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[Private] Stay Puft Season

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Re: [Private] Stay Puft Season

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Tue Mar 10, 2015 7:24 pm

Fuck, I didn't need to walk into a restaurant to regret my life choices. I didn't need to do anything but wake up to regret a fuck load of shit. Most of that regret had been avoided when I decided to stop letting myself do shit that I knew I'd regret. If you hit on a hot woman at a bar and she turns you down, you have something to regret. But if she says ''hello'' and you tell her to mind her own fucking business, well, then I guess you don't have to be fucking disappointed. And you don't have to deal with fucking herpes. Yeah so I was talking about someone specific, what the fuck did it matter? The meaning was still fucking there. You haven't had meat until you've hunted a mage. It's all that magic in their blood. It's like... Ecstasy. I was hesitant to speak the last word, knowing who it would remind me of was enough to make my blood boil. I did speak from experience, which made me wonder who she hunted her first mage with, or if she'd hunted them at all. Unless you already have? Then I guess you'd know how great that high is... Fuck if she hadn't I was tempted to show her what it was like. I had to laugh, How the fuck did we end up talking about eating soap? just the idea of the conversation was fucking funny.

Fuck, that's the best way of describing it. I can't fucking explain why any idiot would ever do that but the comparison really makes sense. Why did they feel that way? I couldn't find any logical explanation other than the fact that Odin enabled them to have complete freedom. Freedom wasn't bad but wolves were different. Wolves needed discipline so they wouldn't party and fuck their lives away. So they could deal with real threatening issues like leeches without watching their families massacred by nests. Maybe the only way to get through to them is to bring death to their doorstep... I didn't mean to say it aloud, but I genuinely meant it. When they hear about vampires picking off their pack mates they don't become afraid enough to take action... But if there was an invasion, one that I turned a blind eye to and let happen... Maybe then they'd... I mean that. I said, but it came out sounding shocked, as if I didn't realize that I had meant it until I spoke it aloud. Now wasn't the time to start planning anything, I just needed to remember that.

I looked at her, wondering if it was just coincidence that I hadn't been given an explanation either. Most wolves didn't get a fucking book of reasons, but they at least got one. Fuck you may have been around longer than I have, but I can tell you one thing, they didn't need anymore breeders. Yeah the pack only breached Canada during Odin's reign, but fuck, we've been all the way down through Oregon to California, and barely bleeding into Montana for far fuckin' longer than that. We aren't just called the pacific pack because of our location, we're called that because we're as big as the damned ocean. And can you ever remember any of these idiots giving a shit about having more warriors? Let alone good warriors. Telling herself they wanted her for breeding or to add to their non-existent collection of true warriors was understandable. I had convinced myself they turned me by accident, or for sport. Having a reason, even if it was one you gave yourself made it a lot less fucking confusing. I couldn't blame her.

It was a really fucking weird thing, but her actually opening up and talking about this shit was kinda hot. Maybe it was gay, but it was the fucking passion in her voice that told me she was being honest, passion that covered rage which I definitely fucking understood. Probably more than most. And to be completely honest it was nice to see emotion from a woman that didn't include crying. This was something I could relate to, tears, not so much.

You can't fucking blame me for that, I dunno if you know this about yourself, but you're really fucking hard to read. Without any neat tricks to get into your mind I had no clue my daydream fantasies could be a reality. Shit, I guess it was a good thing she knew now. Though something told me she wouldn't be up for involving the nun. And I dunno if you do, this is kinda fucking new. Did she wanna know or didn't she?! Fuck this woman was difficult.

Tell yourself whatever you want. But something tells me it has nothing to do with being a hardass, and everything to do with me not having the patience to turn a bunch of toddlers into worthy warriors anymore. But hey, if you can fucking do it, then I'll take that back. I would too, it wasn't that I didn't have faith in her, I just didn't have any in them. Okay sadist. I joked, fuck, I'd probably enjoy watching myself. You may be able to teach me about control, but you could learn yourself a few things on giving compliments. Not nearly a moron. I guess I would just take that as a compliment.

I was fucking holding my breath again. What the fuck was I doing that for? All I knew was it brought me back to that whole fucking regret bullshit because after what she said I finally let all of that built up air out in the form of a whimper. God damnit. Fuck yeah I wanted to fuck her, even more when she said it back to me. Did she even realize what she was doing to me? Could she be that oblivious, and if not, could she be that fucking cruel with the shit she was saying and what her hands were doing, and everything else. Good fucking god I hadn't asked for much from him in my life, but I was practically pleading him in my mind to make her stop, and pleading the opposite at the same goddamned time.

My mind had been there so many times, maybe that's why my internal reaction to what she was doing felt like a bulldozer running right over any coherent thought I previously had. It was like showing a fucking kid a candy store every day for six damned months and finally letting him inside. I uh, I don't know if that's such a good idea... I said when she straddled me. Or maybe it was, she was about two seconds away from feeling my reaction and I didn't have any damned control over it. So much for her lessons, maybe she should give me one on how to control my dick.

I licked my lips and quickly tried to say something, fuck, anything. I just needed to speak. I needed to answer her. Fuck get it together Vincent you prick, now wasn't the time to show weakness. And um... Oh god not the shivering, and her tits were in prime motorboat distance but the stupid fabric from her shirt had to ruin the goddamned view. Anything else? I swallowed, suddenly not giving a fuck about the rules anymore.

All of the tension left my body at once, and along with it, the air in my lungs that I had been struggling to gain consistency over. Yeah you got it. I said as I quickly leaned in and wrapped my arms around her to nudge her lips against mine. This would have been fine and fucking dandy if I was in a place that I could even do anything in. Why the fuck did she need to decide what she wanted now? Why couldn't she decide this at my house after a lesson or some shit? Fuck, and now a physical part of me was definitely ready to get down to fucking business, which was a lot fucking harder to ignore. My fucking luck was shit...

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Re: [Private] Stay Puft Season

Peyton Marx | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Tue Mar 10, 2015 9:59 pm

Shit, should I tell him that I'd never, uh, tasted that? I mean turning had meant a lot of fucking preconceived ideas I'd had had been thrown out the fucking window, but the idea of eating a mage had probably been the weirdest and most fucked up part about the whole thing. Seriously, it had freaked me out more than the whole into a wolf thing. I'd eventually understood but... fuck it, I'd just tell him. Nope, I've never had one before. Like I mean, I still think it's kinda fucked up even if I get it now. But... shit now that he was talking about it I felt kinda... curious actually. Ecstasy, huh? I mean, I'm not a fucking priss or anything, I'd try it. I guess I've just never fucking set out with the intention to go pick up a mage like they were McDonald's or whatever. I laughed then, shrugging. I'll own up to that being my fault for bringing up the bacon soap thing. Fuck I made myself hungry just talking about it.

Yeah it's like called... oh yeah, Stockholm syndrome I think. I think it's like something to do with the brain coping with everything by convincing itself that what's happening is normal. So maybe that kinda thing happened with the pack. I mean yeah, it totally fucking fits. I had no fucking idea how you'd go about trying to fix some messed up shit like that, I wasn't a fucking psychologist and crap, but history had already proved it would be the farthest thing from easy that I could imagine. Even just thinking about it too much made me feel like I was gonna give myself a headache. Then what he said next totally wiped all thought from my mind for like, at least five fucking seconds. I stared at him, opening my mouth to stay something but then just closing it and looking at the river, trying to sort through my reaction. Do you really think that's what it would take? I mean, I couldn't blame him really, it wasn't like there was any evidence to say otherwise. If that's what it takes... but shit it'd be better if it didn't have to come to that.

Fuck, his logic was sound when it came to explaining away the reasons I'd half-given myself over the years, but that didn't stop  me from grasping at them. What else could it fucking be? I mean, you'd have to be beyond fucking twisted to get a cheap thrill outta turning a sixteen year old and ripping them away from their fucking family- I broke off, hands clenching into fists to the point that knuckles stood out white. his was the first time I'd really thought about it in so long, and the rage I felt at it kinda came as a shock. I stayed silent, trying to get myself back under control before I came out with anything else an ended up embarrassing myself. I wouldn't act like a whiny bitch over this, I was fucking better than that.

I relaxed a little when he spoke again, focusing on what he said now instead of being stuck in my own head. Fuck, it was kinda nice or something, not having to put so much effort into clearing my mind to get a grip, instead just letting someone else distract you. Then again I'd already come to terms with the fact that spending time with... people wasn't as bad as I'd have thought. I'm hard to read? Like, shit, no of course I didn't know that about myself. Not like I can fucking figure that out when I know what I'm thinking. I smirked though, pretty glad that I'd achieved that without consciously trying. Guess that's part of why I kick ass at poker. Maybe I'd challenge him to a game, preferably the version where you played with clothes, not chips. I'm gonna play it safe and say I don't wanna know. I'd been in his head and there was a reason I tended not to venture back in there. And yeah, I was thinking about the patience thing too but like, fuck, you're kinda improving on that. You wouldn't have learned shit if you hadn't. I shrugged, deciding that I'd figure it out one way or another. Yeah, right, like you're such an expert when it comes to compliments yourself. I shot back, rolling my eyes.

This whole situation was... fuck, pretty intense really. For me anyway, seeing as how I was just so fucking inexperienced with this shit and part of me hated knowing that he had such a huge fucking advantage on me with just all of this. I mean, how was I even supposed to know if I was doing the right thing or if the shit I felt like saying was stupid or not? On top of all that there was the fact that now that this was actually fucking happening my head was taken up with the fact that I'd been wanting this more than I'd had any idea about. I'd always stopped myself from thinking too much into it but obviously my subconscious had been working the fuck away with the thought. Now i was thinking I should have fucking thought about it way more, maybe I wouldn't be so fucking clueless.

But then he whimper and fuck if that wasn't just the hottest thing ever. Obviously I was doing something really fucking right. And now I just wanted to continue doing the right thing so I could hear him make more noises like that and just- God how the hell did people do all this 'foreplay' crap. I wasn't sure I had the fucking patience for it, not when I wanted this badly and as soon as fucking possible. Really, you don't? I pulled back for a second, arching a brow at him. Because I think this is a really fucking good idea. I growled, running my hands down his chest to his stomach and wondering if his abs were every bit as fucking hot as I remembered them being.

Was there anything else? I mean, aside from the obvious of what I wanted to do to him and have him do to me. Jesus, should there be something else that I was missing? I thought on it for a second, a grin forming as I did. Yeah, I guess there's something. How good is your stamina? Six months sounds like a lot of time to make up for. I said cockily, almost joking but definitely linking the idea. What the hell was happening to me? What about you, anything you'd want from this? Or if I said whenever, wherever would that pretty much cover it? I smirked, wondering if there was any fucking hope of him keeping up.

'Course that smirk was wiped right off my fucking face when he leant forward, finally doing want I'd wanted and making a move. His lips touched mine with a spark of electric tension that I fucking immediately responded to, moaning against him as I moved to kiss him back, my hands finding a way into his hair without any thought on my part, my hips moved against him and- oh. Yeah I was definitely not fucking this up anyway, his reaction proved that. I deepened the kiss an moved my hands lower, no hesitation on my part, not his time. I slipped my hand into his jeans at the same time I pulled my lips from his with a gasp, moving to nip at his jaw, his neck and up to his ear. So... your place is a hell of a lot closer than mine. I said, breathing ragged and just fucking hoping- no, needing do something about the way it felt like I was burning up from the inside.

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Re: [Private] Stay Puft Season

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Tue Mar 10, 2015 11:16 pm

I guess it is... Then again I'd been fired at by one of them before, I'd smelled one, sat beside one, felt that primal instinct and urge to just kill. It went beyond right and wrong, to a completely different level that I'd never experienced before. I guess mages were the one thing that helped me find my connection to the wolf, which helped me more than I could have ever thought it would. The hunt, the kill, the devouring, and the high after were all really big fucking perks too. Maybe that's your problem. Seeing them as an errand to run to prepare for dinner. Try seeing it as a training session, something that will make you stronger, only you get a reward for your efforts after. Then you might view it differently. It didn't matter how she saw it. It was just like being a virgin and listening to someone explain an orgasm. You had no idea until you experienced it. Every warlord gets their honeymoon with pack master if that's what you wanna call it, the night after the deal is sealed. Maybe a mage hunt will be ours. It was a good idea, and it sounded a lot better than drinking beers and gettin' so drunk she'd end up forgetting the whole night like most warlords did on their first night with pack master. Wait... Or... Fuck did I really just think that?

It was kinda fucking cool that she could give me that definition. I didn't know how to explain that shit. Yeah I'd heard of it before but I could never explain it like that. Seems kind of weak. I openly admitted. Is that what you would do? Just let yourself convince yourself a shit fucking circumstance was anything but a shit circumstance? Damn, they didn't even need to actively do anything to change the way things were, but I'd at least appreciate some understanding from all of them that their lives weren't as peachy as they thought they were. - And yeah I do. What else is there to do? They wouldn't listen to me because I didn't ''earn'' my position, and I had a feeling they sure as fuck wouldn't listen to her because of her gender. They were too fucking set in their ways and old school beliefs. Plus there were a few doorsteps I'd happily lead a fanger to...

Out of everything she said one thing stuck out like a sore thumb. You were sixteen? I didn't mean to sound so surprised and somber, fuck the last thing I wanted her to think was I pitied her, because I didn't. Maybe she had told me before, maybe she hadn't. It didn't matter, it was fucked up. Hell at least I had fully developed before they took me from my life. I wish I had an answer for you. Wasn't that what pack master was supposed to do? I couldn't answer this one for her, Odin didn't leave me a book of wisdom, he left me a book full of scribbles and unidentifiable script.

I looked at her as if she was bullshitting me. Yeah, you are. More than she fucking knew. It was one of her more infuriating and annoying traits, if that was even a trait to begin with. And I'd kick your ass at poker. I was shit at poker. I knew that, still, something told me that was a game I probably wouldn't regret playing with her. I didn't know why. Tell me exactly what you consider an improvement then. I have a feeling we view it a little differently. Lack of patience to me was a fucking improvement, not the other way around. I didn't say anything else. Maybe I was shit with compliments too, maybe I didn't like verbally licking peoples balls, maybe it gave them too much false confidence.

Fuck was she going to keep going with this? The whole temperature thing was starting to feel so fucking unimportant at this point. The more she let loose and let her body do what it wanted to do the more the idea of going for home base appealed to me. Even if it was below freezing. You're fucking crazy. I smiled, realizing it was fucking true, and while it might have been what made me hate her before, it was definitely something that made me like her right now. She was absolutely fucking nuts.

Now I had to tone it down a notch. There were a million responses to that question and only one was the right one. The fact that those six months hadn't exactly been a dry spell for me definitely wasn't the right thing to say. Suggesting that she fluff me really wasn't the right thing to say. Don't worry about me, I got myself in control over that. - To be completely fucking honest, you covered it. Now shut up already. Shit I had some rules didn't I? Fuck it, at this point I didn't fucking care anymore about ''rules''. Those could be figured out later.

I slipped my hands under her ass, which raised her up but she didn't break contact once. Realization that this was actually fucking happening started to set in, that that realization turned into a definite fucking confirmation when she slipped her hand into my jeans. It wasn't like she was some untouchable goddess that was helping me experience my life dream, it was fucking Oveyx. The frigid all serious Oveyx, the same chick who spent so much time practically slapping my hand with a ruler while telling me to find focus. That was the same person who was trying to get her hand in my fucking pants, who was straddling me in a pretty much public place without a care. Shit, maybe that's what made it so hot?

When she broke away I wanted nothing more than to tune her out. No, no, no more talking. I buried my face into the base of her neck and lightly bit at her skin. Wait, I stopped and lifted her off of me, Let's go then. Shit I wasn't in a hurry but I was in a hurry. I grabbed her hand and started pulling her in the direction of my house, my pace quickening with each step. Shit it may have been closer, but it still wasn't fucking close enough.

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Re: [Private] Stay Puft Season

Peyton Marx | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Wed Mar 11, 2015 8:37 am

I think my problem is more that I struggle not to see them as fucking humans or something. Shit, maybe I forget that I'm not a human anymore too. But what the hell, maybe trying to see it that way will help? I'm not against trying or anything. I shrugged, still not exactly too keen on the idea, but fuck it, maybe that was exactly why I should try get it done. It was time to stop fighting what I was, even if I didn't fucking know I was doing it. Plus thanks to our less than stellar training session in the pack I wasn't nearly as well equipped for fighting supers as I freaking wanted to be. I grimaced at the term 'honeymoon' when he spoke, but I got what he meant so didn't say anything about it. A mage hunt... right. I mean fuck it, yeah I'm up for it. You'll kinda have to walk me through it. It was weird, knowing that I was going to actively go out on something that was supposed to be a bonding exercise, or something equally gay, with him. I didn't need something like that, I knew he was alright. But still, now that it might be happening maybe I'd enjoy it more than expected.

Would I- shit, if he'd taken actually taken a second to think about it he'd have probably guessed my answer. What? No I would not fucking let my brain do something like that. I've more control over my mind than most people, I've needed to. But even if I didn't I'd never stop fighting like that. I'd never accept what I was told just for the damn sake of it, just because it's fucking easier. They very idea made rage build in my chest until I forced it away, knowing this was just a conversation, no need to get worked the fuck up. Right, well if you think it's fucking best then I'm behind you, won't argue on it. Not even when I'm warlord. Just, gimme a couple of months with them before you start luring in the vamps. I hadn't a fucking clue why I wanted to avoid bloodshed, the pack could do with a huge kick in the ass like that. I just... fuck, I guess I just wanted to try first. Yeah sixteen, Made puberty all sorts of fucking weird. I laughed humorlessly, looking away from him when he continued, frowning. It doesn't matter, it's fine. I'm fine. I didn't expect him to have answers for me. Yeah he might be pack master but he hadn't even been around when i'd been turned.

You shouldn't have told me that. I smirked, mind whirring with the possibilities of getting rich at poker tournaments and shit like that. Yeah, I'll believe that when I see it. I'd be the one doing the damn ass kicking. I laughed then at his question, just shaking my head because I couldn't even believe he'd asked me that. Wasn't it kinda fucking obvious. Uh, the fact that you have more of it? Shit, maybe you enjoy being impatient but having a lot of it goes a long fucking way. I'd never have been able to teach you shit without my patience. You're kind of impossible. I shot back, grinning at him because it was so true. Impossible but...  yeah, once you got used to that it was easier to deal with him.

Oh yeah? What does that make you for wanting to willingly bang said crazy person? Fuck, it wasn't like he was exactly normal himself. Him saying that probably should've pissed  me off but... fuck in the current situation it had sounds almost like a compliment. Or just a statement of fact. I'd said earlier that he was shit at compliments and I'd meant it, so right now I couldn't fucking tell. Either way, if getting what I wanted and really fucking enjoying it was crazy then fine, I was crazy. And it was downright pleasurable.

Damn it, the longer this went the more it felt like I was going to fucking implode or something. It was like I couldn't get fucking close enough, like no matter how hard I pressed against him it just wasn't going to satisfy this itch. Nah I was pretty sure only one thing was going to do that and there  was still the matter of his fucking clothes being in the way. Yeah, right, guess we'll just see if you can keep up. I'm younger and kinda in better shape after all. And when I'd said six months I was was referring more to myself than anything. Six months plus a shitload of years before that. Years I fully intended on making the fuck up for. So my doubt was probably justified.

I didn't react when he told me to shut it. Didn't get pissed or anything like that because I was already occupied with certain other endeavors. Like the noise I made without meaning to when I felt his hands on my ass or like my hand and the whole going under his jeans things. Fuck, I hadn't even thought about it when I'd done it, just acting on some primal urge to touch him Why the fuck did doing that even get such a response? Whatever, it wasn't like I was about to stop and ask him. I was otherwise occupied.

When I felt his teeth on my neck a shuddered, wanting more the second he did that. Fuck, I'd already learned something; I was all for fucking biting. I sucked in a breath when he lifted me off him, half-wishing I'd just kept my mouth shut because I hadn't thought it through to the point of realizing we'd have to stop what we were doing to actually get to his house. I followed him when he grabbed my hand, head reeling to the point where I was shaking it to try and get it clear, lagging behind a little. My eyes drifted lower, ending up at his ass, watching the way it moved when he walked. Holy fuck, suddenly it felt like we were walking way too slowly. I stopped, pulling him round to face me. You have like five fucking minutes before I just push you down and rip your clothes off, fair warning so keep the hell up. I said, a smirk on my face as I pushed on, practically fucking jogging because I really had not been lying about that five minutes thing. He had way too much to show me and I was all too willing to learn.

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