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 [Closed] Tough Realities

[Closed] Tough Realities

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[Closed] Tough Realities

Monday West |

Posted on Sun Jan 25, 2015 2:34 pm

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West Residence | Bright but cold | Early Morning

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 -                                                     Tom, Terry, West Residence, Monday's sleepwear.   

The sunlight had shone through the cracks in my curtains and bought me out of my slumber way before my alarm went off. I lay in bed with a silly smile on my face, thinking about what the day would bring. Farah’s cute smile kept coming back to my mind and making my grin widen more as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, rolling over in bed and preparing to get up to go and put the kettle on. The sooner I got moving, the sooner I'd be ready to see Farah. I still had to pack all the snacks and chocolate into a bag too.

I toed my slippers on and padded out of my room and down the landing, pausing by Tom’s door to listen. He was usually an annoyingly early riser and I was surprised he hadn’t beaten the sun to waking me up. His room was silent and I frowned, listening a minute more and slowly opening the door.

The room was bathed in a soft light that just seeping through the blinds, and was surprisingly tidy. Even more surprising was that Tom was still in bed, face buried in his pillow, and Terry was no longer tucked next to him but on the floor.

I walked in, my frown deepening as I collected Terry and leaned over the bed, smoothing Tom’s hair back. His forehead was boiling hot where my hand brushed against it, his skin pale and clammy. I bit at my lip. Tom had been sniffly the past few days but otherwise he seemed fine and I'd thought it was just a cold. As I gently laid my hand over Tom’s forehead he shifted, his face twisting into a frown before dark brown eyes flickered open.  Quote Begin Dad? Quote End  His voice was hoarse and then my heart sank when he coughed, the sound resonating through his chest. I resigned myself to looking after a sick kid, knowing from past chest infections that a cough like that wasn't just a cold.  Quote Begin Hey, are you feeling okay? Quote End  I asked, though I’d already guessed the answer. I smoothed a hand over his hair when Tom just closed his eyes and shook his head against the pillow. He coughed again and I felt him shiver through the blankets.  Quote Begin Would you like some warm milk? - I’ll go heat you some up. Quote End  I rubbed his back and stood up at the small nod I got in response, already wondering how long the wait to see a doctor might be on a Saturday.

I closed the door behind me so I wouldn’t disturb him too much and walked downstairs into the kitchen, the early morning sun glinting off of Joel’s clean breakfast bowl on the draining rack. I flipped the kettle switch on and found a mug with handles to put in the microwave, filling it with milk and blearily listening to the hum after inputting the time. There was nothing like the prospect of looking after a sick kid all day to make you feel tired, even though I’d woken up feeling bright and raring to go, excited to meet Farah later. The thought bought a smile to my face again, but then it fell right off. Meeting Farah… oh god, there was no way I’d be able to do that if Tom was ill. Joel was at work and while I might be okay leaving Tom with Edie when he was well, she was in no state herself to look after an ill kid. No matter how much I’d looked forward to going out or seeing Farah again, Tom needed me and he came first,.

The microwave pinged but I stood there for a second, wishing there was a way to resolve the situation. There wasn’t anything I could do about it though, I’d just have to cancel. I smiled sadly to myself, knowing it was unlikely I'd get another chance with a girl like Farah, and collected the cup of milk from the microwave. I loved Tom so much, but even though I hated thinking like that, it was difficult not to wonder what my life would have been like without him sometimes.


I’m really sorry Farah but I can’t make this afternoon, I’ve got a family issue I need to take care of. So sorry to cancel at short notice. Monday x

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