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 [Open - Party - Starts on Page 6] Warm house, cold beer - Page 7

[Open - Party - Starts on Page 6] Warm house, cold beer

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Re: [Open - Party - Starts on Page 6] Warm house, cold beer

Logan Milo Byrne | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sat May 02, 2015 1:06 am

OOC Message
Here's a ref to the whole... sanka ya' dead stuff Logan and Debo do in para 2 lol - Really short clip on youtube (For those who haven't seen cool runnings anyway, and if you haven't, go watch it okay.) - aaaand all italics are Debo. <3
I never thought I'd say this, but I'm so sorry for the length (lawwwwlll, I'm turning into Logan), idek how it happened... x.x

Most people didn't know. My mother passed down the dark tone around my eyes, so that tired appearance was always there. Problem was, they looked good on her, they always contrasted her light brown eyes. She was beautiful. On me? Nah, I looked like shit, but they were a part of me so much that I was pretty sure no one even noticed anymore. Not my friends anyway. Other than that I kept up appearances. The best part about being brown is when you're pale, you just look like a lighter shade of shit. It took a lot to keep up the act too. Don't get me wrong, I was always working overtime to maintain a sense of me. And it took a lot to hide that daredevil phase. The urge to jump out of air planes and climb mount Everest was usually a pretty obvious giveaway when I'd shown little interest in things like that before. So, I hid that phase well, and it had passed. Maybe it wasn't so bad, I liked my life, a lot. So, if I went out being me, partying, socializing, sex, hey, that wouldn't be so bad at all. Even if it meant being scolded the next time I stepped foot into that hospital for doing things I wasn't supposed to be doing. It was weird how they wanted to put you in a box before you were even dead, simply by cutting you off from the best things in life. Hey, I was gonna die anyway, but I wasn't going to dig the grave and crawl in no matter how much they pushed it. I'd rather die with a beer in my hand, smile on my face, and good friends by my side. Not in solitary.

''She looks dead bro.'' His voice faded in and I realized that my thought process wasn't exactly that off topic. ''Dude? You listening to me? Is she dead?'' I followed Debos line of sight and noticed one of the chicks from earlier in my chair, eyes closed, head tipped back, and mouth wide open. She let out one of the manliest sounding snores that could have easily been mistaken for a fucking bass drop, and we all started laughing. Sanka? Ya' dead? - ''Ya mon'' Fuck we were laughing so hard I thought my rotting insides were going to come up with that nasty ass drink he had made me earlier. It wasn't even the joke, it was the fact that this fucker nailed Sanka every damn time. Yo Debo, she drunk enough to ass fuck? ''Fuuuuuck, is she warm?'' You sick son of a bitch. I'll give you a blowjob if you stick your thumb up her ass to see. I had to stop, laughing this hard was great for the soul, but not when you felt like seeing what your pizza dinner looked like after it'd already gone down your pipes.

I went straight for the kitchen to grab the bag of flour. Hey, woman or not, the first one to pass out at the party was doomed to be antiqued. It was fucking tradition. I shoved the bag into Debo's hand and he jumped up to click his heels together like fucking Dick Van Dyke in excitement. A familiar voice had me turning around, my beer hat nearly falling off in the process, and some vodka sloshed onto the floor. Clearly you missed the latest Vogue, this is all the rage in college dorms across America. I smiled, as I extended the straw to her mouth so she could take a drink. I knew she was coming, and I had a whole thing planned, but she caught me off guard. Which was balls ass lame but that was okay, there was still plenty of party to be had, and at this point I didn't even know who the five people crowded on my couch were but I didn't give a shit.

I wrapped my arm around her to give her a hug, but when the hug stopped I didn't move my arm from around her shoulder. Introductions, or beer bong first? I don't care which order baby but don't think for a second you're going to get out of the introductions, I joked, knowing damn well if anything, she'd object to the beer bong, not the introductions, if for nothing else, then at least to make me beg. Wasn't that what women did? Liked to pretend they were in control or something? I didn't even know what the fuck I was thinking about, or talking about, but apparently my lips had been moving. No, no, no, no, rule number one of me casa, you get drunk or you get... I turned so she could see just as Debo threw a handful of flour in the drunk passed out chicks face, sending a cloud of flour dust into the air and loud cheers bouncing off my walls. I don't want that fate for you dollface, my heart couldn't take it. I teased as I pulled the can of beer out of Debos hand and carved a hole in the bottom. ''What the fuck?'' He protested, but I ignored. I removed my arm from around her shoulder, somehow realizing that carving a hole in the can that close to her face was probably a bad idea. I brought the hole to my lips (heh) and snapped open the top as the liquid came pouring down my throat until only seconds later nothing was left in the can. I beat my chest with my hand and let out a wall vibrating belch before beating my chest again. Me man, me make big belch, me carve bow from wood of lemonwood tree, me present chief pretty lady for bump ugly time? I spoke in my best native american chief voice and looked at her curiously, knowing damn well she wasn't going to agree to fuck me, but it was worth a try. Fuck I was already hammered...

Another familiar voice had me turning around, and my eyes lit up. Oh well smack my ass and call me Betty, the Gods have sent me an angel, and a best friend to replace that bearded fuck. Maybe we three should uh, head out back yeah? - ''Hey, guys, lemme get in on this shit.'' - Jesus Christ Debo, you sound like that tweaker friend you used to bring around. Anyway, you're not invited, go snort some lines off that passed out chick. - ''That's fucking flour!'' - Wouldn't be the first time.

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A giggle slipped past my lips and the way his stupid hat wobbled as he spun around, stepping back to avoid the splash of liquid and then shaking my head at the darker spot on the ground. You're wasting perfectly good vodka! I said, mock frowning at him. And I don't care if Madonna herself wore that on the cover of Vogue, it's hideous. But of course it would take an American to think it fashionable. I retorted, letting out a victory 'hmph' and sticking me nose in the air. Haughtiness was the best way to win any pretend argument. Of course he had to go and ruin it by holding the straw out. I rolled my eyes and gripped his shirt, tugging him down a little. Down here Jolly Green. I joked, rising on to my toes and taking the straw in my mouth, a deliciously evil smile on my face as I kept up eye contact him until I pulled back with a smack of my lips.

Still, joking aside it was amazing to see him again, and I hugged him back enthusiastically. Yes, it had been far too long since I'd seen my friends and the idea of moving here and seeing them more often was just... oh I could just burst with the excitement of it all. Oh fine, introductions first. But I swear Logan if you start it by shouting 'did anyone call for a stripper' again I will kill you. My ego still hasn't recovered from those groans of disappointment. I accused, though I was fighting a grin the whole time I spoke. I decided to ignore the whole beer bong thing seeing as he didn't have a hope of hell of getting me to do unless I was already at the forgetting my own name stage.

I arched my brow when he spoke again and turned enough for me to see a girl ending up with a face full of powder, smiling hugely at the sight of it. Please, I don't know what you're talking about. Firstly I could so pull off that look and secondly... well I'm going to drink you under the table prettyboy, and I will have no problem with that that being your fate. I paused and thought of something awful, so of course I had to say it. It looks like a geriatric gave her a facial. Ffp, ffp and poof. I pointed out, really feeling that my sound effects brought the whole thing together. I looked back at the hairy man with the flour as he got another handful and threw it at her chest. I shook my head and tried not to laugh at the sight but I was already caught up in the party mood, everything was amusing to me. Plus he got his just deserts only moments later when Logan took his beer away. I watched him, a little awed at the display. I could drink any hard liquor you put in front of me without problem, but anything with a fizz to it was chugging hell for me. More like to makes it's way out of my nose than down my throat. I clapped my hands together at his belch, bouncing on the balls of my feet. I'm gonna give that an eight and a half. Sorry but the ugly bumping only comes when you get a ten and you lost manly points for knowing about lemonwood trees. I teased, patting his chest in a conciliatory way. Oh well, maybe next time. I said, making sure to add a wistful note to my voice. No one was safe from my urge to mess with people, not even my closest friends.

I turned at the sound of another voice, looking at the face of its owner but more than that, sensing what else there was to him. I could sense the magic and maybe it was wrong of me but I automatically liked him, especially seeing as I was pretty sure I could already smell 'the goods' he was talking about. I turned to look and Logan's other friend as the two spoke, unable to keep myself from chiming in. Yes hairy man, surely the mountains are calling you? And by mountains I meant all the chests he had yet to powder. On that note I turned to Logan's other friend. Privet, I'm Zoya. I said, reaching forward to give him a hug. He had a great aura around him and I'd already decided that he must become one of my friends if I was to move here. I pulled back and looked at Lo again. So did you say something about outside? Because I also have some goodies I'd like to share privately. I said, knowing that I sounded suggestive but loving it. I waited a second before making what I'd meant clear by raising my bag and giving it a slight shake, letting the bottles clink together.

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Had things changed or was it me? That this party scene felt so incredibly alien to me and I felt like a Doctor Seuss character in a Shakespeare play. Okay, maybe that metaphor needed reversed, but whatever. I just felt like I didn't belong, but surely that would change. In Texas this was every other night for me. Most of the time, I was the ringleader. Likely, I just needed a few mind altering substances and maybe I'd be just as fun as I used to be.

I guess getting too drunk gets the flour bath as well. Gotta stay in line, huh?

By this time, though, the beautiful blonde had my attention, and it wasn't just her looks. So was it the magic that made the women of our kind so gorgeous? (Luckily I wasn't cheesy enough to use that line on her for real.) But her personality was already infectious and I knew why she was Logan's friend. I mean if you weren't feeling the scene, she could easily pull you in and make you feel welcome.

I'll make sure we don't run out of flour so we can make sure that happens. And here she had validated what I had already grown to suspect about Logan - that he was a lot smarter than he let on. I could never understand why someone would hide something like that, but I was sure that he did. I guess if you did this sort of thing all the time, it might get in the way of some of your fun.

Oh, God, part of me was wishing, hoping that this Debo dude knew what I was. I knew I could have him snorting that flour in no time. Regardless, I knew I had to try.

How about I make this the second time? I murmured to Zoya, I'm Jude, by the way. I straightened up my posture, and I was beginning to feel like the old me was creeping back in. I'm all in, Logan, but first, I have a gift for your friend. I don't think he knows about me. I winked to Logan. See, I have some.. abilities, I can do things that others can't do. I can show you? And I looked toward where the bag of flour now sat, and I concentrated just enough so that I could feel the air, I could change the temperatures around it, and create just enough of a gust of wind in just the right place to....

And poof! It wasn't much, especially to me, but a poof of flour shot out of the bag. like a miniature mushroom cloud. I grinned as Debo's eyes were as wide as humanly possible. So, I've convinced you that I'm special, no? What if I told you that I could turn that powder into just the right thing to spice up your night?

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