steering wheel and Jesse and his annoying texts dropped from my mind, Avery replacing them. I smiled. I still couldn’t believe she’d helped fix up Annie for me, that she’d even thought to do that. The thoughtfulness still blew my mind when I thought of it. She was so nice, almost too nice so that I ended up wondering when she’d turn on me sometimes. But she hadn’t, not yet. Just like Helios hadn’t. Why couldn’t everyone be nice like Avery or Helios, and not send annoying texts and want to meet up all the fucking time?

I looked up to the rear-view mirror to see myself glaring back. My gaze drifted to my neck and I frowned further, face scrunching up until I reached out to grab the mirror, pointing it the other way. Fuck it. I pushed my phone further into my pocket, letting the receipt and other junk fall to the floor of the truck, and yanked open the door, my boots hitting the ground hard when I jumped out. I slammed the door behind me and then looked to Annie with worry, fingers stroking her faded paintwork in way of an apology. I sighed, looking away from my reflection in her window and the scars that were just there all the fucking time. I shook my head and strode out of the garage, body tense. I didn’t have time for that. I had my phone and I needed to get ready for work already.

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