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 [Closed] Could I Be More Done Right Now

[Closed] Could I Be More Done Right Now

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[Closed] Could I Be More Done Right Now

Madison Woo |

Posted on Thu Jan 08, 2015 3:13 pm

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Madison's Apartment | Stormy | Sunset (5 PM)

OOC Message
Takes place a few weeks ago. My attempt at making this cattiness relevant.

I don’t remember getting on my knees and praying for a shitty afternoon? As much as I love headlining a heated argument, even my busted ass could see that this was the dumbest shit to ever splash inside a toilet bowl. It was on a reality check level that made me question where the hell was my life going? Why am I wasting my precious years on this earth over some trifling shit?  
My thumb smashed onto a spongy remote button, and the television screen brightened into a world of distracting colors. Horns blared across the small living area, hitting the beige wall behind me in a satisfying melody which nearly drowned out my emotions. A blue glow cast throughout the room, turning me into a damn smurf as I sat with my slender legs crossed upon a leather sofa.  
A heavy sigh blew from my lips as my hand draped a curtain of blonde locks onto my chest, stroking my fingers down the recently dyed hairs. My pink lips puckered into an angry pout, and my brows crinkled like a cracking stone, Why do I have to be such an argumentative bitch sometimes? What’s the fucking point?
I angrily swung a fist back against the couch cushions, blowing an angry breath past my nostrils. Whatever, I sighed and reached a hand out for a suede pillow, bringing the cushion upon my lap. I wrapped my arms around the soft cushion and rocked myself back and forth upon the squeaky couch, I can’t believe I started the dumbest fucking argument over the dumbest fucking shit. This is a new low even for me.
My lips pursed into a scowl as my head shook regretfully, Lightening should just strike me dead right now to be wasting time like this. There are people out there with cancer and other crazy shit who only wish they had twenty fucking minutes to waste fighting over a fucking song. I raised my arched eyebrows and blew a deep breath through my nostrils, Normally I don’t even think about shit like that. That’s how I know this was some basic shit for me to come around full circle into being a thoughtful woman for once.
“Oh no she didn’!”
My brown eyes darted towards the screen, watching women in tight dresses whip their claws out for each other’s hair and bury their long nails into their tender scalps. My face fell into stoicism as they screamed obscenities into my ears—Girl I will tear her ass up for stepping on my new shoes—and the heavy thud of their bodies crashing into a table made my hand reach for the remote.
Fuck this.
The screen went blank. Back to the tarry pit it was before I walked into the room.
My hand tossed the remote onto the carpet and I raised my fingertips to my creasing brow, blowing a deep breath through my nose, I don’t know when to quit just like those bitches on tv. Well actually I do now, shit.
Silence washed over me as I sat there with my chin resting atop my pillow, listening to the sound of my breath rushing out of my nose into the fragranced air. My eyes lifted towards the satin curtains billowing over an air conditioning vent, spotting my somber reflection staring through the dripping windowpane. I’m so fucking done right now, I shoved the pillow to the side and curled loose hairs behind my ears, I’m never gonna do some trifling shit like that again. Lord knows I have better things to do with my time. Not like I’m going to live forever.
I jumped up before I could get too comfortable on that leather cushion and start watching those ratchet hos maul each other like zoo animals again. I walked a few feet over to a Formica kitchen island overlooking that tiny ass living room—luxury apartment my ass, this place was the size of the microwave in the corner.
That was the last straw left on my scarecrow. I beamed a glare down at the waxed fruit nestled inside a metal bowl. I’m damn well tired of doing pointless shit every day of my life. With that I grabbed an apple and stabbed my teeth into the red skin, wiping juices from my mouth with a fingertip, I’m not running around in circles like a chicken without a head ever again. I swung my shoulders away from the counter and stomped down a shadowy hall leading to my bedroom...

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