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[Private] Stay Puft Season

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Re: [Private] Stay Puft Season

Peyton Marx | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Sat Mar 07, 2015 7:47 pm

Yeah, I wasn't surprised in the fucking slightest by what he said. I'd kinda expected him to say something about 'not caring' or whatever, so I just shrugged again, not bothering to point out the fact that when you really didn't give a shit about something you tended not to even think about it much. Plus I kinda agreed with him. Eh, me neither really. Like the only opinions that matter are the one that come from people who you'd actually kinda fucking listen to. I laughed shortly at the idea of that before continuing. I can count that on one hand. And no offensive but your cousin sounds like someone who'd need a whole lot of hands if he's always seeking approval and shit. Whatever, I thought it was better to keep that number fucking low anyway. Why the hell would you want so many people to like you. Didn't that mean you'd have to spend time with them? Fuck that.

A small grin spread across my face at what he said and I ducked my head, pretending to scratch the back of my neck to hide it. Shit like I agreed. Again. Was that ever not going to be weird? Whatever, I managed to tone it done to a small smirk when I looked back at him, my arm falling back to my side. I dunno if you knew this, but they kinda have something like that. I mean like, it's bacon soap, right? I saw it once and was like 'fuck yeah, bacon' because that's the only normal fucking response. But like when I used I smelled of bacon all day and if just made me so fucking hungry. Shit, what the fuck was it about bacon that meant just talking about it made you want to eat like a whole fucking tray of it. Like magic or some fucking shit.

Yeah, there was definitely something wrong with me anyway. Like okay so opening up about shit was something we'd both think was gay as fuck, but like he was more complaining than opening up anyway. But the point was that he was talking about serious shit and I should've been listening but.... nope, my mind got stuck on him saying 'woody'. Seriously, how messed up did you have to be to fixate on that. Hmm... I managed to making it sounds like an agreement while struggle to get certain images out of my fucking head. When i could think again I gave him a proper answer, hoping it just seemed like I'd been thinking it over or some shit like that. Like I said, the whole thing is messed up. Shit, like when an alphas isn't doing his job then he can get kicked out right? Same should go for the spiritual leader. And like, there should be something where a younger one can act as Spiritual Master but like can't fucking mate until they're officially an adult. So it doesn't fuck with their development like it obviously did with Spirit.

Maybe he'd thought that him saying it was my house would get me to stop laughing or something, but like the idea was even funnier than him having a secret place in the woods. When it died down I spoke. Been sneaking in their when I'm not home, huh? Fuck, does that explain why my white paint has been so weird lately? I joked back at him, barely managing to keep a straight face after finally pulling myself together. Like shit, but he was obviously forgetting I'd actually have no fucking cool about whether guys liked to have spots or preferred to do it at home. Shit, I'd never even really thought about it before. But now I was, and a few months ago I would've been pissed off and blaming it on him out of frustration. Now I was dealing with a different kind of frustration. I wanted to say I didn't notice it when he said nothing. Fuck it, I hadn't had a clue what he might've said, but I'd figured he'd say something. I noticed him trip, but like fuck, was it stupid to think it was connected?

Honestly, I'd been expecting him to get fucking pissed, or just immediately say no. The fact that he didn't do either of those thing made me feel like maybe asking for this wasn't a total fucking stab in the dark or whatever. I listened, leg bouncing with pent up energy until I couldn't take it. I stood, pacing in front of him a couple of time as I thought over what he said. Shared position... right. I frowned, wondering why I hadn't though of that. I mean maybe because the idea at all had seemed impossible so any variation of it was pointless? Fuck, I could see why he'd suggest it though. Fine, I can see how that would take the heat off you some. But I don't want it to be an equal division of power between me and him. I want the lion's share and I want him to have to follow my orders. I want to be able to overpower him if I need to. Obviously you could override those orders, but only you. I frowned, wondering if there was anything else, knowing there must be. Look, I can give you some time to think about it? Obviously this isn't something you can just say fucking yes to. And yeah, I actually did understand that, weird as it was.

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Re: [Private] Stay Puft Season

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sun Mar 08, 2015 7:01 pm

Or not. The only fucking opinion that mattered was my own. Even that was pushing the boundaries since I changed my mind more than a drag queen changed clothes. I almost felt guilty for thinking in disagreement with what she had said. I mean shit, she was one of the only people I even slightly shared my opinion with and most of the time she shared my sentiment. Then again for all I knew she could have been playing me all this time, she could still be playing me to get what she wants. It wouldn't be the first time someone tried to pull that shit and it definitely wouldn't be the last either. I guess. Then again if I said I think Ophiuchus is a slutty, whiney, teenage twat and your opinion of her was the opposite, then I guess it wouldn't matter that I listen to you, I'd still think you're a fucking moron.

I ignored her comment, fuck all she knew about him was what I had said, I couldn't blame her for thinking the worst. As much as I hated living with that idiot and his bullshit pranks his core was solid. Hell if it wasn't for him I wouldn't even have a place to live. He didn't need to drop his life to come bail me out but he did. The real kicker here was the fact that I couldn't say that I'd do the same. I guess like her, I had a tendency to focus on the shitty traits in people too. You put someone in front of me that lives a life by the definition of ''good'', and they have one nasty habit I'll fucking use that to label them as a waste of my time. I couldn't honestly say that was a bad thing either.

Why doesn't that surprise me? They put fucking bacon in everything. I think I've even seen bacon toothpaste which really fucking defeats the purpose of brushing your teeth. We put up with enough dog jokes, the last thing we need is our mouths smelling like we spent our morning chewing on beggin' strips. The more I thought about it the more curious I became. Did it uh... The soap, did it taste like bacon? Fuck, I wouldn't go shoving a bar of soap in my mouth just because it was called ''bacon soap'', but I was fucking curious.

To be fair, I don't think most packs have this problem because they haven't had generations of alphas running the pack into the ground like this one. Odin was shit. There I said it, you say that in front of a devout Odin follower and they'll verbally shred you to kibble, but the way I see it, the only reason they act like fucks is because it's true. Odin was absolute shit, his father was shit, and his father's father was shit. Human's don't let their scum get away with shit. That's what prison is for, jail, fines, fucking community service. But Odin didn't do shit but shove wolves into the box for twenty four hours and consider their debt paid no matter their fucking crime. Now these idiots think they can get away with anything, which I normally wouldn't give a fuck about but we have a serious fucking leech problem and now isn't the time for our spiritual leader to be calling in sick. And now isn't the time for our warlord to get a superiority complex, his little competitions with me are getting really fucking old. I'm glad his reign is coming to a fucking end. The whole situation is fucking garbage, and the problem is I didn't ''earn'' my title, whatever the fuck that means, so anything I do to change it is going to be labeled as an ''idiot decision'' because I'm a goddamned victim of circumstance. Fuckers need to suck it up, Odin died, and I stepped in because I had to. No matter what they fucking say the bottom line is I outrank them. I'll do what I need to do. I took a breath, already feeling awkward that all of that bullshit came out of me, and I had no clue where it even came from.

Who said you're not there when I do it? Fuck if I remember correctly, you were the one doing most of the dirty work. I joked back. It wasn't exactly a lie either. You didn't say whether or not experiences in dreams counted. I couldn't fucking help it if I had those kind of dreams. It wasn't like I spent ever waking minute with her but I did spend more of my time with her than anyone else. She always had to come to lessons wearing these clothes, or she'd stick her chest out just enough to say ''look at these'' but then stop which gave me the message ''HAHA YOU CAN'T FUCKING TOUCH 'EM''. Yeah, so maybe when she stuck her chest out it was because she was ''stretching''. It was bullshit either way.

I listened to her, though I had already made my mind up, I let her ramble anyway, occasionally taking a drag off my cigarette and looking out to the water. Who said? I told you when you started teaching me your shit that I would pay you. I said that you could choose your payment. If this is what you want then fine. I'm not the kind of person to go back on my word. I don't need time to think about it. The position is yours, shared, but you'll pull rank over whoever takes his spot. The fact of the matter is, I don't really give a fuck right now. I said I was gonna demote Ophiuchus, so now is the time. I might as well do both and deal with the shit storm all at once instead of dealing with the shit storm twice.

I hadn't thought about it much. But I had thought about... Some shit. I had thought about how much fucking easier it would be if she had the gift of spiritual leader and held the position. As much as it would have pissed me off in the past, I was starting to fucking accept that she was significantly less annoying that most of the other wolves. And significantly less annoying was all I needed to know I wouldn't mind sharing rank with her. The truth was, I really fucking hated sharing rank with idiots that liked to challenge me, even if they knew their opposing opinions were detrimental to the pack. They liked to fight with me just because they fucking could and it was goddamned pointless. So, if she wanted warlord, she could have it. At least then I'd know shit would get done. Unfortunately she'd have to deal with a huge chunk of the male population giving her a really fucking hard time, but that wasn't my problem. After the ceremony and coronation it would be her duty to make them follow her orders. The next full moon is February third, but I think that might be too soon. Ceremony could take place the following full moon, March fifth I think. If you think that's enough time for you to learn the ropes...

About that uh... Thing you said earlier. I didn't want to change the subject so fast, it made it seem like all I had done was think about what she had said. It was in the back of my mind, but now it just... It looked fucking bad. FUCK, why the hell did I care so much? I didn't, fuck it. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm not opposed... If you uh... - Yanno...

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Re: [Private] Stay Puft Season

Peyton Marx | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Sun Mar 08, 2015 8:12 pm

Woah dude, even just using that as an example, saying I'd disagree with that opinion of her is just way, way below the belt. Fuck it if I actually thought that then you'd have permission to think I was a fucking moron. Hell, if I had a fucking stupid opinion like that then he could try and beat some fucking sense into be while he was at it. Even the wolves that like her probably couldn't deny that they kinda thought the same shit about her, just didn't care if that was how she was and shit. That what all the friendship crap was about right, knowing some had fault and just fucking overlooking it or something. Not that I was an expert, but I'd been close with my twin and ten years didn't totally wipe out your memory or anything.

Excuse fucking me but it almost sounds like you are dissing bacon. And like obviously I must be fucking mishearing you or something because only crazy fucks diss bacon. Or worse, vegetarians. I scowled at the last word, like  the very existence of people who didn't eat meat pissed me off. I was joking, but I did think they were morons. The animals were gonna die whether they deigned to fucking partake in eating them or not, so why not just say fuck it and enjoy themselves. Nah, kidding. I do get your point about the bacon toothpaste though, seems really fucking redundant. I frowned, for some reason not able to stop imagining it like the taste of bacon when you'd brushed your teeth with the minty stuff, and it was fucking disgusting. His question drew my attention back, making me laugh without meaning to. Did it... what? I mean, should I be offended that I apparently look like someone who fucking tastes soap? I grinned, shaking my head. Okay, so maybe I was tempted but nope, didn't actually taste it. Which was a total lie. I had. It was disgusting.

Holy shit... I had not been expecting him to like, go off on a total fucking rant like that. Fuck, not much shocked me but that totally did. I just kinda stared at him, not saying anything in case I broke his flow, realizing that I actually wanted to know what his opinion on the pack was. His real opinion on how shit went down after thinking he'd been all talk about changing shit. Maybe I'd judged him too soon? Like fuck, not to be gay but I'd never really thought about how hard doing that shit would actually be. My first real impression of him had fucking sucked, and yeah it'd been his fault for making a stupid fucking assumption. Fuck, I didn't even really know where I was going with that train of thought, just maybe that I'd made some shitty assumptions of my own. That's the first time I've heard another wolf openly say that about Odin. Excuse me if I start suffering from fucking culture shock or some shit. I stopped, sifting through everything he'd said and wondering if I'd have any better luck that he would if I became Warlord. I hadn't thought that far, but I would. Y'know, I hated Odin the whole time he was alive. Him and his fucking Warlord at the time. As far as I was concerned it was all their fault, y'know? Getting turned and shit. I didn't care when he died either, even when everyone was fucking torn up over it. They were all just lazy fucks who missed the one who enabled them to be lazy fucks as far as I was concerned. I shrugged, remembering actually being kinda glad about it. Then Vincent had come along and said he'd wanted to change shit and fuck, I'd really hoped that would happen. The pack needs a wake up call, and it'd have to be something huge if even the death of their 'beloved' former alpha couldn't shake them off their asses. I gave a mirthless laugh that kinda cut off in something that sounded more like a groan at the idea of how exhausting doing what was needed would probably be.

Most of? Fuck that. I glared at him, even though I was half trying not to smirk as I did. Mainly over the fact that talking like this wasn't making me awkward as shit. Like i had a measure of control over myself that I hadn't had before. Shit, maybe admitting what I wanted to myself had more benefits than I'd have ever thought it would. There's no way that things weren't split 50/50 when it came to that 'dirty work'. You gave just as good as you fucking got, don't lie. I said cockily, arching a brow and daring him to disagree, but breaking off into a laugh at what he said next. Dunno, can't exactly see those experiences counting when the other person doesn't even get to benefit from it. Or hear about it. Holy shit, where the hell had that even come from?

Holy... Jesus was i hearing him right? Like fuck, yeah I'd been the one to ask for it but I hadn't actually really thought he agreed. I'd thought he'd let the opinion of the pack just completely rule his decision but now I had to admit that as well as assuming shit I might have severely underestimated him. Shit. I mean.... shit. I don't having a fucking clue what to say. So this was what speechlessness felt like, huh? It felt fucking awkward as shit that's what. I'll be the first to admit that I didn't give a shit about the pack. But like, fuck, I guess I think I can help. Make a difference I mean. I started to smirk then, looking him in the eye. Hell, if I can kick your sorry ass somewhat into shape then maybe there's hope for the rest of them. I half-joked, wanting to diffuse any tension. I thought over what he said, figuring I'd need the extra time to get my head around it all. But already I was looking forward to it. To the challenge and having the extra strength to more than fucking meet it. Fine, March it is.

I'd started pacing again, thinking hard on all the shit I'd have to do. And all the shit I'd come up against. Well, fuck if the pack thought being dicks would make me give up the position when I finally had it then they'd be in for a fucking unpleasant shock. I'd challenge any one of them to come up and show me that a female Warlord would actually be inferior. Fuck, I'd challenge them before I ranked up, and I was still confident that I'd be able to show them how fucking wrong they were. But that didn't stop it sounding exhausting. I was actually glad when he spoke up again, distracting me. I stopped pacing, turning my focus on him and feeling my eyes widening at what he said. Or nearly said. The meaning was still fucking obvious. Fuck, I should've been ashamed at how quickly those words brought out a reaction, but instead I just walked over to him, stopping directly in front of him and just bending forward, putting a hand on either knee and lower my face until it was level with his. That's not a very clear answer. I smirked a little, wondering where the hell I'd gotten the nerve for this. All I knew was that I'd made the first move last time, even in it had been out of anger. This time I wanted him to do more. My hands slid up an inch or two, stopping on his thighs. What exactly is it that you're not opposed to? I ignored the thrill that ran through me from doing this, tilting my head a little and waiting for his answer.

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Re: [Private] Stay Puft Season

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:30 pm

There was a time when I wondered if I was being too hard on Ophiuchus. It didn't last long, but I did wonder. I had a million reasons for hating her. The way she walked, talked, slept, ate, and breathed annoyed me, just to name a few. The way she was perfectly capable of fetching her own jacket but would still ask in a whiny tone for someone else to do it for her. The way she thought the world and the people in it owed her shit, when she didn't do anything to deserve any of it. I guess that was the definition of a spoiled brat. And I guess that was reason enough for Oveyx to hate her too. Definitely not dissing bacon. And don't bring up vegetarians, it makes me fucking hungry. I smiled and shook my head. Fuck, people were allowed to have their own taste, but who could live off of carrot sticks and tofu garbage? I'd be hungry all of the fucking time. I had to laugh, Should I be offended that you think so lowly of people who would taste soap? Hell if it smelled enough like bacon I would have tried a piece. It didn't sound as fucking moronic in my head... Or not...

Most of them don't say it because they don't feel it, the others don't say it for the same reason I try not to. Yanno, bashing the dead and shit. Insulting the generations of pack masters that essentially gave each and every one of these wolves a pile of shit with a pretty bow on top and told them it was gold is some how some blasphemous sin of all sins. The fucked up part of it all is the fact that they think that pile of shit with a pretty bow on top really was gold. If that isn't brainwashing I don't know what the fuck is. It was fucking true. Odin gave them complete freedom to be lazy and incompetent and slapped a gold plated label on it titled ''peace''. That wasn't fucking peace, that was a sick and twisted way of giving the leeches and fairies what they wanted. A hill full of lazy and overfed house pets. No wonder the town was overrun with the enemy, they had nothing to fear, unmarked and free territory to roam wherever the fuck they wanted.

It was their fault and he was a twisted fuck. Sometimes I think he had people like you and me turned because, he figured he'd get a kick out of watching us clean up his mess while he carelessly sat unbound from the chains of obligation in the afterlife. Like we're his own personal fucking sitcom. I stopped there. I cared when he died. At the time I still saw him differently. That wasn't the main reason why I cared, I was torn up about it because of everything it meant I had to do. For once I finally understood why my pop hated my abuelo so much for dying. The hate came from the fact that he left my father with so much responsibility. I thought the fact that we have ancients nesting in our town would be enough to shake 'em up. Not even that worked. Aside from our Oregon and California factions, they had made incredibly progress keeping the leeches away from their territory, but they had another force to deal with. You'd think mages would be easier but I guess it's proof that a fear of dying can overpower the urge to kill.

Well I told you now, that counts doesn't it? I can't really tell you if they were day dreams or sleep dreams though, that's something I can't fucking remember. I paused for a moment, my mind strangely going back to that night at the pub, it was her and that hot nun... Something about them taking eachothers clothes off with their teeth? Maybe, I couldn't remember correctly, it didn't fucking matter since that image was probably just as good as the one I had then. Fucking funny, I couldn't remember 90% of my nights, hell, I couldn't even tell you what I'd done last night, but I could sure as fuck remember the hot nun. Definitely daydreams. It was probably really fucking obvious that I had just had one, since I stopped talking for god knows how long. I didn't give a fuck.

The only advice I can give you is... I took another drag off my smoke and flicked it to the ground. Don't expect change, then you don't have to be disappointed. Warlord would give her power, make her even more moody than she already was, and probably make her cocky. I knew it wouldn't be her fault, it just did that to people, call it fucking magic if you will. Warlord gave people the means to do their job, which mainly had to do with whipping an entire pack into shape. I guess you needed rage in order to do that. Fear was the only thing these idiots could respond to anyway. Yeah but I'm not like the rest of them. my volume had lowered, it was loud enough to hear but it was more like I was saying it to myself, because I was. I wasn't like the rest of them, not even close.

I watched her carefully, almost as if I was fucking confused at what she was doing. Maybe we'd been around each other a lot, but her touching me was different, it was new. Her willingly bringing her face that close to mine was really fucking new. Fuck I didn't know if I should deck 'er or fucking kiss her. I wanted to do the fucking second one more, which you'd think was a fucking good thing but just fucking admitting that to myself made me feel more adrenaline than if I had actually punched her. Then her hands moved up and I didn't even realize that I hadn't even fucking said anything, or even moved for that matter. Then that annoying echo in my mind started saying the one thing I didn't want it say ''move the up more, move them up more'' as if I could mentally fucking order her to do that. What the fuck would I even do with that? Get fucking jerked off in below zero weather? Even knowing the location, the weather, the time of day, that didn't stop that fucking voice from repeating itself in the back of my mind over and over and over again.

I managed to grasp what was really going on, and I pushed all of that confusion and anticipation to the back of my mind, just enough to regain control of my fucking body and voice. I let out the air I had been holding in and leaned in even closer to her. Fucking. I smirked, I'm not opposed to fucking. Shit I'd just need to set some fucking ground rules. It sure as fuck wouldn't make her my girlfriend, and I would need assurance from her that she wouldn't lose her damned marbles anytime I made physical contact with her.

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Re: [Private] Stay Puft Season

Peyton Marx | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Tue Mar 10, 2015 5:35 pm

Good, at least I know you're not a totally crazy bastard. If you had a problem with bacon I'd have you fucking committed. I joked, throwing an easy grin his way before what he said next had me had me giving him a confused look. Until I thought it over and then I was letting out a brief bark of laughter. Shit I thought that you meant you like eating vegetarians for a second there. I shook my head, one corner of my mouth still pulled up in a half smile. Like, fuck I eat healthy most of the time to go with my training, but I couldn't cut out meat if you fucking paid me. Okay so maybe I'd at least attempt it if there was enough money in it. Or pretend not to eat it but secretly chow down on ribs and shit like housewives sneak cigarettes. Don't they ever walk into a restaurant or go to a barbecue and just regret their life choices? I fucking would. There was no way that eating leaves and fake meat ruined your ability to smell too. They had to know how good thing like burgers and hot dogs stuff smelled. Hell, even bacon soap smelled good enough to overrule your common sense. You can't get offended unless you've actually tasted soap, just thinking you might doesn't count worth a damn. Still, I felt kinda relieved that I wasn't the only one who'd be weird tempted by bacon soap. Not enough to own up to my lie, but it was something.

It's kinda like that weird shit that happens to kidnapped people where they end up going nuts think they love the asshole who took them. I mean like obviously not with kidnapping - actually no, I'm counting turning people against their will for that shit. But basically it like the same principal, they ended up loving him and the past Alpha's for shit they should actually hate him for. I mean it's fucked up and I just can't figure out how it even started. They're all too proud or stupid to even admit something's wrong, and then it's like they have no pride at all when it comes to the pack as whole which is basically like just spitting on the whole fucking concept. I broke off, surprised by the irritation that had crept into my voice. Shit, I'd know my opinions were changing but when the fuck had I actually started to give a damn about the pack and what it should mean to be part of one? Fuck, I'd always hated the lack of willingness to do anything that the pack had, but I'd never thought about doing something to change it.

My eyes turned to the ground when he continued talking, not saying anything because he'd actually got so fucking close to something I'd always wondered. I cleared my throat, frowning at random pebbles and twigs and shit that was mixed in with the sand. I spotted one that looked kinda flat like a coin and picked it up, turning it over in my hands before sliding it up with my thumb and starting to roll it over my knuckles. The fact that I felt the need to fidget just made me realize how much it bothered me. That's one thing I've always wanted to know, why the fuck I was turned. I assumed it was either cause they needed more breeders or because they thought I'd make a good warrior. But like I never actually heard the reason from the dick who bit me. I shrugged, trying to play off as more nonchalant than I felt. Fuck, I don't get that. I hated the pack and wolves for years but even my blood boils when I fucking think about that. I stopped rolling and gripped the rock until the edge dug into my palm uncomfortably, then let it fall. Fucking leeches and the pack's false peace. There's only be peace when the corpses had been run out.

At least he was good at changing the tone of a conversation, that was for sure. I rolled my eyes, smirking at him. No, it so doesn't fucking count at all. I arched a brow, smirk widening at what I was about to say. If you'd mentioned something about them sooner then maybe more enjoyable things than just fucking fantasies would've been happening. There, let him gather whatever meaning from that he wanted. Or y'know, maybe there was only one meaning you could get. I hadn't exactly admitted to having my own 'day dreams' about that, but you'd have to be retarded to miss the implication. I watched him when he drifted off, just amused because you didn't have to be telepathic to get a sense of what he was thinking. I laughed when he spoke. I don't even wanna know, do I?

Oh, I'm not going to expect change. I'm going to fucking demand it. No offense Onyx, but when it comes to being a hardass I think I've got you beat. I don't care what kinda cruel and unusual punishment I'll have to come up with before they start getting in line, but I think I'm sadistic enough to know that I'll probably enjoy it. I grinned, already planning out training regimes in my head. I'd been thinking about how much more efficiently they could be trained. Not just with fighting but starting with basic shit like self-discipline and focus. I was so absorbed that I nearly missed what he said, but from some weird fucking reason I was glad I hadn't. I threw him a half grin. That's true, you're not. Hell sometimes you're even nearly not a moron. I joked, laughing shortly.

He really wasn't like them though. Shit, I wouldn't have ended up with the opinion I had of him if he had been like them. They were idiots and he was fucking Hawking in comparison. Which admittedly wasn't a hard thing to achieve but whatever. But I sure as fuck wouldn't be doing what I was doing right then if I thought he was even slightly like the rest of them. And I definitely wouldn't be enjoying it this much either. I noticed the way he hadn't spoken, wondering if it was because of my hands, on him, getting a reaction I hadn't even known I'd wanted. I slid my hands high and to the side, resting near his hips and hooking my thumbs through a belt loop on either side. Fuck it, even fully clothed, touching him brought out reactions I didn't expect and had half forgotten about. Shit, and even just thinking about how he was fully dressed made me realize just how much I wanted the opposite to be the case.

Holy shit, I bit my lip when he spoke, barely resisting the urge to close the now much smaller distance between us. He'd admitted it, out loud and I had no idea why it felt like my whole body caught fire when he'd said 'fucking'. Context really did make all the difference. You wanna fuck me? I said in this light, teasing voice, then smirked back at him, tugging at the belt loops before unhooking my thumbs and drawing my hands back. But only to step forward, lifting my leg over his and sitting in his lap, facing him. I reached up and pulled off my hat since I'd stuffed most of my hair in there and I really wasn't going to be taking the time to adjust it anymore. We're grown ass people, so I'm guessing keeping this separate from lessons and future pack shit won't be an issue? No strings attached fuck buddies or whatever it's called. Sound good to you? You'll get the chance to teach me this time. I stopped, another smirk forming across my face and I scooted forward another inch, now pressed against him, shivering from something that definitely wasn't the cold. I think I've got this one though, straddling right? I teased, just doing what felt natural and hoping to fuck I wasn't making a major tit of myself. All I knew was that talking about this was working me up more than I'd thought it would. But still, I was waiting on him to do something about it. Hell even if that move was dragging me straight to the nearest indoor area. I didn't give a damn about sentiment or setting or any shit like that. I knew what I wanted but him making the first move this time would be undeniable proof he wanted it just as much.

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