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 [Closed] Blood lust

[Closed] Blood lust

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[Closed] Blood lust

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:34 pm

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Hospital | Cold and overcast | 1:15am

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Takes place approximately the same time as this thread. Ben is wearing gray cargo scrub pants and a white tee.

Do you know how annoying it is to wear a fucking flu mask when you know you have absolutely no risk of contracting the flu or even carrying it? And everyone and their grandmothers had it, thanks to the CDC in a small way. The vaccinations pushed and pushed by our infectious disease team and every pharmacy around were great for a certain strain of the flu. However that wasn't the strain that was rapidly spreading here in Washington. I was sure it was the same everywhere else, as well. Now people bitched about how they were never getting a flu shot again since it was good for nothing and didn't matter anyway and always made them sick. I guess I could put a scratch on the pro side of being a vampire. I knew I'd never have to worry about the flu, not that I'd ever gotten it anyway. It's not hard to be healthy, but these obese diabetics holding a candy bar in one hand and a Coke in the other didn't seem to understand that.

"Thirty-nine's screen is positive too. I don't think there's enough private beds upstairs."
Last I heard there weren't any beds upstairs. I said to Grace.
"Who's in nursing service? Think she'll let us divert?"
Hell no. We'll fill the hallways with beds first. It's all about that money, honey.
"Amen to that."

Being a vampire didn't make you instantly rich, but going to work felt so pointless now. Everything felt small and pointless. Maybe I was supposed to have some kind of crisis first and try to hold on to anything I could from my old life, but that wasn't happening. I felt like an impostor and a misfit. Maybe when I've lived for a hundred years I'll start a secret society for new vampires that whisks them off and takes them to a metaphorical Hogwarts so they don't have to deal with the trivial anymore. Was that childish? Selfish of me? I didn't think so. Jobs were definitely more than inconvenient for us. Having to make an excuse to make sure I'm out of the door before the sun comes up... every goddamn morning was getting old. I'd actually coerced with my new talents one of the department managers into giving me a special schedule, but there was still the occasional busy day when bolting out turned me into a supreme douche.

And I should have known that it would be a busy night like tonight when it happened. I could smell it before the ambulance bay doors slid open. I closed my mouth instantly as my fangs clicked into place. I ducked into the dictation room to try to compose myself, but I wasn't alone. Fucking Chad, of all people. I wasn't about to deal with Chad right now. The sliding doors finally opened, and the EMT team rushed in with the stretcher carrying a blood soaked victim. I had been so lucky, but here it was. I tried to compose myself but I knew I couldn't be anywhere near without having to feed on someone, and I wouldn't be able to control who or when. I bolted outside, faster than anyone's eyes could pick up on. I searched the surrounding area for someone.... anyone. Someone who had stepped out a distance from the hospital to smoke so as not harassed by the guards enforcing the no smoking policy. No one. It was too fucking cold even for the smokers. I stood by a tree across from the main Emergency room entrance, my fingers digging into the tree so hard that it was tearing my fingernails. I watched the doors waiting for someone to step out. Then my phone buzzed and I read the text from Noelle. Fuck. She was clearly drunk, and she's exactly who I needed to help me right now if I wasn't going to feed or actually partake in mass murder. But the text could be a distraction. I read it again, and something else kicked in, not knocking my blood thirst away but adding to the chaos in my head. I had almost missed the last word... well words.

Had she been there in person I don't care how drunk she was, I would certainly have taken her up. I had already admitted to myself that I had no scruples when it came to her. I hated the hit to my ego, that I would only have her if she was drunk - that it took intoxication resulting in bad decisions for her to want me. It pissed me off, and I hated it. But I couldn't fight it. I began to reply, blood from my fingers smearing on the screen.

Don't fuck with me right now.

It was all I could think to say. She was currently the fucking queen of bad timing. I hit send, and immediately after, the doors slid open for someone to walk out, and the scent ignited what little of my blood lust had dissipated. I appeared in front of the person, not stopping long enough to take in any details including gender. I pulled them as far away into the small wooded area to the side of the hospital and let my teeth sink in.

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